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Going Rate for Teen Babysitters?

Can we get a sanity check on what to pay babysitter's these days?  Sloane recently sent us this question:

I live in Alameda/Irvington and would love to know what the going rate is for casual babysitting in our area. We have a nine-month-old baby and a lovely 13-year-old neighbour and would love to get them together for two or three hours a week so my husband and I can have a little alone time. The baby has an older, experienced sitter who is available only irregularly, who charges $10 an hour. I can’t imagine the 13-year-old warranting that much, especially as this will be her first time sitting. But I’ve really no clue. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.


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Our up-the-street neighbor teenagers charge us $4. (No, you can't steal them away!). We found out what they wanted by just asking them. We usually round up, generously, when we come home, though. Our nights out are usually less than 3 hours and we usually give them around $15.

We are our side of Portland in the burbs, but we have two great sitters, extremely experienced and infant CPR trained. These girls charge $4 and hour. Most of the kids on the babysitter list through the hospital charge about that, and they have all gone through the Hospitals baby sitter training class and CPR.

We have three sitters and pay all three different amounts.
-We pay the adult sitter $10. She has worked at a daycare and as a nanny.
-We pay the 16 year old $7.
-We have two sisters who sit for us together (10 and 13). We pay the older $5 an hour and the younger 2.50.
The adult told us her rate. When I asked the younger sitters they didn't know what they wanted to charge so I set it by how many kids we have (2) and their experience.

I hope it works out for you. It's really nice to be able to get away every once in awhile and not be scrambling for a sitter each time.

For comparison's sake, experienced nanny rates start at $10, so I definitely think this 13 year-old is pushing it.

Our 14-year-old, freshman in high school babysitter charges $5/hour. And like Betsy our nights out are usually more a little more than three hours, but we pay him $20 (plus dinner). The nannies we have hired charge $10 and $12.

Thank you all very much--this has been very helpful!

My friends and I (who do a lot of group babysitting events) pay $4 for the first child and $1-$2 extra per child beyond that.

I am a nanny, and I charge between $11 and $17 per hour. The higher end of that scale is for nanny-shares with 4-5 children. I think you get what you pay for. I have over 10 years of experience, am a certified post-partum doula (which I charge $20-25 per hour for), have a college degree, and this is my full time work (I do work for several families). For the neighborhood teenager, $4 even seems low. In a couple of years that kid could be flipping burgers or slinging coffee drinks for min. wage + benefits in some cases. Anything less than min. wage for someone 15 or older is unethical.

We live on the border of Alameda/Grant Park; we usually pay our favorite 14-year old and 16-year old babysitters $5/hour, and then round up. Typically our 2-year old is only awake for 1-2 hours of the time they're here, and they both are always happy with what we pay them (partially, I think, because they both always say our sunny daughter is very easy to watch). On occasion, we have a college student experienced with pre-schoolers baby-sit and she charges $10/hour, which she certainly deserves, but that limits the frequency we can use her.

Our 14-year old sitter just moved to Vancouver, so we won't be able to use her as much, and our 16-year old sitter's social calendar keep her pretty busy. So...., we actually are needing to find some new sitters. Our daughter is 2, almost 3, and one week-end night per week is ideal for us to get out for date-night. I would welcome any recommendations of great sitters you know in this general vicinity; please send them my way! Thanks!

I ( do a lot of babysitting events) charge $7 for 1-4 kids under 6.

Hi, I'm looking for babysitting work this summer. I'm 14 and Red Cross certified and have previous experience with toddlers and infants, but prefer kids who are toilet-trained. The home needs to be easily accessible by bus (close-in Portland). I live in N Portland near Addias. I'm available during the day once school is out (June 14th) and evenings/weekends now and would charge $5 an hour.

My dad will screen all calls first.

Siobhan (pronouced Sha von)

my 12 year old charges $6 per hour for two children. she has never babysat for only 1 child, except her brother, for whom i pay her $4-5. i agree with the person who posted that paying less than minimum wage ($8 something?) for a teenager over 15 or 16 would be unethical. even at 12, it is hard work, and if we value the quality of care, we should put our money where our mouth is.

when a young person gives up their weekend evening or afternoon and *works* - taking care of our most valuable "treasures", they should walk away with more than $10, in my opinion. most of us would pay more than that for an hour of lawn mowing or house cleaning!

