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Pregnancy Massage Specialist

Pregnancy is a time when nerves are pinched, joints are strained, muscles are stretched, among other things. Massage therapy can be an excellent way to allievate some of these discomforts. Thanks, Sherry, for your question:

There are certainly a lot of massage therapists in the area, but my understanding is that pregnancy massage is more specialized --possibly requiring specific equipment and certainly specific knowledge. I'm sensitive about who would be providing this service to me, and hope to find someone who is very skilled and educated in this particular discipline. Does anyone know of a great masseuse / specialist offering prenatal massage in Portland?


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We recently received an email from Jane Graybill, a massage therapist! You can contact her at graysquirrel75@yahoo.com. She wrote us: "Hello Mamas, I am a new mama of a three month old baby boy, Gus. I am also a massage therapist in North Portland. My focus is deep tissue and pregnancy massage. I have been a L.M.T. for five years. My office is at the North Star Ballroom next to PCC Cascade off Albina and Killingsworth. I would love to connect with moms in need of massage, or in need of a great gift for someone else. I work evenings, weekends and Friday mornings. I would also love to know who else is out there working for themselves so that I can support them too."

I have been getting pregnancy massages from Savannah Mayfield and she is absolutely fabulous! Here is her website:


I have had a prenatal massage at Ruby Violet on NE Alberta. It was wonderful. Humm...maybe it is time for another!

I recently had a prenatal massage from Kimberly at Zenana Spa on Clinton. She was fantastic and I felt so much better afterwards. I'd been having a lot of lower back pain and it really helped with that.

That is the only one I've had so far - it felt well-earned.

Kelley Burke, who is both a massage therapist and doula, is amazingly skilled. I've heard she's a kickass doula, too.
Check out this link to contact her. http://www.mothertreebirth.com/doulas-kb.html

Chiming in for Zenana Spa. It's a brand new spa that caters to mothers - expecting, new, and established. They even offer childcare services. I can't wait to head over for a hot stone therapy massage and not have to worry about my little ones!

I highly recommend Brandon Mayo (360) 513-6692. A talented and gifted LMT specializing in prenatal massage. Last time I saw her she was working out of her home in Vancouver. Worth the drive.

During my pregnancy, I had a prenatal massage at Ruby Violet in NE Portland. It was absoutely fabulous. The massage was so relaxing that I fell asleep at 39 weeks. I highly recommend them.

There website is:

In response to Sherry who first posted the questions about massage during pregnancy yes, there is special training and equipment. I took a four day seminar to become certified in pregnancy massage including labor and delivery. When massaging pregnant women I use the pregnancy bolsters (pillows) that have a hole for the belly and breasts. It can be adjusted as you grow over the nine months. Before you book a massage make sure they have those pillows. I paid for two massages while I was pregnant from two different L.M.T.s. They both used bed pillows and the sidelying position, very disappointing. One had a private practice and the other worked at Root on 15th and Brazee in N.E. Both advertised as pregnancy massage therapists. After going through pregnancy as a massage therapist I can see how important it is to use the pregnancy bolsters for the mom to be. It was amazing to lay on my belly after months of being on my side. I am happy to try and answer other questions about the benifits of massage during pregnancy or book an appointment if you need one. I am located at the North Star Ballroom off Killingsworth and Albina in North Portland. Thanks, Jane graysquirrel75@yahoo.com

another chirp for Zenana-spa, super pregnant mama friendly they have cushions and tummy support and very well trained staff. check them out at

I've had two pregnancy massages from Kimberly at Zenana, too, and she does a great job. I would definitely go to her again.

The Oregon School of Massage (sw Barbur Blvd 503-244-3420) offers several different pregnancy massage courses. These classes are held every Spring (May-ish) and Fall (Nov-ish). The course: Pregnancy Massage is a three day class. Volunteers are needed on the last day (Sunday from 1:30-3:30) of class for students to practice on. This is a great opportunity to get FREE massage. The school is always desparate for volunteers. Call them to sign up. My sister-in-law volunteered and she loved it. The instructor is a wealth of knowledge and just really great. She is open to all kinds of questions, so you can really pick her brain. Unfortunately she lives in California.

