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raising funds for kenilworth park play area


Everett and Truman love playing at Kenilworth Park, and many of you have joined us at the wading pool there. It's fun to run over to the play structure in between dips in the pool, and it's such a peaceful place to watch the little ones slide, climb and play spaceship captain in the cooler months.

I learned last week that the play area had been shuttered due to termite damage, and is planned for destruction. There's no money in the parks department budget to replace it, so little children must go elsewhere in the neighborhood for their playtime until parents band together.

I'm hoping to take some cues from the parents and neighbors who worked so hard to raise funds for Abernethy's playground, and I can only imagine this isn't nearly as expensive as the other one. If you have any information for me, ideas, or want to help, please comment here. One of the neighbors has already contacted Dan Saltzman's office; he's supportive, but "Dan would love to see more money going to this type of stuff, but he works in partnership with the rest of Council and those Commissioners have their priorities too."


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Hello from a lurker who loves this site! I'm all for making our parks safer, and it should be a nobrainer for city gov't.

I've never taken my daughter to that park, but when I took Mia to Jamison Park last weekend I saw a flier about ecoli in the water there. It was alarming but maybe they're just trying to raise awareness about proper testing. Do any of you mamas know anything about this?

How'd the neighborhood meeting go? Any word on fundraising activities?

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