Sad, I only charged $2.00 an hour or whatever they felt like paying me, and that was usually with two to four kids at a time. I started when I was ten or eleven, (my mom made me get my license through red cross first), I worked with a very close friend of mine, who had four kids of her own,(a six yearold, a two yearold, and twin newborns), plus several others that also included another newborn that was only a day younger than the twins. And now I'm fifteen, I don't do the daycare thing anymore because I moved. But I usually go and watch just her four for her and now I watch another couples four.They are both awsome families to care for and sometimes I could care less about getting paid, I just love watching the kids and watching them grow thoughout the years.

I agree that we should pay our babysitters well, but anything above $10-12 dollars an hour is just to much. I pay my sitter $10 an hour to watch my 4 kids all ages 6 and under. I agree that someone gets paid more to mow our lawns or clean our house but that is considered "hard labor". In my opinion if you can put a child to sleep (all of mine in this case) and read a book for 2 hours or sit on the front porch and talk on a cell phone while the kids play then $10 an hour is more then fair. I realize that when they are dealing with the kids they earn every bit of that amount but I feel that there is more down time in babysitting then most other jobs.

I agree that we should pay our babysitters well, but anything above $10-12 dollars an hour is just to much. I pay my sitter $10 an hour to watch my 4 kids all ages 6 and under. I agree that someone gets paid more to mow our lawns or clean our house but that is considered "hard labor". In my opinion if you can put a child to sleep (all of mine in this case) and read a book for 2 hours or sit on the front porch and talk on a cell phone while the kids play then $10 an hour is more then fair. I realize that when they are dealing with the kids they earn every bit of that amount but I feel that there is more down time in babysitting then most other jobs.

Hi. I have a 9 month son and live in Rose City Park. We have two different adult sitter. We pay $12 an hour. Our sitters both have CPR training, experience and references. And I have done background checks on both of them. But I love that both women really love kids. They take Liam on walks, to the park, read to him, etc. Plus, they are ok that we have a dog. Twelve dollars is a lot of money but I feel 100 comfortable with these ladies and can really enjoy myself when I am out. If you want I am, I will share their names with you.
Best of luck.

I'm perplexed. My almost 16 year old daughter babysat my bosses granddaughter for two days (10 hours each day) at my home. She had babysat before and the rate paid was fair. However,when she was paid this time, she was only given $40 for the 20 hours, which comes to $2/hr. That's what I made an hour babysitting when I was a teenager. She was disappointed and as this was my boss, I didn't know how to handle. Does this seem too cheap?

I am twelve years old and I babysit for my neighbors who are 7 and 8. There parents are divorced and they switch off paying me each week. I was paid $15 dollars a day for 10 hours at first then I got it bumped up to $20 however i still think it is unfair. What should I do?


It is unfair what you are being paid for watching 2 children. I know it will not be easy for you, but you need to inform the parents that your hourly rate has increased and is at least 5. an hour (for the first child) and an addional 3. per hour for subsequent children. They may not want to use you after that, or they may realize 'Hey we got away with being cheapskates long enough', and pay you what you deserve.

Babysitting is hard work, and the children are their parents most valued posessions (or at least should be!). They pay you 1$ per hour per child!! Shame on them.

I am an adult mother of 2 grown children, have CPR training and charge 10 per 1 child, 12. for 2 and 15. for more than 2. I was recently 'offered' a job for 5 hours on a Saturday night, 3 children for 6. an hour- total! I had to tell her no and why, and it was uncomfortable, but sometimes standing up for what is right IS uncomfortable; you still have to do it, or you will be taken advantage of.

Write a letter and leave it in their mail box if that would be easier. That way they can have time to think about it before answering you, and hopefully come to their senses!

Good luck!

Please help,
We're thinking of trying to make some money this summer by babysitting.
We have everything figured out except how to have people contact us, since we don't want to give out our numbers.
What should we do?
Shelby and Tara

Shelby and Tara-Perhaps an e-mail address is a good idea?

I have just been asked to babysit my two year old neighbor. I am 14, have no prior babysitting experience. However I love children and the girl seems like an angel. The mother asked my to give her a price and i am totally lost?

