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Search for the Great Pumpkin

This is the weekend each year when we usually trek out and do the whole pumpkin patch/corn maze/hay maze/cider drinking tradition. We used to just go to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island but after it started getting way too crowded for us and we started having bad luck with finding decent pumpkins, we have since branched out...and we are very glad we have.  The past few years we've found some great farms that are worth a little bit of a drive. The owners are awesome and they've got great fresh produce in addition to all of the pumpkin fun.

Lee Farms
21975 SW 65th Avenue
Tualatin, OR
Hours: 9-6 daily in October
Fun features: pumpkin patch, hay rides, pony rides, petting zoo, hay maze, cider and donuts (yum).

Baggenstos Farms
15801 Roy Rogers Road
Sherwood, OR
Hours: M - TH 9-6, F & Sat 9-10, Sun 10-5
Fun features: Sweet pumpkin patch, hay ride, 5-acre corn maze, great playground for kids, petting zoo, hay maze, pumpkin bowling (yes, pumpkin bowling), and lots of great local fresh produce.

And since it is still a great place for families...
The Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island
16511 NW Gillihan Road
Hours: 9-6
Fun features: big pumpkin patch, hay rides, corn and hay mazes, patio cafe, animal barn and fresh produce.


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The Plumper Pumpkin patch is off of Cornelius Pass and Skyline in NW Portland, not too far from Sauvie Island. They have the best kettle corn I have ever had, and they have a really cool pumpkin catapult!

A couple of others come to mind:

Kruger's Farm on Savie Island (we just returned for a hay ride/pumkin picking there). They are doing barn dances every Saturday in October as well:


And if you are up to a lovely gorge drive, hit Rasmussen in the hood river valley:



Ah, see, no matter how long I have lived here, I still always get Kruger's Farm and The Pumpkin Patch mixed up since they are both on Sauvie Island.

I know there are a LOT more fun farms out there, too... any others in East County for our East County mamas and papas that anyone know of?

The Metro parenting magazine had a list of pumpkin patch farms to visit. You can check out their site at http://www.metro-parent.com/halloween.html Looks like all sorts of options in the greater Portland area. Something for everyone I think...

I am toying with the idea of heading to the Roloff farm in hillsboro (www.mattroloff.com), as we are big fan's of TLC's "Little People, Big World"...they have a pumpkin patch, too

Careful on those hayrides.

One of the trailers tipped over when I was at the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago. The driver was going too fast down a hill and made too sharp of a turn, sending a mom and daughter off the trailer as it flipped. I was on the trailer behind it and was struck by how helpless I was while holding my 16 m.o. No way I'm taking him on another hayride. Who knows if they're even licensed; I wouldn't let a complete stranger drive me around in a car. I can't believe how trusting I had been with the safety of my babe!!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island today, and it was just WAY too much. If you are not into big crowds, would stay away on the weekends. We would have much preferred a smaller scene...

For a pumpkin patch on the other side of the world... Canby... We enjoyed the heck out of this place - http://www.firpointfarms.com/giantpumpkin.htm - I felt like it was perfect for the 2-3 year group with lots of activities for the younger ones. Including the unique NUT house which was a giant room filled with hazelnuts. Think organic ball room. Fun was had by all.

We biked out to Sauvie Island yesterday (Saturday) to hit up Krugers. It was a fun outing! It seemed like car traffic was really backed up BAD, both getting onto Sauvie Island and getting off. Krugers seemed pretty busy but still fine enough for a nice tractor ride out into the patch for some pumpkin gazing and froggie hunting. The pony rides were sorta spendy ($5), but "smiles and happiness ensuing from girls riding on ponies" .... "Priceless".

I have to second Fir Point Farms. Feed the goats! Feed the bunnies! Go down the giant hay slide! Roll in the nuts! Hike the trail! Get lost in the hay maze! Get lost in the corn maze! Bounce in the castle! Ride the ponies! Slingshot a mini pumpkin! Buy yummy food and treats!
It is our hands-down favorite....

Excellent suggestion Betsy! We forgot about the great Canby-area farms - especially the incredible Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off!

I too was going to thank Betsy for bringing up Fir Point Farms! We went a few years back and it was so much fun. There are a lot of other great farms right around there, just off the I-5 Canby/Aurora exit as well.

Fir Point is typically our usual outing, but this year we opted for Kruger's. I love Sauvie's but the traffic is almost unbearable. The hay slide at Fir Point is so much fun. I think my son went on it at leat 5 times last year.

Almost Organic Pumpkins - Sauvie Island.

Bella Organics is over 2 years into their organic certification process. Can't find an address listing, but was there last week and they have beautiful pumpkins, already picked as well as out in the field.

Directions - head to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie's but watch for Bella Organics on the left before you get to the Pumpkin Patch.

Went to Rasmussen Farm in Hood River Valley and was met with a lot of rotten pumpkins. Plus, no farm animal or much of any thing...was not impressed. What made the trip worth while was a stop at the Kiyokawa Apple Orchard near Parkdale and Draper Fruit stand off of Highway 35. What fun it was to pull the little one along the rows of apples. Wagons provided assuming you are filling up with apples. We just picked ours from the bins. Great exercise for parents and for the little runners. Plus, Kiyokawa had a great play area for the kids. Drapers has pigmy goats, goats, two little piglets and chickens. Plus, a great swing between two large pine trees with a beautiful view of Hood. In fact, given the clear skies and fall foilage, the drive through the country side was amazing. Well worth the trip down the gorge.


Forgot to add that Plumper Pumpkin patch just north of NW Skyline and Cornelius Pass Road has it all...ponies, pumpkin slingshots, cannon, hayride, maze, animals, picnic area, food, flowers...a true winner without the crowds.

Just wanted to say that the link to Metro Parent's list of pumpkin patches, etc. wasn't working. Try this: http://www.metro-parent.com/calendars/?pumpkinpatch_ex

The flower farmer in canby is a fun one too - for an extra bonus we take the canby ferry! The miniature train is always a hit with my kids! Be sure to check their train schedule before venturing out!


Fir Point is another one of our favorites.

Last year we went to French Prairie Gardens in St. Paul and it was great.


We did Sauvie Island for the first time this year and I don't think I'll ever do it again -- it was nuts!

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