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Bella Stella Christmas Hysteria Sale

Thanks to all the mamas who have been supporting our great Portland resale and consignment shops. We've just gotten email from Bella Stella, who tells us how responsive the urbanMamas community has been. Bella Stella lets us know:

Bella Stella is having a second wave Christmas Hysteria Sale. Dec 4th through Dec 8th, all new Melissa and Doug toys will be 20% off. That includes the big stuff too like train tables, doll houses, easels...
Plus a special for UrbanMamas only: mention Urban Mamas and get 3 pairs of BabyLegs for the price of 2.


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More on resale + new shops: check your mail this week for a mailer from Bella Stella, LilyToad, and Tickled Pink with a coupon for savings in any/all of the three stores! I've really enjoyed getting to know and work with Anne and Laurel... We certainly all appreciate the urbanmamas support and so do the mamas who craft many of the items in our stores.

If you're looking for a gift for a hard-to-shop for adult or boss, consider one of the Pangaea Project photos at LilyToad. These extraordinary photos of mamas and kiddos from around the world depict the amazing gift of children and parenthood, with all its commonalities and sometimes stark differences. All profits go to support The Pangaea Project (www.pangaeaproject.org) and stay in the local community aiding teens.

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