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Family Portraits: Who Do You Recommend?

Aaah, the family portrait.  Certainly something my husband and I barely think about and usually scramble last minute for a portrait worthy of sending out as holiday cards.  But if you're a bit more prepared, there are so many wonderful photographers in town...The Sidewalk Studio, Sarah Gilbert, Sherri Diteman, and Lisa Warninger to name a few.  Is it timely that Chari wrote in this request?  Have at it mamas, inquiring minds want to know!

I'm looking for recommendations from Portland mamas on great photographers for family portraits. I'd love to hear from Urban Mamas experiences with local photographers!


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I'd like to know this, too! It's that time of year, isn't it? Also, can I add to ask if anyone has a recommendation for someone who can take a good pregnant belly photo in addition to or in conjunction with a family photo?

I absolutely recommend Katie Jervis. She has done our family's photos for the past two years and we have loved them every time. We also have several friends who have used her and they all have loved their photos. She does family photos, birth photos, maternity, weddings, etc. She also puts together slide shows set to music on her web page of your photos that you can email to friends and family. Check her out at http://www.katiejervis.com


I highly recommend Campbell-Salgado (http://www.portraitswithheart.com/) for family portraits and pregnancy or other milestones. Kim and Francisco are warm and wonderful, and the pictures are truly art.

I recommed Campbell-Salgado as well. We have spent a fortune there between the pregnancy photos and baby photos and recent toddler photos but they are really amazing. I enjoy looking at the captured family moments every day (as cheesy as that sounds!). Kim has done all of ours and she is a pleasure to work with.

I also recommend Campbell Salgado, we've gone there several times. We've been with Kim each time and the results have been wonderfully beautiful.

Another recommendation for Campbell Salgado here. However it should be noted that we do some cross promoting with Campbell Salgado. For instance all the photos on display at Milagros are from Campbell Salgado and we provide complimentary Campbell Salgado gift certificates to people who register with us.

That said, our recommedation is based on our experience as a Campbell Salgado customer. We have used Kim for maternity and baby photos and both experiences were wonderful. The sessions were very personalized and relaxed. They take your time with you, there is no rush to get "one good shot."

Although not ideal for this time of year, they recently added a fun outdoor studio as an option for photos - Mila had a blast hamming it outside for the camera this summer.

Everyone should check out Frank Barnett photography.... he does really beautiful B&W work with a really unique, artsy, but subtle style... really great for the baby/pregnancy photos... as well as family portraits. He and his wife also have a retail framing/interior design shop on 16th and Alberta. His site is: http://www.frankbarnettphotography.com/

Also, we just got some family portraits done by Loma Smith in West Linn. She is reeeeaalllly great with the kids... Asher is 2 and she kept him entertained and adorable the whole time. See her work here: http://lomasmith.com/

I highly recommend http://www.karenluederimagery.com Karen just took our family photos. She's was also available on a weekend which was the only time my husband could do it. When we asked to have the St. Johns Bridge in the background, because we live close to it, she was excited to accommodate us. Our photos turned out fantastic! Grab her before she gets booked up, she's a steal!

We just had photos taken for family holiday cards by Jeanette at Shortcake photography (http://www.shortcakephotography.com)

She is an ex-teacher and was able to get a shot of all of us looking at the camera (an amazing feat when there is a 5,4 and 2 y.o. involved.)
You can design your own card and order all on-line which is very convenient and the prices are very reasonable. We had ours taken at the pumpkin patch, outdoors.
We also had pictures taken at Campbell Salgado recently and they were wonderful. I haven't scheduled our viewing appointment yet, but having seen their other photos I am sure they have some great pictures.

Portraits sound like such a good idea...what's the price range (ballpark) for this sort of thing?

Linnea Osterberg (http://www.linneaosterberg.com) just photographed my 1 year old daughter. The photos were beautiful, more than I had ever hoped for. Her rates are very reasonable (esp. compared to other studios mentioned here), and Linnea is a joy to work with! The price was around $200 for the print (but we got an archival print that was large), $200 for the frame (comparable to other frame shops), and around $150 for the sitting fee. Hope that helps!

