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Try Thai Massage

Have you tried Thai? urbanMama Deniz passes on her experiences with Thai Massage as well as an urbanMamas special from her new therapist:

I wanted to share with all UrbanMamas my great massage experience. A new tranquil Traditional Thai Massage studio just opened in hip Clinton area of SE Portland. Michael Gill is a specialist in Thai Massage (7 years of experience including training in Thailand), and he is offering a standing $15 discount for new moms (with children under 2 years) and is extending the $15 discount as a holiday special towards gift certificates and any massages booked in December. His normal rate is only $75 for a 90-minute massage.

I recently had my first Thai Massage experience – actually it was my first-ever massage experience and it was truly harmonious. You're fully clothed – it's quite similar to yoga only someone does the stretching and moves for you. Michael consults with you first and customizes the massage – focusing on your specific needs, pain, fatigue and weak areas. It really helped alleviate my aches and pains on my back, hips and shoulders I started to develop from holding, lifting and carrying my 2 year old daughter. The results are felt for weeks after – I have a much better posture when I sit at the desk and can lift my daughter with no forced movements or pain. I'm definitely going to get my husband a Thai Massage.

Michael Gill, LMT
Traditional Thai Massage Studio
(503) 238-0352
2854 SE Clinton Street


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I would say THAI. Typically, they incorporate Shiatsu and help adjust body flow. Swedish is great if you like deep movements vs small kneading.Some really good stretches help also.Thanks.

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