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Monday Morning Coffee Playdate

Before there was Sip & Kranz, there was Sydney's.  Any mamas up for a coffee play date this upcoming Monday morning at 10 am?  This won't be your average play date, bring the camera (digital or otherwise) you most use and the talented Lisa Warning will go over some basics on lighting and composition with the group. She'll also give spend some one-on-one time with each interested mama to answer questions about their camera; and give quick 5 min individual lesson with mama and child while the rest of us chat and enjoy coffee.   Sound fun?  RSVP in the comments.  Here are the details:

When: Monday, November 13th
Where: Sydney's, 1800 NW 16th Avenue, Portland, OR
When: 10 am

And if you're lucky, Olivia might show up in her red boots!


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I'll be there with my two boys and camera. Sounds like lots of fun!

If I am not working I will try to be there. I'd love this kind of advice!

Aw, man! If I didn't have a morning full of meetings, me 'n' my red boots would've been there! Sounds great, though!

Can I just come, drink coffee and get the camera advice sans kids? Mine will be at school.

oooh, I hope I can rally out of the house and get there! I need a playdate, and since I'm on maternity leave, I can actually do things in the morning (with babe in tow, of course)...

Thanks for putting this together! The bambina and I will try to make it.

I would love to come with my four month old Gus. I have a lot of questions about printing digital pictures so this sounds like a great play date. Thanks.

Of course, you should feel free to come with or without the kids; or with or without the camera!

very cool! i should be there unless something goes awry.

I was just thinking we needed another Monday morning coffee date. Otto and I will be there.

sounds great! me and my daughter will be there.

Oooh - I really want to make this one. Depends on how cooperative the baby is, of course, but I hope to see you all there!

How fun! Ethan and I will try our best to be there. I feel like I haven't seen the uMamas in forever!

My son Aidan and I will be there. This will be our first UrbanMama event. We look forward to meeting everyone.

you all sound like soo much fun! We are new to this and plan on being there! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

I think Jack and I will be there. Fun!

I think Jack and I will be there. Fun!

sounds like fun - i'll plan on being there with toddler and camera!

Oh, drat, I can't make it. We have a locksmith coming over in the morning.

If I can rally the troops I'll be there with my two kiddos (and any cameras I can muster up -- probably the fancier one that confuses me more)

I've recently found your site - I have been looking for fun group activities for my son, it looks like I hit the jack-pot! I would love to join the fun- My son is 1 and has not been able to sit still for months, I can't wait to learn a few tricks for snapping a few cute pix on the move!

My 16 month DD and I'll be there. Sounds fun!

I hope to make it too (w/ the 6 month old) I haven't been to a play date yet, and would love to meet you all!

We'll try to be there too.

I just stumbled across this site and I have been missing out! My son is 9 mos old and we have been looking for other babes to interact with. Look forward to meeting you all!

My daughter and I will be there...this will be our first UM event...looking forward to it.

well darn it all...I've got some work to finish up this morning and am sadly missing your fun playdate right now. Hope you all had a great time and hope to see you all soon!

Wow! What a great showing of mamas and kids. Hopefully you were able to pick up some tips from Lisa and connect with other mamas. We'll have to do it again soon.

Thanks for coming, that was a lot of fun! I tried my best to get to everyone individually, if I didn't get to you... I'm very sorry, if you want a personal lesson with your child I will be happy to meet you for coffee! Everyone can feel free to contact me if any questions come up as you try new things.

It's not easy, but practice and that erase button will go a long way!

Take care


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