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Picture THIS:: the urbanMamas logo

So, mamas, we think it's time for a li'l urbanMamas makeover.  Nike has the swoosh, Target has the bullseye, urbanMamas has the .... ?

We know that there are so many talented and creative urbanMamas.  We thought we'd tap your brains.  So, from now through the end of the month, we're having a little CONTEST!  Come up with an image to represent urbanMamas.  We're looking for something concise, fun, funky, warm, welcoming, modern, mama, inclusive -- you know, something so urbanMama.  Something that looks good on a onesie, on a mama tee, or on bumper sticker.  Of course, something that says 'urbanMama' on your computer screen.

Since this is a contest, of course there is a prize.  The creative mama behind the new urbanMamas logo will get a night of drinks with the founding urbanMamas and two free months of sponshorship.  We'll announce the winner in early October.

Thanks in advance for playing!  Tell all your friends!  And, as always, thanks for all of your support and for helping make the urbanMamas community a thriving place.


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fun! do you want ideas/descriptions, or prototypes?

prototypes, please! - logos - ready to go! just email them in: urbanmamas@gmail.com. let's DO this.

Hey all,
This site is GREAT! and forgive my ignorance and poor website navigation but..is the logo contest FINI? I saw the previous post was in September, but I alas only just found this site in December... so I'm guessing the logo winner did the groovy urban mama header at the top in pink? I am a stay at home ma who is thinking it's time to get back into my previous job of designing graphics/marketing materials. Not that making home made play dough, countless snacks and changing diapers isn't fun, but it doesn't pay the bills...

thanks for a great site,

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