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Pediatrician for Preemies, Eastside

We've had several recommendations for pediatricians before, but Kirsten has a specific questeion:

I was wondering if anyone might have recommendations for a pediatrician on the East side?  I prefer one who has experience working with "preemie" babies.


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I highly recommend Dr. Doreen Kiss at Legacy Pediatrics (503) 413-2902

Thanks... Any additional recommendations?

Thanks again...

Dr. Sequeria is our pediatrician. She took care of our youngest who was 5 weeks early. She is at Eastside Pediatric Clinic and we love her.

Both my daughters were early (by 4 and 5 weeks) and both times I chose pediatricians who did not have privileges at the hospital where I delivered. In retrospect this was not a good choice. (You think I would have learned the first time!) For my first there was not great communication between the attending delivery pediatrician and my own. While everything was fine, it caused some unneeded stress.

With my second, we were seeing Dr. Sequeria atthat that point and her office was much better at getting all necessary information from the delivery pediatrician.

Good luck to you.

I highly recommend Dr. Jim Coughlin at Broadway Medical Clinic. Not only has he been incredibly understanding, he has a really balanced straightforward personality, has been delicate & sweet with my preemie, (born @ 32 weeks) he is also the father of a preemie!

Thanks! He's on our insurance, so I'll give him a call.

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