I would also recommend Katie Jervis!!!! We just did a session with her a few weeks ago, at the recommendation of my aunt and uncle who had her do my cousin's 2 year pics. She was wonderful - friendly, creative, calm (a must with my shy little guy!). Her product is incredible, and her prices are amazing. For $200 we had an hour shoot (at location of our choice) and will receive an album of 40 4x6 shots. Her reprint and enlargement prices are incredible as well! She does all kinds of work. I really recommend checking out her gallery (posted above) or her blog with her slideshows attached.

I also recommend Katie Jervis, but another one not mentioned yet is Alexis Achten with Jasmine photography - http://www.jasminephotography.com. I have worked with Alexis professionally and she also has taken personal shots of my family and friends and LOVE her work, plus, she's super easy going and knows how to do a shoot with kids of all ages. She has a holiday portrait special going on right now too - can't recall it exactly ($100 off of something) but it's listed on my OregonLive.com blog - http://familyfriendly.blogs.oregonlive.com. She'll be doing my pregnancy portraits too!

I highly recommend Stickeen Photography (http://www.stickeen.com). They are friends of ours but also took some amazing pregnancy and baby photos for us.
Ethan & Scott do beautiful work, are very friendly and love kids. They specialize in candid photos and have great design sense.
They don't have kids and family photos up on their website right now, but you can see some of their amazing wedding shots!

I highly recommend Jasmine Photography. Alexis did our maternity shots and we love them. Her website is jasminephotography.com
She was professional, easy to work with and made us feel very comfortable.

PASHA!!! I had my pregnancy photos taken by her and they are AMAZING!! She really works with who you are and in different fun environments.

PASHA PRODUCTIONS!!! I had my pregnancy photos taken by her and they are AMAZING!! She really works with who you are and in different fun environments.

last year I had my daughter's portraits taken by christy klep http://www.christyklepphotography.com/
and she did a great job. and as I recall her prices were a little lower than some of these others.

Another believer of Campbell Salgado!

We too spent a small fortune there after the birth of our 2nd child. Kim is great and the final prints were GORGEOUS!

On a side note..Kim and Francisco have been known to donate their services to non-profits...we like to give to those who give!

Highly recommended!


Red Door Studio specializes in Black and White photos. I think they did an amazing job capturing the personalities of my kids. They a ways out (Salmon Creek area) but it definitely turned out to be worth it.
18611 NE 20th Ave
Ridgefield Wa, 98642

I have a lot of friends who always go to Shayne Berry @ Catchlight Photography. She is a former nanny and a mom who is fabulous with kids and charges a $100 flat fee which includes a disc of all photos for you to keep and make prints from. I haven't seen anyone who does that. www.shayneberry.com

I have a lot of friends who always go to Shayne Berry @ Catchlight Photography. She is a former nanny and a mom who is fabulous with kids and charges a $100 flat fee which includes a disc of all photos for you to keep and make prints from. I haven't seen anyone who does that. http://www.shayneberry.com

My dear friend Amy Ouellette not only shot my wedding, but recently shot photos of my new baby girl. check out: www.amysgallery.com <-- it's her wedding site, but contact her to talk about pricing for some beautiful, intimate family photos.

CHRISTY KLEP PHOTOGRAPHY gets our vote! She's over on Morrison St. and does beautiful B&W photos. Shes one of the only people out there who does FILM instead of digital, and hand prints all of her work on fiber paper. The results are far superior to digital photography (no matter what the tech geeks say - and I say that cause im a tech geek myself.) Shes a lot of fun, and the kids lover her. Shes done both of my children, and several of my friends. We plan on seeing her for years to come! She has a website, but you wont know the difference until you see her stuff in person. The hand coloring she does is amazing! http://www.christyklepphotography.com

My shout outs go to Chuck and Jill of The Sidewalk Studio http://www.thesidewalkstudio.com. We did an urbanMamas photo shoot with them and also a separate shoot of just our family one other family. What I love, and I think you can see from their gallery, is that they can just capture that essence of a child and of a moment. They caught the best looks, poses, sprints, jumps, squats. The process and the results were really easy, natural, and organic. The pictures came out so fun and happy, and I really loved the pictures. They caught exactly how I wanted to remember my girls.

