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lazy labor sunday knitting anyone?

Knitting_along I just came back from the Oregon State Fair, where I discovered I earned a blue ribbon for my knitting! Yay!! And seeing that I'm coordinating a knit-erific Blessing Way blanket for Shetha's upcoming birth, I have knitting fever, and bad.

If you're knitting for the blanket, or you're just feeling the fever like me, won't you join me for a little lazy Labor Sunday knitting at Mabel's (31st and Division, and they do like babies there) tonight? I'll be there between 1:30 and 3:30 or 4, and again in the early evening if anyone is up for a later time.


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argh, we were just there this morning to buy some yarn (and met larissa!)...will try to swing back by later.

and congrats on the blue ribbon! well done!

I'm no knitter, but just wanted to say congrats on the lovely recognition!

Congrats, Sarah! Such a neat surprise.

Wow...a blessing way blanket...amazing. What a thoughtful (and magical) gift! That's a trend that should spread.

Too bad I didn't get this message until today (Monday). Supposing Mabel's staffers are taking a well-deserved rest. Sounds fun although I must say that I might be a tad bit intimidate by such a fine award winning knitter.

oh please don't be intimidated by me MamaZuzi! i've only been knitting for two years and just have found a few things I do well. I am hopeless when it comes to lace and crocheting and (yikes) sewing up seams. that's why I couldn't contain my glee when I saw the blue ribbon!

and fionnsnana: yes! I hope this trend spreads. it's fun to have a lot of different ideas for blessing ways, the birthing necklaces are so lovely but not very cuddly ;)

ooooh. I would love to contribute to Shetha's blanket. However, I have no idea how i'll have time. Little miss Ruby doesn't allow much knitting time. :)

congrats on the blue ribbon, Sarah!

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