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Movies + Kids Portraits?

With the holidays just around the corner, there has been tons of urbanMama conversation on photographers.  Why not go and catch a movie while the kids' photos get snapped?  Thanks, Stephanie, for the tip!

Photographer Rachel Kubik will be at the Academy Theater on December 2nd and 3rd between 11AM and 9PM with a location studio setup to take your children's portraits.  Simply make a reservation for babysitting with the theater.  When you drop your child off sign up for pictures at the registration table,and pay the $15 fee. Then you can go and enjoy a movie while we have fun playing and taking great pictures!  She will put 10-20 shots of each child on a CD and mail them to you right away.  The digital files will be yours to do whatever you like with them. You can purchase additional copies of the CD with a custom designed cover for $10 apiece.  These make great inexpensive, but priceless Christmas gifts! Make your reservations at the theater early to guarantee a space!

Stephanie adds: I've seen some of Rachel's work in person - her portraits decorate the play space at the Academy Theater and they are wonderful. She has additional examples of her portraiture posted on her web site.


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I'm no professional but love to take digital photos of little people (I've been busy taking photos of 20 something preschoolers for the Hawthorne Family Playschool Auction ... but I'd be happy to take pics of your little one if you are looking to save money. I'm sure we could work out something reasonable if you don't go with these other pros who look great. You can see some of my photos (not kids due to privacy and safety reasons) on my blog at http://mamapicturethis.blogspot.com If you contact me at s2adi@msn.com I'll send you a few portrait samples. good luck.

We took Casey yesterday for pictures and we even got to see a movie! What a great deal. I can't wait to see the pictures of Casey. The photographer was great with kids. I had to go up to feed and change Casey during the movie and she was taking pictures of another little boy and she was great. She also had samples of the pictures she had taken on Saturday, so cute!

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