I have recently gone back to work as my husbands income is no longer able to support us given the cost of living going up. I had a teenage daughter who would watch our younger daughter when we needed so we did not have to pay her a set rate. We would take her shopping for extra clothing and other special things in exchange for her babysitting. Now she has moved away and we have no one so have had to look outside for a babysitter. When our daughter babysat for other people in the neighborhood, (just last year) they were paying her a flat rate of $5 per hour for watching two children. I thought she was paid more than enough and so did she. She had her babysitter course, was 16 years old and could call on us (both my husband and I are advanced first aid and cpr certified) as backup if needed. She was babysitting children ages 4 - 10 so no babies or diaper changing. Now we are looking for someone to watch our one 10 year old for a few hours after school and I've been told that $6 per hour is the starting wage for babysitters and this is from a 13 year old with no experience. I am finding comments on the internet that the going rate for babysitters is $10-$15 per hour for one child! I can understand if this is a daycare and I totally believe that my child is worth the best care in the world and if I could afford to pay $15 per hour, it wouldn't be an issue, but I am only making just above minimum wage myself. I can't justify paying a 13 year old the same as what I am making when I am almost 40 and have years of experience. Please don't tell me to get a better job, because obviously if there was something better, I would be doing it. Personally I don't enjoy watching other peoples children full time or I'd be doing it myself and obviously making a fortune. Imagine, if I watched 6 kids a day at even $10 per hour, I'd be making $125,000 per year! I'm not saying that childcare is overpriced, but are there no teens out there willing to accept $4 - $5 per hour to hang out with a 10 year old and play video games and watch tv with her? I would think this would be more attractive than working at McDonalds! Thoughts please.

all of you mom's saying your paying your babysitters 2-4 dollars an hour are ridiculous.
you complain how we dont want to help anymore! come on! your kids are brats when your not there anyways!
i say a 7 dollar minimum!

thanks this information was really useful a have one parent who pays $1 and hour per kid which really dosent add up especially when i clean every thing up. and the kids are 1 1/2, 4, 7, and 9.

We often use a nanny service to get weekend baby-sitters and they charge about $12.00 hour for 1-2 children. I think that is a fair price for an experienced, well trained child care provider but it seems reasonable that the price should go down for younger providers with less experience.

I am a newly single mom looking for a fun, caring and experienced babysitter/nanny. I have a 4 1/2 year old son who loves to go to the park, hang out at the pool, play games, help with "work" (yardwork, dishes etc.) and just be a kid. We have 3 days of care that is needed but, am open to a flexible schedule. The right person is what matters most. I work in the food-industry so, friday nights is a MUST. The hours would be from 3pm-2am. This would be a summer and school year need. Also during summer we need care thursdays from 9am-6pm. If more hours are needed for added income Wednesdays from 9am-6pm are also available. I am looking for someone with high energy and who really enjoys being with kids. If you are interested or have a referall please let us know! THANKS!
our e-mail mammasugar@gmail.com

Wow Ashley, you sound like a real prize of a babysitter, I wouldn't let you watch my kids for free. Go to school, learn how to spell and see what the real world holds for you.

I am a new mom looking for part-time care for my son starting in November 2008. He will be 6 months old at that time. We need care from 3:00pm to 6:30pm on Tues, Wed and Thurs. It would be ideal if you could come to our house to care for him. We would love if you could speak Spanish....
Pay based on experience and references.
We look forward to hearing from you. Contact me at choochandheidi@comcast.net


I am a mother of a 6 year old daughter. Who is in need of an in-home babysitter for all day every Saturday days while I'm working, along with other weekend/weeknight evenings at least once or twice a week when there might be an event that I might need to attend.

If you are interested and wish to contact me via e-mail, please include beforehand; your hours that your available for care, your contact information and reasonable rates that can be considered. I am looking to pay anywhere from $7-$8/Hr. or $35 per day, along with any cover/entrance fees, should there be outings if desired to take my girl somewhere fun. However, The pay can be negotiable.

All I ask is that you be reliable, can provide your own transportation, and be able to submit some references upon request.
High school or college students encouraged to apply.

Serious Inquiries only please. I am looking for someone to start immediately next Saturday.

