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C-Section Support Group?

As mamas, we all need support. Even though we are all bound by being mamas, we all have different experiences. Chrissy says:

I recently had an Emergency C-Section. Does anyone know if there are any C-Section support groups in the Portland area? I would like to talk with other mama about how their recovery is going, the emotional aspect of not having a vaginal birth, birth control options when breastfeeding, etc.


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Yes! I would love to hear your story. I recently went through something very simular and have since been able to process it, which is very important. My friends and I call our little support group "The Secret Sisterhood of the C-sections." It really helps to be surrounded by those who have had simular experiences in childbirth, especially when your birth experience was not what you expected. We have a general support group that we just started for pregnant and new mom's that meets the second Thursday of each month at City Bible Church's Rocky Butte Campus at 7pm. Babies and small children are welcome!
All the best to you!

Ican of portland. i haven't been to a meeting yet, but i know a few moms who are part of it. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ICANofPortland/
I love the idea of the secret sisterhood. :)

Hi there - I am a member of the secret sisterhood, and I also attend the Moms Group Jenny spoke about. There is definitely safety in numbers!

As rough and aweful as the experience may have been to all of us, IT IS OUR STORY - and we can never forget the power of our lives. I know it sounds like a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down, but we can find the strength to make even the worst circumstances of worth.

Grieve, yes ... but make a choice that the best is yet to come from this story and go on - not with your head hanging low - but hold it high, knowing that you have the opportunity to now make a difference in the lives of the women around you!

The way our secret sisterhood remains successful is receiving healing for ourselves, and then reaching out to others with confidence that there is hope for the hurting and life in the midst of pain.

Though I do not know you - I love you sister, and I can say - there is hope! I also would love to hear more from you!

Being an 'older' mom and having gestational diabetis, the home birth was not an option for me. I began in the quiet,tranqil birthing center, but was quickly moved to L&D. The " emergency" C-section is becoming quite common I found out soon after mine 19 months ago. I went 20 hours hard induced labor-NO DRUGS- except the evil Petosin. In the end baby and I both had a bad reaction to the Petosin and into surgery we went without a choice. Hindsite is 20/20 and if I were to do it over with the knowledge I have now...well,things might have gone differently but hopefully the results would be the same. I am greatful for the medical advancments that allowed my son and I to come out the other end of this story in full working order. I had all kinds of negative feelings about it at first, but after some time with my son, I'm just glad he and I made it through the ordeal and am greatful for our health. I am alarmed at how many C-sections are being done in this country and the reason behind most of them being convienince for the doctors. Time,scheduals and insurance are outweighing the risk of major sugery! I am greatful I had few complications post-partum, but I have heard terrible stories from women who were not so lucky.

Does the "Secret Sisterhood of the C-sections" have a contact phone number, email address, or physical address?

you can list your sg at www.mysoulsupport.com to help with your outreach to
people in need more effectively.

I moved to Silicon Valley in the middle of my second trimester. I was fortunate to find Dr. Azad (www.doctorazad.com). She's young, but old-fashioned. She does most her own deliveries, answers her phone calls, and only signs out to women OBs.
She says on her website that her c-section rate is low. So I contacted a friend who's an RN at El Camino Hospital, who then called the nurses on Labor & Delivery, and they confirmed it. The nurses told my RN friend (who then told me) that Dr. Azad sometimes stays at the hospital 5-6 hours at night just to watch a patient who might need a cesarean but she stays and watches them and helps them have safe, natural deliveries. The nurses say she even has gone to do a cesarean and then found the baby was doing okay and the patient was more dilated and has pushed with a patient in the operating room for 2 hours in the middle of the night. That was so reassuring to me, so I went with her.
She was great, I saw her at all my office visits, she came for my delivery and was just wonderful.
What's best, she was so nice, that by the time I had my third child, she felt like family. I couldn't be happier with her!

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