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Support Group for Working Mothers

When I was pregnant with my first, I found myself in the same situation.  Trying to connect with other mothers outside of the work day.  Working outside of home was not conducive to morning weekday play dates.  Here's Aisha's situation:

Are there any newly pregnant, or pregnancy groups that I could join, I want to network and meet other Mamas in Portland, Oregon.  if you have any referrals please let me know, I tried LaLeche League of Portland, but their meetings are not work friendly as they are early mornings during the weekdays and I am looking for something I would not have to miss work for.  Thanks and happy holidays!!


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I had 12 weeks off after the birth of my daughter; some of those weeks, I went to the new Mom's Group at Providence. There are playgroups forming all the time through that group. While most were during the weekdays, the schedule of the playgroups are made by those who sign up, so there were several that were scheduled by soon-to-be working mothers, and therefore, at a time when working moms could attend/participate. I am pretty sure that there are similar groups through Legacy- and I do not think that you have to deliver at that hospital to attend the New Mom's Groups.

My working life used to be a lot more intense than it is now and I ran a working moms group for a little while. They're hard to keep up because, well, working moms are really busy! I gave it up when I got pregnant again. Something had to go.

I would love to start one up again. I still even have the Yahoo group. I'm on another mailing list of moms in North Portland and I know some of them are going back to work soon. Some of the uMamas get together for lunch once in a while, too.

If you want to get a true support group where we can dish on the good, the bad, and the ugly weekends seemed to be the best time to get some people together. If you want to just get together with women who know your pain and chat we could do lunches. Or both! We could even do weekend activities with kids since one of the things that I missed while I was working was a regular playgroup.

Email me and we can get some thing in the works!

I'd love something like this -especially if I end up back working a 'regular' schedule. Since I work a full workday before 1:30 PM now, I've sortof got the best of both worlds - I work, but I'm with my kids in the afternoon. I suspect/hope that will change sometime this year as I am on the job market, but since I have a husband with a flexible schedule, I do get out every once in a while...

Kat, I would love if you would reinvigorate the working moms yahoo-group. Even sharing via email could be really great.

I am also interested, Kat... how do we reach you?

you can list your sg at www.mysoulsupport.com to help with your outreach to
people in need more effectively.

I am looking to join a network of working Mommies in the Seattle, WA area. I have been home with my daughter for 10.5mos and am going back to work in the research industry as of 08/18 and am really nervous!

I have a dear friend that just moved to Riverside. She is a single, full-time working mother of a one year-old boy and she feels very alone there. Could you please recommend a couple of groups she could look into joining so she can meet other working moms who share her situation? She is a very friendly, sweet person and I just want her to be happy.

We're beginning a new season of television shows here at Dr. Phil and would like to talk to moms who feel overwhelmed or stressed out about having to return to work. Maybe you're a new mom and have to return to work after maternity leave? Or maybe you've been at home for a few years and have to return to work now. Do you feel torn about leaving your children, but need to work? Do you worry about leaving them with a nanny or in day care? We are interested in your story and want to know more.

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