To answer Chrstian's question about how much family portaits cost- Usually with sitting fees and prints you can expect to spend around $150-$300 for professional looking shots. We found a gem with Shayne at Catchlight Photo. Like the above person posted, Shayne charges a flat rate of $100 and gives you a disc to make your own prints. (She gives you a list of professional labs that she uses.) Ours were great, really captured our family and she came to our house. We have been to Campell-Salgado as well but will probaby use Shayne again sooner because the price is so great.


I'm surprised not to have seen Amy McMullen on this list! Amy, of Amy McMullen Photography, has captured our family 5 years in a row now. She's fabulous, fun, the kids adore her. And her work is just gorgeous. See her at http://www.amymcmullen.com. She usually runs some kind of holiday special and we consider her affordable and worth every penny at the same time. She makes me cry every year with the slideshow set to music. And now we she custom makes our holiday photo for cards with a sweet quote (last year we she photographed the boys asleep and the card said "while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads".) And she's a newly single mom to boot.

I have been meaning to write about this for awhile! Shayne Berry of Catchlight Photography did our holiday/winter pictures this year (our first family photos) and she was outstanding. Such a nice person and she knows her stuff because we got about 40 really great shots. Again, she's $100 for an hour and she gives you the disk of photos. We have 2 kids under 3 and we have many great shots of them as well as all of us. It was fun, well worth the $100.


oui oui oui!
shayne (shayneberry.com) is so wonderful! our children adore her sweet intuitive nature which is a magnet for beautiful child moments caught on lens. we are so pleased with her aesthetic and ability to subtly relate to the vibe of our group.

she is a natural and it really shows in the end. the kids are more relaxed with shayne in contrast to formal studio appointments. we absolutely recommend her work.

We had a great experience with Paul Quackenbush in Vancouver. Our family group had 32 people, and he did about 200 shots with all sorts of different combinations (of people). The photgraphs turned out fantastic, really natural, and the pricing was very reasonable.

Hello, I am a fond observer of this forum and a proud mama of Eva Rose..
I am attempting to be in the world again and have a need to let the world know what I DO>>>
I would like to take some time to let every urban mama out ther know of my portrait photography-- I love to photograph pregnant mama's and children.,babies. www.erinberkphoto.com

I have gone to Campbell Salgado for years, and they do wonderful work. The photos that they take truly are a work of art and they spend a long time getting to know the family and what quirks each of my children had. I treasure the family photos that they have done for me. The only bad part about getting a work of art is that you are going to pay for it. They are a bit on the higher side of the pay scale and as much as I would love to go in every year to get a new family photo done with them, my husband would kill me if I spent that much year after year! I have been looking for a new studio on the Westside and have done a lot of research. I have found a photographer that is new to Oregon and just getting her studio up and running in the Portland area. The owner is Amie, and I just lover her. You can check out her work at http://www.galleryskids.com I think that you will be pleased with her work and her prices.

I had a FAB experience with Erinn Frisbie in Vancouver. Her work is amazing....so artistic yet classic. She made our family feel so comfortable. The memories will last a lifetime. I will be going to see her again for the next family portraits. http://www.erinnfrisbie.com

I highly recommend Erin Berk www.erinberkphoto.com email;eb@erinberkphoto.com
-she is a mama and has worked with kids also as a Art therapist- she is a great photographer aND offers a album with at least 20 prints in it for about $150. beautiful pictures- most of my freinds go to her and are repeat customers...
She has a great eye and goes to your home or park... We really love her work.!.