Thank You.

hello! i am new to portland and am seeking an occasional babysitter for nights out with my husband and haircuts, etc. during the day. our son is 6 mo old and very easy-going (though just started crawling!). we live near Concordia University in NE Portland (very close to the #9 busline).

Thank you!


I am wondering how much to pay a babysitter for a weekend that starts Fri at 6 pm and ends on Sun at noon?
The sitter has just graduated college. We are in the S.F. bay area. I want to be fair, but don't want to pay too much.


I am wondering if the going rate for teen babysitters is different if the parent is working in a home office and will be there the entire time the sitter is there? My main concern is that my 3 year old son has a fun time and doesn't feel ignored while I try to get my home business going. I don't expect the sitter to clean my house, cook, or do other chores for me. What sounds like a fair rate for a 13-15 year old sitter given these circumstances?


Hi- I was trying to respond to a comment by a mom complaining about how much she had to pay her babysitter, and everything else about her, and felt quite perplexed that a person would exhibit a lack of understanding-I hit something wrong, lost it, and couldn't get it back, but would like to share this with those who need/hire babysitters, and babysitters too, teens AND adults.
First, to answer the "how much?" question, as a 39 year old, who has been cleared by and EXTENSIVE background check by my church(which is good, I know!), to be able to serve volunteer childcare, and as someone who has had 30 (yes, 30) yrs of babysitting experience...I would charge $9-$13/hr to babysit for mom to run errands w/out the kids, mom&dad to have a date night, etc..that kind of thing. And trust me, that is VERY reasonable.
For the things that have bothered me(and especially after reading this one lady's comments) during my adult babysitting years...Sometimes parents think that they don't need to pay you as much if a child is sleeping some, most, or all of the time that I am there. I have had to bite me tongue before and say.."oh, well if it's not that important for me to be here while he's asleep...i'll just leave and come back when I think he might be waking up...'just to see if that helped them to get the point...whether the child is asleep or not, I am THERE, giving my time, and I canot go anywhere else, because I have to be sure the baby is safe and I am there when he/she wakes up.
Plus, if there are dishes to be done and some tidying up to do, I am most able to do it while a baby is sleeping, and am much more INCLINED to do it for someone who pays and treats me correctly. I actually got paid FIVE DOLLARS, at 30 years old, for babysitting for 3-4 hours, because the child had done some napping. I guess with the logic that I didn't "do anything." Needless to say, I did not babysit for them again-and they were not suffering financial problems- which I would have been more sympathetic to. So...parents....please realize that if your children or one of them spend some time sleeping, you should still pay the agreed upon rate. If you have a job, and don't work on commission, should your paycheck be less for "less busy" times? Don't you still have to give up your time to go to work?
Also, I noticed this same lady had made comments that her "very vibrant" child, according to the babysitter, was very clingy and wanted to stay on her lap the whole time, and she said she didn't believe this, and was going to try to get the "real" story from her 3 year old! Parents...your child's personality can change drastically when you are gone and a babysitter, esp. a new one, is there....a bubbly child can become very "needy", and a quiet-natured, calm child can decide that it is time to bounce off the walls. Please understand that it is difficult for even the most caring babysitter to deal with a child/children sometimes, but we still must keep our cool and take proper care of the child. And your own children never even drive you, the parent, a little crazy, right? (wink-wink)
Also I noticed that this lady commented (and although she admitted it was wrong) that she looked into the babysitter's telephone and READ THE TEXTS SHE HAD SENT! I imagine if the babysitter had done the same or similar thing to her she would have gone ballistic and called the cops- after all, i'm pretty sure that's illegal..
So, parents, please take heed, that there are some REALLY good babysitters, teens&adults, without whom you would not be able to run errands, go to doctor's appts, have free "me" time, or date night with your spouse, and pay accordingly.
Also, the logic that paying a teen as cheap as you possibly can get away with ($2 an hour- are you for real?) w/ the logic that "they don't need it as much...." I see as very wrong and exploitative. If you have a job, and you are doing the same job as someone else, does your employer pay you according to who "needs the money more"?, or according to the hours you are putting in on the job? Am I starting to make sense to anybody?
And teens, please...it is lovely to be kind and offer to babysit for little or
nothing...and I also, when I have a friend who I know is an great need, make special accomodations....you deserve to be paid for what you are doing! Without your services, mom, dad, or mom&dad can not go out and do the things they need or want to do without your service and time...and believe me, once you become a parent, you will realize that time is GOLD!!And, parents, how do you really know which teens "really" need it?
Should't they be learning that earning money to save for college, etc. is a valuable lesson, and they should not accept pitiful pay? Would YOU want to???
Thanks for listening....I don't know how to start a blog, or I would on this subject....
PLEASE, anyone with any feedback, opinions, or insights into what I shared, please let me know at jnine39@yahoo.com.
I hope I did not come across as harsh, or blasting anyone, but I just wanted to share my experience and see what feedback I can get.
One last little thought....mom&dad...when you are sitting home with your kids on Valentine's day, cause you couldn't find a sitter, how much do you think a reliable sitter is worth then? Puts a little different spin on things.
And yes, I know there are some really stinking sitters out there, and they just shouldn't be caring for your kids at all....
God Bless, and please, I would like to hear feedback....jnine39@yahoo.com.
Thank you!

