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Pregnancy Mama Groups?

When Kate introduced herself on our We Are Family page, she asked:

I'd love to have a community of pregnant women or new moms to connect with and more than one woman I trust has recommended this site. Are there gatherings for pregnant women at all?

Do you have an ongoing group of pregnant mamas who get together?  Know of a group to suggest?  Let us know!


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I'd be interested to know this, too. I'm due in February and would like to meet up with other moms just to socialize, share stories, etc.

I'd be very interested too! I'm due in January and would love to meet others.

yes, count me in as well. i'm due in february and would love to meet up with other moms-to-be :)

My husband and I moved to Portland in July of this year and are due in January. I would be very interested to meet with other moms!

Hi ladies and mamas-to-be! There are about 8 pregnant women in our Portland Mamas Inc. organization (http://www.portlandmamasinc.org), and I've been plotting monthly get togethers for all of the PMI pregnant mamas, but we'd love to have you all join us as well! The first gathering isn't set yet, but I think it's going to be the end of the month sometime during the day at Sip & Kranz.

If you want to email me and let me know if you are interested, I'd love to hear from you! I'm 14 weeks along with baby #2 as well. Congrats to all of you pregnant mamas-to-be!

I am also new to the portland area and due in January. It would be great to meet some other moms with babes on the way!

This isn't quite what was asked, but I was able to meet other pregnant mamas thru pre-natal yoga. I also found prenatal yoga really beneficial to both body and mind... Just my 2 cents. There are many prenatal yoga offerings in town; I recommend Nicole at Moving Through Studios.

Jan and Feb are busy months! I too am due in Jan and have been in Portland for about 7 months now. I have a son who will be 3 in Jan and who just started Montessori so I have free time in the mornings and would love to connect with other expectant moms. Look forward to hearing more.

Sounds like we have potential here for a nice little group! What are everyone's schedules like so we can meet? I have older kids (5 and almost 8) who are in school all day, so I am flexible with my time.

So here are the details for the first PMI pregnant mamas get-together, and ALL pregnant mamas are welcome, whether you are an entrepreneur or not! Come share your pregnancy questions, woes, and trade tips.

Tuesday, October 24th
5:30 pm
PB & Ellie's Cafe (http://www.peanutbutterellies.com)
4405 SW Vermont (across from the SW Community Center)

Feel free to bring kids along. So far it's a good mix of first-time mamas-to-be and mamas-to-be who already have one or two kids, so the information sharing should be fun and invaluable!

Please email me if you can attend: marlynn@portlandmamasinc.org. We hope to see you there!

I'm due in January, too. I don't think I can make a PMI gathering at that time of day, on that Tuesday, but I would love to meet other pg mamas as well!!! If anyone else wants to get together another time, it would be GREAT! I have a kindergartener in full day school, so I have a lot flexible time during the day...and I work at home. I hope to meet up with you all soon!

stormgirl, I agree, I would like to get together with other moms-to-be during the day. I don't think the PMI evening gathering is going to work for me. That's dinner and family time around here... I also work from home and have a kindergartner and a second grader. How about a coffeeshop or something one day soon?

I'm so happy to have found this blog! I see mamas all around and I even know a couple but I've been worried that it would be hard to find a good group. I'm barely pregnant (9 weeks) with my first child so I feel like I don't quite "belong" yet but I would rather work on getting connected now while I have lots of energy and excitement than wait for some lonely day when I feel overwhelmed and isolated, you know?

I work at home with my fantastic husband but girl time is precious. I've lived in Portland for almost two years and I'd love to meet some other moms to be who would be into tea in the early afternoon or a walk in the morning. (I have dog walks, dinner, yoga, etc. most evenings...)

Heather and stormgirl...you seem like you're in the same boat and your also both experienced moms so that's a bonus. I live near Alberta Street so would you be into meeting at Tea Chai Te or are you in totally different areas?

Sorry for the extra-long comment. I'm excited but I'll chill out and not swamp this thread...I promise!

Hey mamas! Most of the PMI mamas meet during the day (usually anywhere from 9:30 to 11:30 and then again from 3-5 -- around naptimes!) but we thought we'd move the pregnant mamas meeting to later since some of the non-PMI members work FT outside of the home. The next pregnant mamas group meeting in November for PMI will likely be during the day :) If you are interested and have day/time preferences, please feel free to email me: marlynn@portlandmamasinc.org - we'd love to hear what works best for y'all too!

Snow, I am not in that neighborhood but I do spend a lot of time up there. I LOVE that new Tea Chai Te location! I would definitely be up for meeting there. I can do anytime between 9-2pm.

Heather - thanks for getting back so quick! Looks like your tea window is wide open and you like the smell of lilacs...cool we have something besides babies in common already! :-)

Email me anytime to set up a meeting. I think if you just click my name you'll get an email window so we can connect without filling this forum up with posts. Once we figure out a time/day that works we can definitely post it back here to let others know if they want to join us.

I look forward to meeting you soon - looks like you might be the mama to ask about natural beauty products that are safe during pregnancy too. Brilliant!

Okay, I emailed you!

Hey all the PMI pregnant mamas, tonight at PB&E's was fun! Looking forward to the next get together. Shari, I looked up the yoga place you mentioned. What day do you go?

Hey mamas-to-be! It was so much fun meeting you all and chatting about our pregnancies last night! I'm going to open up a private forum for the ladies that attended last night on the PMI Forum, and will send the ladies that were there last night an email with how to log in. This way we can have a place to chat on a regular basis as much as we want and set up future meetings without hijacking this thread all the time :).

If you weren't there last night but would like to be added to the Forum, please email me: marlynn@portlandmamasinc.org. I'll add ya to the list! Hope everyone is feeling well today!

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