We also want to give high marks for Erin Berk!

We just got our proofs back and they are sooo beautiful! She came to our house to do a consultation before the shoot. On the day of the shoot, she was very patient with me, my husband, and our almost three year old, and stayed for over an hour to make sure that we had all the shots we needed.

Today, she gave us 40, 4x6 prints, and a high resolution CD with all the images. We have the option to do our own prints using the CD or to purchase them through her. She uses film, but has the images digitally converted to a CD. There is a richness to using film, that just isn't captured using digital.

All this was just $150!

We've had professional photos done each year and my husband, who is a designer, thinks these are by far the best :)

Another thumbs up for Erin Berk. She's great with kids, and has an incredible eye for the perfect shot. she did our pregnancy pix and pix of our daughter at one. We'll continue to use her for years :)

I would--without a doubt--recommend erin berk for your photography needs! We own several of her B&W's and had her photograph us when we were pregnant, over three years ago. Our preg. pix were amazingly reflective of how we felt and what we were thinking at the time. We feel blessed that she was able to capture such an unbelievable time. While i don't know what she charges now, i would say she is worth every cent. Try www.erinberkphoto --i think you will agree!

Erin's photography gracefully captures my son's personality in a low pressure setting. Toddlers can be difficult to photograph but Erin was able to utilize a home setting to create some beautiful images. One of the things I love most about the photographs of Lorenzo are how natural they look-capturing different facets of his personality. The added bonus of course is not having to go anywhere-the pictures were taken in the home! We love them!

I recommend Alexis Achten of Jasmine Photography: www.jasminephotography.com or www.jasmineportraits.com

We are so thrilled with our photos from Shayne Berry of Catchlight Photography! She had taken the photos at my son's school so we did a family session. Her style is very arsty and she has a wonderful way with kids. The session was fun and easy, (even my husband said so!) We will treasure the images she caught of our 2 kids. Her price is amazing ($125) and we love having the disk. She recommended a printing lab that was really inexpensive and the prints are spectacular.

I have to agree with all of the info about Shayne Berry. My wife has been wanting family photos for years but I was never really into the idea. I found Shayn'e info here. (thanks!!) I bought a session for her birthday and it was great. Shayne made the session easy and fun for all of us and everyone just adores the photos.

I recommend Erin Berk Photography for your family's protrait's, and also any photographs of your little ones. We had an excellent experience. You can find details at www.erinberkphoto.com.

I recommend Erin Berk Photography for your family's protrait's, and also any photographs of your little ones. We had an excellent experience. You can find details at www.erinberkphoto.com.

For almost 2 years now Shayne Berry/Catchlight Photography has taken family photos for us. I love the outdoor, casual look to her pictures - mixing architecture, nature and us. And she makes it easy - we've met at the park an we've even done photo shoots in our back yard. She's great with the kids and how cool that we get a disc with the photos to print or share however we want - at a really reasonable price. I highly recommend her!

I'm a fan of Julia Radlick's photography and style.

If the name sounds familiar, it may be because you've seen her on KATU Channel 2 news but she won't be there for long -- after a number of years on television, she's going full time with her photography business (yea! more availability!)

She's taken pictures of my daughter for me since DD was just itty-bitty. Her work is outstanding and she's understanding even when kids don't feel like cooperating (and I've encountered a few photogs that aren't).


That is great to hear about Julia. She participates in a program that gives a free sitting and some prints to adoptive families - I can't remember the name of it right now. Anyone who has finalized an adoption in the last year qualifies and some photographers will offer it years after your adoption if they have the availability.

We were planning to give her a call this spring and try her services. I am happy to hear that she is easy to work with!

I think it's called Celebrating Adoption. She has the logo on her website.

I really can't say enough about her. She'll do things on the fly, more formal shots, silly shots and she's even been known to get down on the floor and crawl around if necessary (hmmm, I wonder if she wants me advertising that?).