Hello all,

I am an experienced nanny who has been working with children for over 20 years. I think at some point in my long career I should be able to make a decent living. I work very hard at what I do. Even 12 dollars an hour in this climate is not much...You can work fixing computers and make an amazing amount of money...Seems a bit backwards to me.....
I am grateful for this venue for thoughts by all......I wish you all the best !

As someone who has babysat/nannied for years (starting when I was in middle school) I am shocked and saddened that anyone would pay LESS than minimum wage to have their children watched!

You get what you pay. As a Mom I certainly would not pay someone $4 to watch my son, at that rate all I could expect that he is still alive when I came home. Granted babysitting is under the table but even with taxes being taken out the sitter would get more than that if they were at a "real" job!

I charge $8-$12 dollars, and I pay the same when I hire a sitter (high schooler or not!)
When I was in high school is someone paid me $4 an hour I would have been PISSED! I would never come back, and I bet your kids are in front of the tv not really being watched!

Actually what Ashley posted is absolutely true and I'm a mother. I babysat when I was young (20 years ago) and was paid a minimum of $5 hr back then. Paying $2-$4 an hour is not only being cheap, it's unethical. These teenagers that babysit do it to earn money as well. It is a job; therefore, they should be paid accordingly. No one has the right to take advantage of someone's youth and pay unfair wages!! I, myself have paid family members (teens) $10 hr to babysit.

Wow. I guess we all pay what we can and look for the best help available. That's all we can do.
I was a nanny for 3 years... providing a proper schedule, activities and out of home outings for $12 and later $13 an hour. I found this fair since I was a college student paying bills and the parents were as great as the kids.

Now that I am about to have my own little one I know of neighborhood girl (Age 12) who I'd love to watch my baby down the road. For date nights with my husband, et cetera.

There is absolutely no way that I would pay her more than $3 to $4 an hour, however. I would not expect her to drive the baby anywhere, clean up during her down time, fold the babies laundry as she sleeps, et cetera.

On the other hand, I cannot imagine only handing her $3 after 3 hours of work...

I'm a teen baby sitter with experience with kids from 10 months to 6 years old. I usually charge 5-6 dollars, but I'm very flexible. Also, I usually will go to the kids house and talk with the parents briefly about my wages, schedules and I get to meet the kids.I have been payed up to 10 dollars/hour, as low as 3 dollars/hour and I'm fourteen. So that should give you moms an idea.

I'm always shocked when I hear about how little people are willing to pay for someone to watch their kids. I completely agree with the poster who made the point that we all get paid the same during the hours we work regardless of whether or not some parts of that workday are more challenging than others. I was a nanny in Seattle and I watched two kids on a regular basis, 3 and 5. I was paid $10 an hour which I felt was fair as they were a little older. I also worked for parents who would pay $12 an hour for one infant.

We pay our providers $10 an hour for our son. They are CPR trained and all from his regular daycare so we know that they have taken early childhood classes and have background checks. Their expertise in my mind is worth that amount of money. Regarding a 12-15 year old, I would pay minimum wage. If you're gone for a three-hour date night or shopping trip that's $21. Seems more than fair. If the caregiver is in your house at the same time you are, maybe a little less depending on the age of your child and the scope of responsibility.

