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Infant Playgroup in SE

We all know how important it is for us to connect with like-minded urbanMamas. We exchange tips, dramas, challenges, and triumphs. We need a mama community. Ally writes:

I am a first-time mom looking for other mothers who be interested in forming a play group for 7-8 month olds. None of my friends have any kids so it would be nice to meet up with new moms to bounce ideas off etc. I live in inner SE.

Now that the colder, wetter weather is on its way, perhaps its time for us to resume some semi-regular coffee playdates?


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i'm in inner SE and have an 8 month old. i'd love to get together when my 3 year ld is in preschool (M, W, Th mornings). drop me a line!

I would be down for coffee dates or playgroups in N or inner North PDX. Unfortunately, I work 4 days/week, so I would specifically be looking for a Monday hang for me and the bambina (now almost 1). Keep me posted! Willing to travel for camaraderie!

My little guy is three now, but I would love to meet some other moms in the area for some coffee and play. I work during the week but could make something work - I'm also in North Portland.

I have a five month-old and live in SE. I also work full-time so miss out on a lot of the mommy groups out there. If anyone in a similar situation would like to get together for some baby play on the weekend I would love it.

I have a seven month old and would love to have a regular play date with other moms (dads okay too) and babies. We are close-in SE -- available M,T,W,Th until 2 o'clock, or F after 1 o'clock. I'm happy to host the first get-togther.

Thanks for the overwhelming response. Stacey if you are interested in hosting the first date that would be wonderful. Just let us know a time and a place that would work for you.

I am also looking for play dates/baby group for my 9 month old girl for fridays.
coffee, walks in forest park, or whatever.

I am a new mother located inner SE as well, my daughter is almost 6 months old. I am self-employed and am avail for coffee/playdates Mon-Fri (flex hours). I would love to get together. Feel free to email me.

Please feel welcomed to sip some coffee and nosh on some sweets while our kids make some new friends at our inaugural Wednesday play date next Wednesday, November 8, from 11-noon, at my house, 1949 SE 26th Avenue (a couple of blocks behind the Safeway on Hawthorne). At this point it looks like babies 5-7 months and moms located in inner-SE (so far: ally, noelle, and myself). If you plan on attending please send me a quick email (with the age of your baby) so I'll have a head count for coffee/goodies and be able to babyproof my home appropriatly. Can't wait to meet everyone!

oh dang! I just found urban mama's and am looking for exactly this and am a week too late! How did it go? Will you meet again? I also just 2 blocks off Hawthorne near the Fred Meyer's at 39th and have a 6 month old and would love to meet other mom's near by! and have my baby start getting social, too. Please let me know if you're planning to meet again! thanks...

I am a new mama of a 2 1/2 month old little boy. We live in N Portland St Johns area and would love to find some Mama's with young infants that would like to get together. I don't go back to work until December 11th. After that I will be available Tuesdays, Wednesday afternoons, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We could meet at an indoor park, Anna Bananas or any where kid friendly.

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