We had an amazing experiece with Erin Berk Photography!! We did a shoot at a local park of our babe and just love the photos!! Great photos and the pricing was also very reasonable. YEAH !!

My very good friend Laura has recently followed her passion for photography to a professional level and is really talented! She did a maternity session for my sister in law early this summer that was so beautiful it made me want to be pregnant again just so that I could have photos like those as a keepsake, and her newborn portfolio is literally breathtaking. We met at Tanner Springs in the Pearl one evening last week for a family session and she got some great shots, particularly of my boys. You can see a little of it on her blog:


Hey Mamas--I'm a NoPo mom and avid reader of Urbanmamas. This redux post is so timely for me: I'd like to recommend my husband, Aaron Courter, who is just starting up his photography business.

So far he has shot one wedding and a TON of pics of our kids and our friends' kids. Obviously, I am biased, but I think he has an amazing artistic eye. Check out his photography site at:


To build up his business, he is offering a free session and a very reasonable price TBD for the CD of all edited portraits--good for all bookings until Thanksgiving! Contact us at photo@aaroncourter.com

We just had an amazing in-home photo session with Kim Campbell of Campbell Salgado Studio a few weekends ago. My hubby and I are absolutely thrilled with the results - such beautiful photographs of our family! I can't recommend them highly enough. :-)

We just had an amazing in-home photo session with Kim Campbell of Campbell Salgado Studio a few weekends ago. My hubby and I are absolutely thrilled with the results - such beautiful photographs of our family! I can't recommend them highly enough. :-)

I have also worked with Laura of Laura Renee photography and LOVE the photos I got back. She is great to work with and has great ideas. Check her out!


We just had our family session by Amy McMullen. She photographed my maternity, newborn and now our son is 3 family portraits! This woman has a way...my boy literally claps his hands with joy for her. She captures his spunk AND his sweet spirit, all in a totally painless, natural and even fun way! God, she even made me feel beautiful. Her work is so precious to us and timeless as well.

We just had our third session by Amy McMullen. (WWW.AMYMCMULLEN.COM) She photographed my maternity, newborn and now our son is 3 family portraits. This woman has a way...my boy literally claps his hands with joy for her. She captures his spunk AND his sweet spirit, all in a totally painless, natural and even fun way! God, she even made me feel beautiful. Her work is so precious to us and timeless as well.

We used Jamie Bosworth last fall and she was excellent--she came to our home, made everyone feel comfortable and now we have fantastic photos.
I have to say though that it was expensive and if you are on a tight budget it's worth considering a down-market resource JC Penney's at Wash Sq (get coupons fr their website beforehand). It's abt 10% of the cost and I think given how quickly kids change it's nice to get some pics done by them more frequently than you could perhaps afford to have done by an independent photographer.

This is a portland mama trying to live her dream. She just started her company up this spring, but she is really good at photography she like to do "in the moment" type stuff.

So support a local mama like ourselves!


I love Emma Darden and Reversed Lens Photography. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, and creativity are unparalleled.
Oh...and they work really hard to make sure your photos are artistic and refined.

Run..do not walk...to them for your photography needs.

We just had some great family photos taken by Reversed Lens Photography. Will and Emma were great to work with and we love all the photos. Very natural and fun. And, they'll come to your house or wherever you want to have the photos taken. Check out their photography and their awesome holiday card designs at http://www.reversedlensphotography.com

We love Reverse Lens Photography! Will and Emma are engaged, listen to your wishes and work hard to take photos that showcase your childs personality. Being parents of a youngster they know how to work with kids(of all ages of course). We are very happy with the experience we have had with them.

I just found this site while looking for birtday party ideas for my kid whos birthdays are in December. Makes for a very interesting month for sure. Anyway, my passion is photography and have recently started portraits. Visit my website and if would like portraits taken, just email me. I am offering a Holiday Special. $250.00 for session and c.d. of images.


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