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Coffee Shops: Nursing Friendly?

Here's an interesting spin on a much-loved topic, coffee shops.  Joanna wants to know about your favorite nursing-friendly java joint:

I'd love to know (and forgive me if this has already been posted--I did a search and couldn't find anything) about coffee shops that are good for nursing my baby--my criteria being really comfy chairs, good coffee, and a cozy atmosphere.  I'd love to know about any and all coffee shops in both portland and the surrounding areas. I like exploring, taking long walks in different portland neighborhoods and going to parks and there has been many times since my two month old son was born that I've just gone home to nurse when I would have preferred a closer place to hang out and feed my son.  In my neck of the woods, the Willamette Coffee Shop in West Linn is great, as is the Borders at Bridgeport Village.


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It is not close to most Urban Mamas, but "Chapter's bookstore and coffee house" in Newberg is Fantastic. They are very nursing friendly (I went there every day of my mat. leave with my daughter) and the coffee is great. They also have a real changing table in the bathroom. I don't know why but that always made me feel more at home.

And of course there is the East side Urban Grind. They have a baby room that is used for church childcare on Sundays, but is available when they are open. There are rockers, swings, and lots of baby toys. There is a changing table in the bathroom. I wish I had known about it ages ago before my baby went on permanent nursing strike right after her first birthday! But Urban Grind is still a big favorite! There is even a gate for the door!


At Milagros we offer coffee and treats in a family-friendly setting Thursday - Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm. We only offer drip coffee and tea but our coffee is organic, fair-trade and locally roasted.

Nursing is always, always welcome in our coffee area (known as The Family Room) and in our store and we have a play area for the little ones, so please bring your nursing baby or toddler.

Ok, that's the end of this advertisement, here is a link if you want more information on The Family Room at Milagros:


All the best,

Tony and Jen

Concordia coffee house on NE Alberta has comfy couches and lotsa babies all the time. Also, The Shop on Belmont (25th and Belmont - SE- previously the Portland Coffee House) is really cozy and comfy and the owner's fiancee is due in a few days, so they are baby friendly fo sho. I love them a lot.

Madrona Hill, on N. Greeley, has a pair of comfy chairs, a corner filled with kids' toys, and a relaxed, friendly vibe. I nursed both of my children there happily and often.

Sohbet, nearby on Killingsworth, has similar features and an especially lovely air of tranquility.

I'm still breastfeeding my 17-month-old, and have done so in so many coffee shops...

My latest fave is the Funky Door (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cafemama/tags/funkydoor/) on 28th and Holgate. They have comfy couches and it just makes me happy. I also like Gladstone Coffee (38th and Gladstone http://www.flickr.com/photos/cafemama/tags/gladstonecoffee/) -- it seems like half the clientele is nursing and half the baristas are pregnant -- and they have nice chairs in the front windows for breastfeeding or hanging out, with nice windowsills for your coffee. The Red & Black works, but you can just disappear into their ratty couches...

I second eastside Urban Grind, and Sohbet. Mabel's on 31st and Division is always a good bet (and the owner is pregnant, too, so it's soon to be even *more* mama friendly), and what better atmosphere to breastfeed than a comfy couch surrounded by adorable little knitted baby things?

A new place I discovered is the Busy Corner Grocery on 42nd, just north of Steele. It's not outrageously comfy but the owners have a little girl and the atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and oh yes: they have tapas in the afternoon. Nothing says "replace that missing iron" like their olives stuffed with anchovies! They "siesta" from 2 to 4, though, so go before or after.

Chance of Rain on 32nd, just south of Hawthorne, has a whole separate room with couches that's perfect for feeding babes as well, especially if you like a bit of privacy with your BF.

when I moved my dad into Emerson House on Division St I discovered Haven. They take it all in stride when I wander in with demented dad, rowdy 3 year old & nursing baby. They don't have a problem as I fumble to pay & then, being the only one with a steady hand, ferry our items to a table (while carrying baby). They also have a crate of toys that Quili loves to explore & a couch. They are right on the corner of....SE Division & maybe 34th. It's walking distance from Children's Exchange & Village Merchants.

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