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Best Pedicure in Town?

This mama's going on a trip...without baby! Unfortunately, without papa too, and I'll be working the whole time... But, I'll be in (hopefully) sunny San Diego, on the beach...So, I thought I'd try to squeeze in a pedicure before I go. Any recommendations for the best pedicure you've had in town? I like the really scrubby kind...


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Try Zenana-Spa and Wellness center www.zenana-spa.com they have a GREAT pedi plus childcare while your getting your toes done! $3.00 for the hour your getting your service with a childcare provider in a special childrens room! The hours for the childrens room are M-F 10-2. All no-toxic polish and products, even the scrub. I recomend the Spa pedi. Hope this helps! They are in SE on Clinton

I second that emotion... Zenana rocks! I'm not an expert on pedicures as I got my second ever one there a few months ago, but it was great. Got a coupon today for a facial and I'm booking some time tomorrow!

I am falling in love with Tootsie's on NW 23rd (http://portland.citysearch.com/profile/41927501/portland_or/tootsies_shoe_salon.html). Maybe it's because they have been running awesome pedi specials (this month: 2-4-1 pedicures or free basic pedis on Tuesdays) or maybe it's because I love their shoes or maybe because I just love LOVE love a glass of bubbly while my feet are getting exfoliated and moisturized. Been twice now since August and YAY! P.S. Tootsie's is also a shoe boutique. Can be dangerous but is always fun.

I've also done pedis at Fleur de Lys (martini-style), which I felt leukwarm about. Also have done pedis (it was actually a mini pedi/mani party with mimosas) at spa la la and have enjoyed.

Even though I don't like my feet being touched, if I did, I would try Barefoot Sage (http://www.thebarefootsage.com/therapies.htm). My one and only manicure experience was at Spa La La (http://www.spalala.net) and it was fun and affordable. I'd definitely go there again.

Unfortunately the Barefoot Sage doesn't do pedicures but they do great massage and other foot treats. Portland's hottest nails on NE Broadway does a good job on a pedicure and they are not very expensive at all. You can get a pedi & mani for $33.

For a great leg massage and peddie -- Vogue Nails 2 on NE Broadway (near 8th). Good price and they always have room. I second Portland Hottest Nails, and they have new massage chairs. I liked Spa La La, but got better service and peddie at Vogue, but atmosphere (and glass of wine) was better at Spa La La. And if you need a wax or facial, they can also do that.

For the really intense remove-all-layers-of-skin kind Portland's Hottest Nails is the best I think. For the lovely kind that is gentler and more relaxing, Zenana is the best I've ever had. I got the spa pedicure too, so that includes a leg masque up to the knee and a wrap in hot towels.

The Nail Sanctuary, (503) 236-4567, is hands down the best pedi/mani/facial I've experienced. It's just one client at a time and no detail has been overlooked. It's quiet and tranquil and Cindi after having been in the business for 29 years has anticipated all a client could ever want. She has tea and other beverages in her peaceful waiting room, she offers you a warm neck wrap while you receive your treatment and there are individual cloth hand towels in her beautifully lite bathroom. OK- so not everyones boat is floated by a cloth hand towel all to themselves but it takes all kinds- right? :)
All that said it can be hard to get an appointment on short notice but she'll call you if she has a cancellation and it's worth scheduling something out in the future if you can't get in. I think her prices are very competitive.

Have a nice trip in San Diego. I'm going to be going to Seattle without the kids and husband on business next week too. I'll miss them but I'm hoping it will feel like a nice break.

I second Spa La La

FYI, I had a *bad* experience at Portland Hottest Nails. I mean the kind that leads to a trip to the Dr to treat the infection I got as a result. A very painful trip to the Dr, I might add. I'd never go there again.

I would have to say without a doubt that it would be Zenana Spa in the Clinton District for a very important reason - They have CHILDCARE!!!

I have to DISAGREE w/ Zenana having had one there myself. The pedicure itself was nice although not mind blowing. At about 26 weeks pregnant (now thirty) my friend (at 39 weeks) and I went there together. They have a package deal for you and another friend. The girl was really nice and my toes looked good when she was done...BUT: their set up is REALLY weird. They are trying to go for the non-spa feeling kind of spa. But they have really uncomfortable wicker chairs that we were in for two hours (lots of pillows made it a little better). When you're pregnant the most comfy chair possible is essential. Instead of having those pedicure chairs with the tub at the feet, they had a foot stool and put a huge metal mixing bowl on top. If I completely relaxed my legs the bowl would start to slip off. Isnt that what I am there for, to relax? I had to hold it the bowl on the whole time with my heels! The pedicurist had to keep filling up the bowl with warm water with a big pitcher.
The package deal is a neat idea, but there was only one technician for both of us. So she had to switch back and forth. Which means one of us was always waiting for the other to be done.
I do have to say I like the idea they are going for. They cater mostly to pregnant women and families. The childcare thing is so neat! Their products are all preggo friendly which I love. I just don’t like the way they executed this particular aspect. If you are going to cater to pregnant women or mamas who spend their whole day running around, you should know that comfort and relaxation is pretty important.
I really dig what they are going for. I just hope they make some adjustments to the system but keep the same strategy.
Don't let the user name fool you. I am not a hairy leg wearin, patchouli kinda girl. No love loss to those who are. I am hippie more hippie in attitude. I like the girly things too.
All in all it was nice but I don't think I would go back for a pedi and I would not recommend it to a friend, at least until they change a few things around.

