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Pilates of Portland Grand Opening

Nikki wants to spread the word that there's a new Pilates studio in town.  She writes:

We have a wonderful space with two rooms for classes, one for mat classes and the other with pilates machines for Reformer classes and private training.  Attached to our second room it my favorite space, a little "Pirate's Cove" play room designed just for the little ones.   I have taken the same care in choosing decor, safety items, and quality mind engaging toys that I have taken with purchasing own items at our home.  I hope this becomes not only an opportunity for me to meet lots of other terrific parents, but also offers an outlet where moms( and dads) can network and share ideas and information.

Our grand opening is planned for Monday December 11th from 4pm to 8pm.  In place of a non- eventful open house, I have decided to bring in other moms that make or sell items for our opening day.  We are expecting a good variety of vendors, hand knit baby hats, handmade jewelry, soaps, lotions, handbags, discovery toys, an acupuncturist that offers cosmetic acupuncture, and a massage therapist.  We of course will also have our children's room open with a very sweet girl to watch the little ones.  I extend the invitation to anyone that is able to attend.

I would love to meet other mom entrepreneurs to network with and share ideas.  I am also looking for another person that is interested in working in my children's area a couple hours in the mornings and perhaps an hour in the evenings. 


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Where is the studio located?

Pilates and pirates, a brilliant combo!

Here is the location info:

9217 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR 97266

Wonderful location! I'm always looking for more cool places like this in east portland. Not everyone lives close-in :)

And childcare too!

I'll bring friends to the opening.
What is cosmetic acupuncture? I'm very curious....

Cosmetic acupuncture is a new type of procedure that offers results similar to having chemical peels and even a mild face lift. They did a feature story on it two weeks ago on channel 8 news. I haven't done the procedure- I’m not quite to that point yet:) My mom, the co-owner of my pilates studio, has gone through thee series on her face and abdomen. She was thrilled with her results so she invited the acupuncturist to our grand opening party.
I look forward to meeting anyone that can attend. The little ones are welcome; my one year old will be running the show I'm sure!

Hi Urban Mamas,

I wanted to let you know about our new mama and me Pilates sessions we are now offering at Center Flow Pilates located on NW 23rd Ave. and Hoyt. The studio is designed so that you have it all to yourself with the option of sharing it with a friend or workout partner or your baby. This session is for all those mothers who have to keep a watchfull eye on their young one and want to make time to get back into shape. This is a great way to avoid babysitting fees while taking care of your health! Please feel free to check out our website www.centerflowpilates.com

Be well!

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