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Single Moms Unite Together

If you missed that last single moms get-together, mark your calendar for November 4th.  Debby writes:

You are invited to a meeting of a group of single moms by choice or circumstance. We are now called "Single Moms Unite Together" (or as we affectionately call ourselves, "SMUT!"). This group is for single mothers or future single mothers who chose to do to it all of their own, whether by choice to inseminate, adopt, or not partner with the baby's father after finding out they are pregnant. Becoming a mom alone is hard work, and requires lots of support and empathy! We have been there too! Let's get together and drink coffee! We are meeting on Saturday, November 4, 2006, 2 pm at Sip and Kranz, a family friendly cafe with a fabulous play area for the kids. If you are interested but cannot attend, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can add you to the email list for future events. We look forward to meeting, playing, and networking!


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I have had a lot of responses from divorced moms who are doing it all themselves. I was under the impression that there were groups available for divorced moms, but now I think I need to reassess that assumption. With that being said, I propose that if you feel the need for support in your community and you are a divorced or seperated from your partner mom with no support (emotional or physical) from your ex-partner, please feel free to join us at Sip and Kranz. If there are enough people in your similar situation that show up, you could split into your own group with others with like issues. If only one or two of you show up, we would be thrilled to have you hang out with us any time you like. There will not be a lot of talk about partners or exes, child support or in-laws, though, since we do not experience those phenomena! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

hello can you send me any info of something like you all are doing in the boston area?.
from one single mom to another..

I am looking for the group of single moms in Boston. When and where are they meeting now? 12-31-06

I am a single mom of two great boys.That being said, I have a lot of negative blows thrown at me yet for my kids sake i generally always keep a jovial attitude. I really just need to meet with like minded people who may not exactly know where i come from, but have empathy and in the end gain kindred spirits as great friends.If this group has any regular attendees that do not really have any friends..family..and are down to earth solid women (as most single moms are!) I would love to attend!!

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