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The Start of a Beaverton Playgroup

Many of us can relate to being new parents in a new place, and the desire to meet like-minded families. Interested in helping start a Beaverton playgroup? Please contact Lisa, who writes:

My husband and I are Bay Area and SoCal transplants. We just moved here at the end of August with our just turned 1-year old daughter and all of us are looking forward to meeting people and getting settled. We live in Beaverton and would be more than happy to host some moms at my place to jumpstart our less than active social lives. : ) Here is some background info on us... We are mid 30s (me) and mid 40s (hubby). He was a middle school math teacher and I owned my own consulting business for about 5 years until we got married and had Jo. We have a yellow lab named Charlie, and had another chocolate lab named Tonka who passed away a couple of months ago. Our little girl loves meeting people, especially when they are closer to her size!


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we'd love to meet u! we live in Tigard across from Washington Square. i have 3 kiddos, Chandlur(3 1/2), Cozette(2 1/2), Vahn(13 months). i'm a SAHM and my hubby has just started a career in the insurance biz. feel free to email me.....javamama@cheerful.com

I'm interested as well! We also moved from SoCal in May. I have a 14 month old daughter and would love a playgroup! Our kids are similar in age... email me at janeteom@yahoo.com

I just moved here too - from Chicago. A little about us...I worked in the music industry and have "retired" (ha ha) to be a SAHM but I still do some consulting. My husband runs our freight brokerage. We're 35 have a 13 month old son who would love some playmates (and one mom that could use some daytime conversation)! We miss our old playgroup so much and would love to join a new one. Email me at vjlaforte@yahoo.com.

What a great site! Hi everyone. I am a Jill, a mother to be in March 2007, and live in Beaverton...and...lets just say I am a planner. I plan on working FT after the baby is born and thus I need some help. I am currently looking for advice on daycare options in and around Beaverton. I ultimately would like to share a nanny or find a great provider that someone highly recommends. I am scared to leave my precious one with a stranger...
This is my first so I am needing help with alot of things. Can anyone offer advice? Anyone looking for a nanny to share?

-Jill Arnzen

I am also a SoCal transplant new to Beaverton. I have a daughter who will be 1 at the end of Sept and would love some friends to play with! Please e-mail me if you have started a group in the area or just for a play date!

Also, I am hoping to find a position as a nanny for a family with a child over the age of one (preferrably one who is walking already). I am willing to come to someone's house or have them come to mine...I have refferences and experience. If anyone is interested, please e-mail. Thank you!

I'm not in the Beaverton area, but out in Forest Grove. I have yet to find any playgroups in this area (or even Hillsboro) & don't mind the drive since we already go into Portland once a week to Gymboree. I have a 17-mo old daughter & we would love to get into a playgroup. I'm a SAHM, but we do own a business which takes up some of my time. However, most of my time is spent with the little one. Would love to meet other moms!

My famly just moved here at the beginning of September and we live in the Beaverton area. My daughter will be 1 at the beginning of November and we have 2 male English Bulldogs. Would love to meet up and get to know new moms.

I hope you all don't mind, I have emailed you to invite you to start a Yahoogroup online/Playgroup in Beaverton. I'll post my email invite below.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you don't mind me using your email addresses from the UrbanMamas site. My name is Tracy and I came across all the postings about starting a playgroup in Beaverton and would love to join you all. If you already have a group going, please let me know. My email address is dtnaughton@comcast.net. In either event I thought I would throw together a group site in Yahoogroups to share our information, thoughts, and even questions. The details are listed at the end of this email.

Anyway, I can tell you a little bit about me. I too moved to Beaverton, Oregon, although it was a few years back. My son, now 13 months and I had been part of a playgroup but the meeting day changed and we were no longer able to attend. I am a SAHM, but I watch another little girl on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So those days I am not available for a playgroup. My husband, son and I love to be outdoors whenever possible hiking or camping with our two labs.

We would love to host a playgroup for all those who posted that they were interested, if one hasn't already been started. (If one has been started please let me know I love to join you)

The morning or afternoon of Wednesday, October 25th would work well for us to have a playgroup at our home. It is not anything huge, but it would do the trick. Email me at dtnaughton@comcast.net or post a message on the group site if you are interested! Also, let me know what time of day or week works well for you. We would love to meet some fun new kids and moms too. Hope to hear from you soon.

YahooGroup site is:

--All you have to do is sign up for a free member id at Yahoogroups and you can join the group.

YahooGroup email will be:

Have you ever been to meetup.com? I moved to Beaverton in March and found that website and joined a couple of play groups and we have a good time. I have met alot of great moms and kiddos. Take a look at meetup.com you will too love it.

HI There! I am a new SAHM. I have 16 month old Macy and 6 1/2 year old Lucas. I am looking for a playgroup to make new friends for Macy and I. I was a teacher for 12 years and have missed out on so much with my kids, and now I'm ready to jump into the world of SAHM's. We live in Aloha. We are looking for friendships that get us out places as well as playtime in the comfort of our own home. My husband is an accountant and Lucas is in 1st grade in public school. We would love to hear back if you are still open for newbees : ) Thank you! Stephanie

I am a FTM in Beaverton and my daughter is 18 months. She and I stay home together on Tues and Thurs and we have a nanny Mon-Wed & Fri. We own a general contracting business and run it out of our home and I am a full time real estate broker. When I stay home it is really difficult to get away from the phone. I really would love to get her in a playgroup with kids her own age so I can get her away from the house for some fun during the week. We are available any day of the week if it is on my days with her then I will bring her and if it is on our nanny days Deahnn can bring her. Reeghan is a very bright and sweet baby girl, who the neighbor babies seem to think is just hilarious. She speaks a language that is all her own but the babies seem to understand her??? She loves to play and I would love to meet other women my age that are Moms of small children too!! Go ahead and email me @ teresa.morgan@comcast.net if there is a group already going...Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!!!

Playgroup for one year olds in/around bethany.

I am working mom and have a 13 month old daughter. We would like to meet other mom-kid-s similar in age biweekly or so during weekends. I would like to join an existing playgoup or start a new one if I can find others with similar interests.

I am a stay at home mom I'm 24 and i have a son who just turned 8months. My hubby goes to school so its mostly just my son and I. We dont really go out much since we dont know alot of people around here with kiddos my sons age. We've lived here going on 2 years now. And I would just like to meet moms and make new firends

I am a stay at home mom I'm 24 and i have a son who just turned 8months. My hubby goes to school so its mostly just my son and I. We dont really go out much since we dont know alot of people around here with kiddos my sons age. We've lived here going on 2 years now. And I would just like to meet moms and make new firends

Hello, i am a 21 year old SAHM with two 8 month old girls who are starting to become very curious and as looking for a house we are not there yet and would love to know other mamas around the area that i could meet at play grounds or do a play group. I live in beaverton/ aloha area. Would love to chat with some other mama bears out there! My email is m_kaegi@hotmail.com

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