I think an important factor we all need to examine is the message we're sending our kids and the young people who are watching them. As moms we have struggled to have society find value in our jobs caring for our kids. How long has it taken for there to be even a grudging respect given to the fact that being a full-time caregiver to your child is a valuable job, just as much as working outside of the home? It seems almost hypocritical of us then to turn around and with our finances send a message to caregivers that their time taking care of our kids is worth less than it costs to go to McDonalds.

we pay all of our sitters $10/hr. Doesn't matter whether they're 60 or 16 ( we have a "pool" of about 4 we can call on)

they're all cpr certified, well known in our sellwood neighborhood, with impeccable references, and most importantly, trustworthy, honest, and GREAT with our little girl.

It really irks me when I hear from our neighbor's 16 year old girl that other neigbhors want to pay her 2 or 4 or 5bucks and hour.. come on people... grow up.. how much is a few hours out of the house, with your little nugget safe and sound worth?

These are the same people complaining about paying $1,000 a month for childcare.

If you can't afford it, don't have kids. Plain and simple

I am 14 and just got back from my second babysitting job sat for a tad bit longer than an hour...(out of town grandparents running late.) and got $5 for babysitting one 5 year old girl. To me that seems very reasonable. I was reading some websites and $10 seemed really high for me to charge as a first time sitter. I had experience doing the whole camp consoler thing, just never paid babysitting. I am registered to give CPR and as a babysitter though... Just my thoughts. I would probably charge more if their were more kids.

We’ve left our 2 year old with a paid teenage babysitter ($6/hr) once to go to a movie. We shared a take-out sandwich from New Seasons, and saw a movie downtown, with popcorn. The almost 4 hours cost us about $60. I’m not exactly a cheapskate, but we do have to watch our money and this seemed liked a lot of money to see a movie. When we got home and looked at our computer, we saw that she had spent most of the time downloading movies and watching them; she was upstairs and our son was downstairs playing (wasn’t during bedtime hours). She had been a mother’s helper for us for about 6 months, sneaking onto her phone or ipod frequently while trying to get our son to amuse himself on his own. All outer signs and references had been of a very responsible hardworking teenager. My husband talked me into letting her take care of our son alone, but even he was appalled.

Everyone would like to be paid well for what they do, and most people think they are underpaid, and that their job is hard. No offense, but when I was a teenage babysitter, I usually fed the kids, played with them for a bit, bathed them, read to them and put them to bed; in about 2 hours, since it was usually evening when the parents were going out. The next hours were watching TV or snoozing. There weren’t set hours every week and I either could walk there or got transported. I don’t think it is that hard of a job, and it is pocket money for teenagers who are not paying for rent, food, or taxes (usually). It is different when it’s someone’s livelihood, or a necessary family income. It is definitely a lot better than working in fast food, which I also did as a teenager.

The other times we’ve had someone look after our son were friends with whom we exchange babysitting time. I think that is the way to go if you need to be money conscious and you want to be sure to have someone reliable, safe, and caring. I also think that maybe 9 months is a little young to leave with a 13 year old, regardless of training. We had a great 13 y.o. mothers helper, and thought that would be a good way to transition to a babysitter, but she ended up getting too busy with activities.

I was a teenage babysitter. I remember back in the prehistoric days that I had friends who talked on the phone the whole time (back before call-waiting) had boyfriends over, etc. I don't think that is new. So I was considered golden except by the penny pinching couple who thought that $2 was exorbitant. The couple who had a babysitter shelf with my favorite snacks had their night reserved, everybody else to fight it out for when I had availability.

I think that $5-6/hour is the bare minimum though I know my teenage daughter will charge less for single mom friends of ours. And she has had more experience and classes than I did at her age. CPR/First Aid, Child development classes and she works in a licensed daycare where she's paid minimum wage.

I didn't really use teenage babysitters preferring to use licensed child care providers instead, a little less convenient.

I would rather skimp on the snacks or the movie before I would skimp on the person watching my kid(s). There are folks that shouldn't watch your kids, period. We've all seen the nanny cam footage on the news. Age doesn't have a whole lot to do with it.

Depending on where you are. For example in CA the minimum wage is $8. I am 17 years old, and the families I babysit give me approx $10 an hour. Granted it also depends on the age of the babysitter and their level of responsibility. However, especially if you want an older, more mature babysitter, it's best to pay at least minimum wage, otherwise they can just look for a minimum wage job to get paid better. Remember it's still a job.

