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A Locale for a Baby Shower

Many of us have celebrated the impending births of our babies with a baby shower or blessingway. Sarah emails:

I would ask you all where a good place for less than a dozen grown women could hang out on a early Sunday afternoon to open gifts and drink tea and laugh about things? I have only lived in Portland for two years, and can't really find the environment I'm looking for. Can you please point me in the right direction?


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My friends threw me a lovely baby shower last year over afternoon tea at the Heathman Hotel. We had about 12 people and they were super accomodating of us bringing table decorations, opening gifts, staying for a while, etc.
The food and tea are gourmet (not your usual plain scones) and the Tea Court is beautiful. Everyone had a great time. It's a bit spendy (around $22 a person or something) but well worth it for a memorable shower with no cleaning or cooking involved!

If you'd also like to get a wonderful foot massage in the bargain, the Barefoot Sage can provide the massages, the tea, the big comfy couches, the space and the ambience for just such an event. We threw a small shower for a friend there and split the bill on her fit-for-a-queen massage. (And what pregnant women doesn't like a foot rub?)

For those who haven't been, everyone sits around in big couches up on platforms, w/ lots of pillows, and multiple massage therapists work on your feet while you sip tea and chat. They have their "menus" on line - offerings include a stone bath for your feet, hot wax, or a combination of things.

Urban Grind, NE 22nd location. however their website claims they're closed on Sundays? I wonder if that's current, they never used to be, hm.

My sisters threw me a lovely shower at The Lion and the Rose Bed and Breakfast. http://www.lionrose.com/

We used their outdoor gardens as it was July, but they have indoor space as well. The gents that own it were great, very, very accommodating. The food was yummy!

Lavender Tea House in Sherwood, if you don't mind the drive.

I have a friend who has had both her baby showers at Barefoot Sage, and it is a great idea. I, for one, would love an afternoon of indulgence enjoying foot massages with my friends.

Ditto on the lavendar tea house in sherwood - it's a cute little house in the historic downtown area. They do showers, birthdays, etc. The owner and manager are both very nice people to work with.

Thank you ladies for ALL of your suggestions! I am going to check each one out and spoil my friend rotten for her shower!

I don't live in Seattle and am planning on giving my sister a baby shower in June. Does anyone have suggestions for a group of 20 that is not terribly expensive? Thanks, Renee

We have a new idea for baby showers . It's called Baby Mama ! and it's a shower/maternity photo shoot for the new mom . You can your friends all get to participate in the photos too (not all of them , but some) One photo for example is where each guest is photographed signing the belly with fingerpaint . We do a whole series of specialty maternity portraits including one with alphabet blocks , tying a ribbon around the belly etc . It's something new and creative - not like any shower you have been to before . and everyone gets to keep a CD with all the photos !

Hello i am looking for ideas on where to host a baby shower for 45? it's my sisters first baby and she's turning 42. I am looking for something that's not too terribly expensive and its going to be in Sept so preferably inside??

We are a local business who does 3D/4D prenatal ultrasounds and gender checks. We are now hosting baby showers in our place of business. You can either get your 3D/4D ultrasound with all of your friends and family there to experience this wonderful event, or rent our place. This is a wonderful experience you get to have with family member and friends. Go under portlandultrasound.com or call 503-452-3146 for more information

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