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Thanks to those of you offering insight on Birthday Party Ideas (especially indoor ones!). We have a mama looking for more specific ideas:

I'm planning a party for my little girl who will turn 4 in a week. Since she is a great fan of music, singing and dancing, I would like to have a sing-a-long at the party with the kids participating with their own instruments--some homemade at the party, some we'll provide, some the kids will bring. I am looking for a musician who can play several different instruments (like guitar, banjo, harmonica, mouth harp, drums) and who can do a sing along of kids songs and other fun songs with lots of participation. Most likely the party will happen at a park, so someone who is ok playing outdoors. Any suggestions?


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I know of someone who plays multiple instruments and also makes music for kids. I'm not sure what he is up to these days, but it's worth looking into--he is a great guy!

contact Music together. all the teachers we ever had were fabulous, played many instruments, were great with kids and knew all the fund kid songs. i'll bet they'd be willing to give you contact info for teachers who'd be willing to do freelance work.

Our former music teacher is wonderful. He has contracted with Fruit & Flower, West Hills Child Development Center and my school, Purple Moon (where he taught for 5 years). He has also taught a class through PP&R. He shifted careers a couple of years ago and was unable to continue with his music program. He does a wonderful 30 minute session for birthday parties of all ages (primarily babies-age 5). His name is Josh,however he goes by Josh the Singing Guitar Guy. If you are interested, please contact me and I will forward you his number.

I am very interested in Josh the Singing Guitar Guy for my son's 3rd birthday party. Do you still have his contact information, and if so could you please forward that to me? Thanks so much! Lisa McHenry

I am interested in contacting Jost the Singing Guitar Guy for my 3 year old's birthday party. Can I get his information. Thanks.

We offer rockin' musical birthday parties at Sound Roots School of Music.
We can accommodate up to about 10-12 children and another 10-15 adults in our space. Our parties last for two hours and include use of the space and a Sound Roots teacher led, age-appropriate music class - even for tiny tots! Each party is totally personalized to the musical interests of the birthday child and thier family.
You are welcome to bring your own food and cake or we can supply it for an additional fee. Please call 503 282 9999 or visit www.soundrootsmusic.com for more info

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