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Little YOLO: Eco-Friendly Paint

Embarking on remodeling a room to prepare for the arrival of a new babe, or looking to redo a kids room?  There is a greener option available:

YOLO Colorhouse, creators of premium, environmentally responsible interior paint, will deliver a new line of custom designed colors created with young families in mind. Called “little YOLO,” the line is formulated zero-VOC, Green Seal certified paint, trading the dangers of noxious fumes and toxic chemicals, for healthy air and whimsical color.

Little YOLO is available in select paint and environmental building supply stores in Portland, and online at http://www.littleyolo.com. The suggested retail price is $37 per gallon.


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Doh! You beat me to it! I was about to post something about YOLO paints! I love them. The colors are fun and you gotta love the green aspect of this paint line. The only thing that irks me is that in lieu of traditional little FREE samples, you have to buy the $5-$6 large wall square samples. At least, this is what I found at my local paint store that sells YOLO - no free paint chips and the brochure didn't even have decent images of the paint colors. I prefer to have the little free samples so I can take a bunch home and check them out in the room with the lighting, furniture, etc. before I make up my mind..by the time I buy the square samples, even in just one color range, I'll have spent the cost of a can or two of paint! That's my only gripe - otherwise, I love this company and their products. Go YOLO!

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