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Playgroup: Gresham / East Portland

Amber wrote to us a while ago about seeking other mamas in Gresham.  Anyone with suggestions?  She writes:

Can you help me? I'm in serious need of a social life, and it feels impossible since I moved away from downtown. Does anyone know of any playgroups or mama's groups way out on the east side? I'm east of Gresham, almost to Sandy. Please help get me out of the house!


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Hi..I'm in East Gresham also, near Gordon Russell. If you put together a play date then my son and I would love to attend. I know some other mama's in the area too that would probably be interested too. If you need help setting it up, email me and we can work together.

I'm in Troutdale and feel the same way, I moved from the Hawthorne area and would love to connect with some mama's that are closer to home and adjusting to the "burbs"! I'm a working mama so scheduling is a challenge. What about doing something once a month in the evening? I would LOVE that. I have no hobbies/social life :)

It's certainly a start!

I am near Gresham and would LOVE to attend! I have a five year old in PM kindergarten and a 2 1/2 year old home with me. I am also a work at home mom. I would be happy to volunteer my home for play dates and I believe there is an indoor play gym near me too.

I'm in Gresham/Portland but travel to Sandy a couple times a week. I'm currently in a playgroup that meets on Saturdays but there are only 3 of us that regularly get together. We'd love to have other moms join us. We're in a yahoo group called walking toddlers (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/walkingtoddlers/. The other moms in the group are working moms but I'm a SAHM with a 2 and 3 yr old. So I'm also available during the week. Would love to get together.

Hi, I live in Gresham right of Highway 26 on the border of Boring. I have a girl Amelia who is only 5 weeks old. As she gets a little older I would love to get together with other moms. I am a stay home mom and have a flexible schedule. I would love to go walking with some one whenever it is not raining as well. I am also looking into a moms group that meets regularly in Troutdale. I will forward the information when I get it.

I am a working mom of a 10 month old and we live in Troutdale. I have Mondays off and would love to get together with other moms on Mondays or on a weekday evening.

Bring your family to a community tree planting event this Saturday
December 2nd in Troutdale, along Beaver Creek

Please register online to Team Up at www.solv.org or call 503.844.9571

Thank you for your time. We hope to see you out in your watershed!

Warm Regards,
Matt Weatherly
Outreach Assistant

Do any of you know of a good day care or home day care for infants...this is my first and I really am not sure! I heard Gresham Heights is good. Your thoughts??

We would like to invite all parents to find some personal time by checking out balance-www.yogalounge.com now open in Troutdale/Gresham!

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