A second class they offer is called Massage for Birthing. This is a 4 hour class and open to anyone. It costs about $80. People who attend the class can bring a pregnant volunteer. The trick is to have your husband, partner, coach sign up for the class. Then you get to be the volunteer. Then you both get the information for just one price.

If you are looking for a good massage therapist, you can always call the different schools in the area. They are happy to refer LMTs to you that specialize in Pregnancy massage and match other criterias (location, gender, etc).

I worked at two different massage schools over the past 6 years. They are a great resource of information if you have questions about massage.

Can anyone recommend a pregnancy massage therapist who's under Kaiser's umbrella?

Thank you so much in advance for any suggestions.

Does anyone know of a therapist who travels?
I'm on bedrest at the hospital and going to be stuck here for the remainder of my pregnancy...I'm currently at 25 weeks. Thanks.

Hi: My name is Liz Richards and I am owner of Blossom Clinic in NE Portland. I just wanted to mention that we offer pregnancy massage, labor preparation treatments with acupuncture or massage, and infant massage. If you would like to read more about prenatal massage, please visit our blog:


We have three great massage therapists with training and lots of experience in pregnancy massage here in Portland.

Feel free to ask for a $20 discount if you found us on urbanMamas or mamasource. As a mom of two children under 5, I KNOW how important it is to nourish ourselves!

All my best,
Liz Richards, L.Ac.

Does anyone know of a post pregnancy masseuse who comes to your home and gives messages. I am looking for someone (LMT) to come to a Aloha/Beaverton Area home for a post pregnancy message in August 2011 for around $45/hr massage. Please contact me at portlander2007@yahoo.com if you provide these services or know of anyone who does

I got a massage with Jules Moon, an LMT in Portland who does only pregnancy massage. I was confined to bedrest for the last three months of my pregnancy so it was great that she could come out to my home to do my massage...that way I didn't have to drive home afterwards. I was concerned about how much work she could do on me what with my belly but she had me and my baby completely supported the whole time while she worked on my knots. She really knows her stuff...she told me all about the ligaments holding my uterus up and why I was feeling strain where I was. She's very approachable and laid-back. I loved it so much I asked for one for my husband too. Definitely worth it (and she was less than the spa down the street!)


Liz again from Blossom Clinic in NE Portland, Oregon.

Use Promotion Code UrbanMama to receive $20 off your next pregnancy massage. Schedule online here with Rylen Feeney:



Great information. having to a Portland chiropractor myself, I know the benefits of having no back pain for the first time in years. Here is their website www.npclinic.org

My wife attended a chiropractic session during her second pregnancy, and she learned that she was doing a lot of things that were permanently damaging he back. She adjusted her lifestyle, and her back pain was significantly lower.

Hello Ladies,

My Name is Andrea Shuman, and I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Licensed massage therapist with 15 years experience specializing in pregnancy and postpartum care. I have this amazing device called a "bodycushion" that is so lovely to lay on for the pregnant belly. You can lay comfortably face down until delivery and all my clients say they like it better than the pregnancy tables and other devices out there and better also than side-lying. I feel really privileged to be able to work with women in this time in their lives. You can find me at Ayus Ayurveda & Massage, www.ayusmassage.com . We also offer pregnancy nutrition counseling and care for conditions that cannot be treated with drugs during pregnancy such as migraines. After you deliver, we provide Placenta Encapsulation to prevent babyblues and increase lactation and boost healing, as well as Ayurvedic postpartum in-home care and bodywork. Please feel free to call or email with any questions! andrea@ayusmassage.com 541-788-3313 . We are located in SE Portland. <3

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