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Drop-in Centers

Have a doctor's appointment? Have a few errands to run sans bebes? Have a dentist appointment? Where do the kids stay if they're normally with you all day? Anne asks:

I was wondering if anyone had feedback concerning any of the drop-in childcare centers in town. I have a three-year old and am finding I need childcare every now and then for a short period so I can make it to an appointment. I was thinking of using Grandma's Place near Lloyd Center, but would be interested in any downtown or close-in eastside location.


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I have no personal experience with Grandma's Place but heard good feedback from other mama's. sorry, that's all I know!

I brought my daughter to Grandma's Place for drop-in fairly often. This was almost 3 years ago before she started pre-school. She was usually happy there.

We use Grandma's Place quite frequently for 2-3 hour jaunts. I've found them very convenient and my daughter has a really good time playing with the other kids. Children have to be 2 years old, so I think of it as an older child's drop in daycare. My daughter is now 5 and she isn't usually the oldest child.

There are actually several Grandma's Place Centers, and the min and max ages vary by location. See http://www.grandmasplacedaycare.com/ We haven't left the kids there, but did take a tour and get info in case we did ever need to use them in a bind.

have moved around a lot and taken my children to lots of childcare facilities and I have never ever seen a place as ghastly as grandma's place. I went there for a tour and I found a center that is dirty, there's a hole in the ceiling that drips water, there are dog beds on the floor for children to lie on (?!?), the toys look like they've never been cleaned, and overall I just got a sense that the place was very unkept. The staff seemed incredibly nice and knowledgeable, but the overall childcare center did not appear safe or sanitary for children to be in. There is even an old couch in the front room that I sat on and when I did it felt like it was about to collapse. I think one of the legs on it was busted. All of this just seemed too much and I wouid never bring my children there for care...and I urge others to do so as well.

I just visited Grandma's Place on NE Flint because I was interested in having a place to drop my 10.5 month old son for a couple of hours once in a while. I had heard good things about Grandma's Place from a friend who used a different location.

I agree with Maria - the place seemed dirty and very unappealing, particularly compared to other places I've seen. The older people in charge seemed nice enough, but I was appalled by the 2 women in the infant drop-in room. When I walked in there were two infants in that room. One was happy, the other was crying very hard. I was ok with that - kids cry. The woman there was trying to calm him down, she was trying several things. But there was NO warmth to her whatsoever. Her face looked totally drained and she seemed to be completely on autopilot and going through the motions. She was trying to give the baby a bottle, showed him a toy, but never once spoke to him. It was only 11am, and the woman said the crying baby just got there, so I can't imagine why she was so worn out looking by then. She was definitely not someone I'd want taking care of my kids. Then another woman came to talk to me, she was younger and appeared to be in charge in the infant room. She showed me around and seemed nice enough. I asked what their hiring policy was and the only thing she could tell me is that they do a criminal background check, that was their only policy. Just as I was about to leave, this woman smiled. That's when I was really shocked. Her teeth were beyond horrible, beyond bad brushing habits. She had the type of tooth problems associated with meth use. Given her age I cannot imagine how her teeth got into that state (brown, cracked, broken) without meth use.

I will never consider leaving my children there. It was scary.

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