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Creative Gift Ideas for Daycare Providers

Last year, we had a previous conversation The Etiquette of Gift Giving for Daycare Providers. urbanMamas are also wondering what kinds of gifts make for great items for teachers or daycare providers? After nurturing and loving our youth, we're pretty certain that they've been nice and not naughty. Says Misty:

Any affordable/creative ideas for Christmas gifts for daycare providers? Between my two kids, I have 5 or 6 daycare providers I need to get gifts for.


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As a previous day care provider, I found gift certificates, lotions, homemade cookies and things of that nature to be the ones that I appreciated the most. I am one that is big for charities, so I had one who donated to one of my favorite charities in my name. One year I had a mother who gave a bag with my name on it, that was helpful to as I was always bringing in art projects or snack, and things. Hope this helps.

Oh dear, is it that time of year already! We've barely got through Thanksgiving.

As for buying that many gifts, a great deal depends upon what you consider to be 'affordable' as well as how personal / individualised you want the gift to be?

Best wishes M

We had a daycare provider who was a huge tea drinker. We bought her some really nice green tea leaves and some dark chocolate. I think she really liked it!

My sister in law is a preschool teacher. She really appreciates homemade cards from the kids, gift cards (coffee shop, pet store, craft store) and things for to her Scottie dogs. I just asked my son's teachers if they frequent the local coffee shop - they said "as often as possible". So I think gift cards and a card from the kid will work for us. I am looking forward to hearing other ideas.

We go to Mimosa Studios (http://mimosa-studios.com/) every year to paint small projects, which include small items to be made into magnets. You can also buy a home kit to make & bake clay magnets (here are a few ideas: http://www.abc.net.au/creaturefeatures/make/magnets.htm). We have coupled that with home-made cookies (chocolate chip or gingerbread shapes), which the kids help with. I like to do something that the kids partook in creating.

In addition, I have also done gift certificates to New Seasons, coffee shops, and bottles of wine. Recently, we went into a larger shared gift for our teacher's birthday.

Thank you all for the ideas!

I also ran across this site today, which gives quite a bit of ideas, particularly in the comments: http://wantnot.net/2006/11/21/teacher-teacher-you-have-enough-mugs/#more-541

If I wanted to do a basket of baked goods, like gourmet muffins - any suggestions where to buy some?

Thanks again.

We have given our teacher gift packages from Black Sheep Bakery: http://www.blacksheepbakery.com/ We love Black Sheep, and they do some great mixes. If you want to buy them fresh, you can find a list of retailers, including several coffee shops and New Seasons.

Another thing we did last year was make hot cocoa mix (a fun and easy thing for the kids to help with) and put it into cute decorated small containers to pass out to teachers and daycare providers. There are tons of hot cocoa recipes out there and it's basically cocoa, some sugar (regular or powdered), powdered milk, then I toss in some baby marshmallows and mini chips for extra fun.

I've been a daycare provider for several years and absolutely adore my families! I also have three growing, busy children of my own to care for when my daycare day is done. That said...the gifts I have enjoyed the most from my families are the "spa treatments". I've received gift certificates for massages, facials and even dinners out with my husband. These have been greatly appreciated after crazy days!!!

How about giving to a non-profit -or international children's help organisation- in the teacher's name? These care providers have chosen to work in social services, so most would be happy to know that you are spending money wisely helping others instead of buying yet more stuff that ultimately ends up pitched. Greener - and a learning opportunity for your child.

Something I've loved in the past for holiday gifts were winter ornaments or decorations the parents and kids made as gifts. Gift certificates are nice, but there's something wonderful about decorating my tree and home every year and having a visual reminder of some of those special kids I've worked with. One of my favorites is from 1992! The boy's name was Jack, and I remember him because of this. It's a wonderful way to feel warm and valued as a special person in the lives of these children.

I've only been a daycare provider for a short time, but I've already decided that the most appreciated gift would be a certificate to either a toy store or a supply store. Why? Because, I swear, I lose at least one toy a day due to toddler destruction. Sometimes I lose something even bigger. One child jumped on a basket that I used to hold toys - jumped right through it.

That way the gifts benefit both of us - I can replace what was lost and your child continues to have things to entertain them while at care, lol.

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I was a teacher and it really is truly the thought that counts. To know that your students and parents are thinking of you and appreciate the hard work you put into them each day. If you don't have money to spend on gifts, have your child make a homemade card or ornament for the tree with a photo or hand print. I cherished grateful and thankful students and parents. Not that I didn't really appreciate gift cards, those are always a fabulous option (even if it is just $3-5, enough to get one cup of coffee (; ).

As a nanny I can say that more than anything it would just be nice to be thought of and told that you are appreciated. Gifts and money are great, don't get me wrong, but they mean so much more if you feel like you're not an afterthought and that what you do matters.


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