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Your Favorite Gear Shop

Where's a mama to go in search of all the biggest and baddest gear in all of Portland?  Most of us are avid craiglisters (I was thrilled when the baby 'n' kid gear section was born), but what if you're looking for a specific baby buggy?  Paris asks:

Where can you find strollers like Maclaren or Peg Perego in Portland?


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Segal's for Children in Beaverton is the ultimate baby/children's superstore. They carry a beautiful selection of quality goods. With regard to strollers, they have TONS--and every single one is out on the floor of their showroom for you to compare and test out. The salespeople are knowledgeable and friendly. I went there to buy a glider (they had about 20 different models on show) and wondered why I'd never heard of the place before. They have everything!

I second the love for Segal's. The owners are so nice and helpful. They also do car seat installation and checks for free, even if you did not buy the seat there. I try and support locally owned businesses, this one gets my vote every time. They also seam to have great prices on car seats and strollers. About $15 less for my stroller there than at the big retailers. They are worth the drive.

More love for Segals. The sales people are fantastic. It's definitely worth the drive.

I believe Costco is still carrying the Maclaren stroller. I've seen it at the new Hillsboro warehouse but have showed restraint in purchasing it because I just bought the Sit n Stand for my girls at Target..!

I also love Segal's...I'm crib shopping now and will likely get at least a crib there. They do have an excellent stroller selection, although I ended up getting my Peg Perego on Craig's list. Good luck!

Definitely Segal's! They are very helpful with carseats too. I saw a really nice stroller at Costco as well. I'd say, though, craigslist and resale shops will treat you well in this city.

Does Segals have a website? I couldn't find it anywhere. I got burned on craigslist once. Oh, but I see this thread started several years ago! Craigslist used to be nice but sort of downhill since then.

Please post Segals site! Thanks !

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