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Vegetarian Meals Ready To Go

Lisa recently emailed us a question regarding vegetarian-friendly meals ready to go.  If it doesn't exist, seems like a great mama-praneur opportunity?!?

Does anyone know of an all vegetarian or very vegetarian friendly meal prep business in Portland? The ones I have come across (Dream Dinners and Dinner Voila) are meat oriented and, while some say you can substitute and make entrees vegetarian, I am looking for something more intentionally for vegetarians (preferably with organize, local produce, etc...). If you're not familiar with the concept, though I'm sure you are, someone else plans the entrees, buys the food and preps it, and you get all the glory of putting it together in a group kitchen that someone else cleans - all for a price, of course. Thought urbanMamas would be a good forum to ask this question.


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I have wondered the very same thing myself. We are vegan, so not only no meat but also no dairy/eggs/cheese, and those dinner services sound great, but they are so meat or cheese based. This would be a great niche for someone to come in and serve, especially here in Portland, being such a veg-friendly town.

Try http://www.dinnermonkey.com. Amy is a fabulous cook who makes meals from local and organic produce. While she does sometimes cook meat, I believe that she will accommodate vegetarian or vegan requests.

I just asked my husband for dinnermonkey for Hanukkah! Thanks, sg! (I, too, would love to find a vegie dream dinners sort of thing.)

Thanks, sg, for the dinnermonkey idea. It might really come in handy when I have baby #3 in Feb!

I own Cooking Accomplished! in Lake Oswego. It is not a franchise meal prep business, but an independently owned one, which also features cooking classes and private event hosting. All of our menu items are created here and tested on site. We use mostly organic produce, Certified Angus Beef, Wild Alaskan salmon, and all natural chicken breasts. We feature at least 2 vegetarian meals per month. All of our sauces are made from scratch in house. Please feel free to call or stop by for a tour!

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