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Organize THIS!

It was just about a year ago, the day before Thanksgiving, when I invited a space organizational consultant in to help us purge and organize.  It's always, always good to go make time to go through stuff and chuck the stuff you haven't touched in years.  Why keep it around?  Kaaren is feeling the similar itch to reorganize, plan, shuffle, and strategize:

We're in desperate need of a professional organizer, particularly for our home office (which we both work from), but also for other parts of the house.  We need to purge, organize and establish systems for paper and clothes, the two things that consistently encroach upon our home and sanity.  Do any of you have any experience with someone who helped you, who you could recommend to us?  (We're in close-in NE)

P.S. What a great gift!  A certificate to a couple of hours with a space consultant?  A gift that could potentially keep on giving.


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I recommend Krista Colvin of Organize in Style.


She is creative with lots of great ideas and great energy.

Good luck!

Cheryl Janis is an excellent design/feng shui consultant in town and will definitely know where to point you. she's very cool


Missy Gerber with Organizers Northwest. She is amazing!!!!!!

I also recommend Krista from Organize In Style. I started working at home this year after being in an office for 5 years. Krista helped me make my dining room do double duty. All my work files are stored in cupboards and a sideboard in my living room and dining room and you'd never know that space was an office by day. She also helped me organize my kitchen. I'm going to have her back in a few weeks to help me situate some new shelving units we're in the process of installing so I can get the most out of them.

I highly recommend a pro. I know how to organize things, I just never had the time to devote to buying the files and boxes and such and putting everything together. And the issue was so emotionally charged for me it always felt overwhelming. Krista came in and just made it happen in a few hours.

I'm with Jen and Kat - you've got to go with Krista at http://www.organizeinstyle.com. In addition to their comments, she's also just super fun and makes the chores seem less weighty.

We used April Kline of Portland Organizer. http://www.portlandorganizer.com/

We had purchased the package at a fundraiser, and it was so worth it. I loved how April was really easy-going. She loves her work and got us into tip-top shape in a matter of an hour or two. I also loved her creativity. She helped us consolidate some items into shoe boxes, and encouraged us to reorganize into existing containers and spaces. She helped us separate what we need from what we hadn't used in a long time. Working with her was great!

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