I had a mixed experience at Zenana as well. Everyone who works there was very nice but my appointment was more than 30 minutes late. Since I have a 6-month old, that was a pretty significant delay and I felt anxious the whole time. I ended up getting only half the services I scheduled. They were extremely apologetic and I understand things happen outside your control when you're in the service industry, but they actually charged me for childcare for the whole time! It was just a brow wax so the whole thing was only about $20, so it's no big deal, but it would have been a little more business savvy to just give it to me gratis. If they had, I'd go back.

Best pedicure - New Identity Spa on NE Broadway - they have great chairs, the best foot massage, and tons of up to date magazines. I love that place.

Hello Mamas! This is Zenana form Zenana Spa and Wellness Center. I want to thank all of you for the positive feedback and for the criticism that you have posted to Urban Mamas. We have been open for nearly three months now and are still working out the kinks. Therefore, it is incredibly helpful to us to hear your comments about our spa. We are certainly aware of the issues posted by Hippiemama and have already made some changes to correct them.
We decided to go with the more modern pedicure bowls vs. the jacuzzi-style pedi stations due to the risk of infection associated with the jacuzzi tubs. We have added more pillows to our chairs for your comfort and we will be getting new hand-made ceramic pedicure bowls this week. This should help with the slipping factor so that you can truly relax during your service. We have now added hot stones to all of our pedicures to ensure that your toes stay toasty warm.
Just so you know we offer the toe time for two as an option for those who are more interested in spending time with a girlfriend and are happy to share a nail technician. We are always able to schedule two pedicures at once for those who wish to have a nail tech all to themselves. Please let us know what you prefer when you make your appointment. We regret that we neglected to share this with you, hippimama, when we booked your appointment.
We are also sorry about the wait and the over-charge that rebecca m experienced at her visit.
We would like to make amends and in so doing, wish to invite both rebecca m and hippiemama back to Zenana Spa for a complimentary service. Please e-mail me at zenana@zenanaspa.com and I will arrange for your next visit on us. We truly value and welcome any and all of your compliments and criticisms as they guide us in continuing to improve our Moroccan Mama Haven!

Wow, that was sure nice!! I think I'd take them up on that offer!! We were there the other day and the only problem I had/have is how cold the water gets in the bowls. Its not real comfortable at all. But the service is great!

So, I mentioned Tootsie's already above and I've been there 3 times in the past three months, because they have good pedis and run such great specials (like 2-4-1 deals - who doesn't love a deal?). This month (November), Tootsie's is doing mani/pedis 2-4-1. Two manicures and pedicures for the price of one? That's sweet!

Take yourself to Fleur de lys - for a martini pedi and get the foot
lovin' you deserve .. They have the most comfy big chairs and
beautiful copper bowls for soaking~ lots of bubbles and flowers~
The gals who own the shop are too fun and you will feel like theyre
your new best friends!! I have tried lots of places and some of the
above mentioned :) and never had such a great experience!
PS. they are also priced very well as I like to do this once a month
I don't have to feel financially pinched..ENJOY

I am opening a new salon in Santa Barbara and I am looking for the most comfortable bowls and the most sanitary. I'd love any input.

Universal Companies (spa source) has a nice hammered copper bowl for pedicures. Copper keeps the water warm and has natural antimicrobial agents, making it a much safer choice than the traditional jacuzzi type spas.

I second the Nail Sanctuary. After my pedi (a pebble something or other) I left feeling like I had been in there for hours. It was dreamy.

Hi urbanMamas,

Emily sent us an email seeking more suggestions for pedicure spas:

"My feet have been supporting my pregnant body for 8+ months now and are in serious need of some TLC. They need more than just nail polish: I'm looking for a great foot/calf massage as well as serious treatment of summer flop-flip induced calluses, etc. My soon-to-be-on-maternity-leave budget, however, does not want to spend the $45+ for a fancy spa. Can anyone recommend a regular pedicurist/ped shop in the $20-$30 range that comes with a really good foot massage?"

Good Morning Pedicure Diva's!! I would love to invite any of you ever in the Sacramento area( Auburn really!) to visit our brand newly open exclusivly nails salon "Polished" at 905 Linciln Way. We are pedicure specialists! We also have gone old school..no jets beyond comfy chairs and deluxe "green" products! We are an evolving to be green salon!! Also for anyone looking as we did for beutiful hand made perfect size and depth pedi bowls please contact me!! My husband is a ceramic artist who made them for us!! And they work beautifully!! We have done alot of research so any questions we are happy ot share!!

I have been going to Portland's Hottest Nails for five years and find them to be very professional. If you are looking for dead skin removal and a good massage, they do it with a great moisturizer, and they listen to what you need. The price is right and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

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