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Parenting Group [at] Concordia New Seasons

Part of the beauty of the urbanMamas community is when other urbanMamas email us with great tips and resources.  Thanks Meg for your email!:

I’ve been reading the postings at Urbanmamas since before my son was born.  I just wanted everyone (especially the moms and dads of new babies) to know about a weekly group that meets from 10 am to 11 am on Wednesdays at the Concordia New Seasons.  It’s led by a doula named Erica and it’s free.  It started as a breastfeeding support group and is now a general parenting group.  Right now, the numbers are low because a lot of the babies were getting older and the parents were going back to work.  Today, it was just me!  This was great because it was a free hour with the doula, but it’s great when more babies are there.  If that’s not enough of an incentive, usually there is a beautiful tray of organic fruit.  I hope to see some urbanmamas there next week.


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Sounds great. My boy Gus is almost three months old and I am looking for first time mamas in the neighborhood. See you there.

What ages is this group for? Toddlers too?

I think it's for parents and babies of all ages who might like some good advice from professionals. They are great with checking in on your progress etc. So far the oldest baby I've seen there was 6 months old, but I think that's because lots of parents go back to work and can't make a Wed. morning meeting. When you come, go through the doors with the restroom sign and up the stairs. If you are lost, like I was the first time, just ask someone will show you up the stairs.

One more thing, you don't need to sign up, just show up. I called before I went and they said there was no sign-up.

Is this the New Seasons on 33rd in North

Meg, thanks for posting this information. Yes, the class is held at the New Seasons at 5320 NE 33rd Ave. every Wednesday from 10-11. The age range is from birth to 6 months, mostly lap babies. There is also another New Parent meeting at P.B. & Ellie's every third Thursday of the month from 10-11. Come, share, enjoy, cry, what ever is needed, the group is what we make of it.

Wow, I just stumble across this. My wife will love this when I tell her. Thanks guys.


Hello everyone, I wanted to let you all know that our group is growing. There is another support group every Tuesday from 9-10 at the Cedar Hills Crossing store.

All the babies and parents are growing up and moving on by starting their own spin off group for older babies and two walking groups.

These groups have proven to be not only support but continued community. I am blesses to be a part of it.



The Cedar Hills Crossing support group on Tuesday mornings are now being held from 10:00 - 11:00


Come September we will be offering another day in Happy Vally. Every Thursday from 10:00 - 11:00 we will support new families with their breastfeeding, sleeping, soothing, crying, anything goes questions :) Come on by, I'd love to see you!

Tuesday Cedar Hills Crossing
Wednesday Concordia
Thursday Happy Vally

All held from 10-11

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