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Mama & Me 'Pedi's

Tons and tons of 'thank you's' to Stephanie for forwarding this one! It's definitely going on my holiday wish-list.

There's a brand new day spa at 7817 SE Stark Street called Sante' (actually "les fleurs de la Sante'" but Sante' for short.) They are right across the street from Flying Pie Pizzeria and the Academy Theater. They offer a "mommy and me" pedicure package called "Pinkie Toes" which allows you to take your daughter with you to the spa and share tea and snacks while you enjoy an herbal foot soak together. Once you're done, you can each pick out a fun nail polish color for your tootsies, and best of all, their nail polish is formaldehyde-free.


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Ooh! How much does it cost?

Yay! That's my neighborhood, sort of, and I love all the new places popping up.

I'm going to tell all my girlfriends!

There is another spa, new in SE (21st and clinton), that also has the same mom and me pedi. It's very cute and has many other great classes, spa menu, yoga, etc. Not only that but they offer child care and lacation consulting! Check out the website at: http://www.zenana-spa.com

A friend just told me about Sante Spa and that she had a wonderful experience there. They have hot mineral water soaking tubs to use before/after your spa service, and she said the space is lovely.

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