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Sip & Kranz today

It's grey and drizzly this morning and mama needs coffee. Hence, the little dude and I are heading over to Sip & Kranz , um, right now! We'll be there from about 9 am until about 11 or 11:30, or whenever he starts getting tired. If anyone is out and about and wants to stop by, please do! I'll be the very tired-looking one in the pink sweater typing loudly on my laptop drowning in a half-caf mocha...hope to see you there! If not, have a great Thursday, mamas!


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I have been here about a year...Moved from Santa Barbara with husband (portland native) and our now 2 year old daughter. I work three days a week for Aveda. We spend lots of time at the zoo and childrens museum. Just visited "Sip and Kranz" for the first time. Loved it, if anyone is into that type of thing please reply. Would like to find a moms group with other two year olds.

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