WeVillage here! We offer a solution to babysitting! We are located in the Pearl District and would love to meet your family! we are a drop in space for your children!

you can find the rates of each sitter on sitter city.


I've been babysitting in Portland for 8 years and no one has ever paid me less than $7/hr. It's a very rewarding and fun job but it's also a lot of hard work and I think that if there is more than one child involved it would be unfair to pay any less. I can speak for many of my sitter friends as well.

I was looking at this site because I have a 14 year old son who was asked to babysit some little boys in our neighborhood, and was trying to find out what the going rate is. I am surprised at the rates for teenagers. We live in Dallas TX and I was paying between $7 and $9 years ago, when both my guys were small and they are 14 and 17. I guess maybe the economy effects the rate too. I paid depending on whether they had 1 or both of my boys and paid more if they were babysitting during the day and had to keep my kids entertained for the entire time.

Wow, such a huge variety of costs for a babysitter!

I've returned to work after 6 years and I have three children. Our inlaws are living overseas and my parents are seniors.

My daughter has a good friend who has an older sister (14) and we asked her to help watch over the Summer school break. This week she worked 3 days at 9.5 hours. Her sister comes over to play as well. I have prepped all snacks/fruits/veggies in a platter and I also have all the lunches prepped for ALL to eat.

When school starts, we have a lady who will charge $35 for afterschool care and $65 for all day. So, my husband and I decided to pay our 14yo babysitter $42 a day. We have asked her so many times how much she would like and she keeps responding..."nothing". Here is how I look at it. I fully trust that this girl will take care of my children while at work but how about encouraging VOLUNTEERISM and helping people out? I will definately provide a letter of reference for her files in case she ever needs it.

Also, when my husband and I went to a movie, we paid our babysitter $35 for just a few hours.

What I am trying to say is let it be between $4 - $ 6/hr for a teenager. We have given perks and most likely will do so around Christmas as well.

I am babysitting for my teacher Friday night. I'm 13 and very responsible. I'm wondering how much I should expect for babysitting from 7pm to 12am, for a 2 year old girl. Thanks :)

Elizabeth- I babysat all through high school and in college. When I babysat in high school I made $5 an hour and that was eight years ago. I think $7-10 is a fair hourly rate. Good luck!

We have 2-3 babysitters in their early 20s who are fabulous and have lots of experience with children. They ask $10-12/hr; another experienced adult sitter we know asks $12-14. For a young teenager with obviously much less experience I would probably pay $6-8 ish.

If my kids are awake the whole time I tend to pay at the top end of the range. I realize a babysitter gives up the same amount of time whether the kids are awake or asleep, but there's also no doubt that the work is hugely easier when the kids are asleep and the sitter can watch tv, study, text, etc.!

Wow, hard to believe the disparity in rates noted here. Honestly, while I find babysitting expensive, I am not going to pay below the minimum wage. My solution is to use it sporadically. Currently I use it only a couple of times a year.
I would definitely not pay less to somebody just because they are younger (or older). Imagine if one of you was starting a new office job and the hiring manager said "well, since you currently live with your parents, I am not going to pay you only 60% of the typical pay for this position." However, if your expectations are lower from a teenager babysitter that it is ok to pay less. Base the pay on merit (the quality of service they perform) not their age or your perceived need/lack of need they have for money.

I was recently looking into babysitting on weekend's.
I usually babysit my 2 year old sister from 8.00am - 4.00pm for $10.00
But if I were to babysit other peoples children I was hoping for an hourly rate. I was considering $7-$8 an hour + $4 per extra child. Please help !
- Brooke

I find it funny that some adults saying they were paid $5 an hour when they were younger to babysit! Was paid $50 a week (8-10 hrs a day)to watch 2-3 kids and clean the house. I am 30 now. My $50 a week ended up being about $1 an hour. All summer long.
My standard sitter now, an adult charges me 3.50/ hr for one child, and discounts the additional kids when they are in need, I am trying out a teen sitter for the summer. Since my work schedule is not regular and my standard sitter prefers set hours.
The young girl is very good with the kids, but will not give m e a price / hr. Actually every sitter I have trends lately will not give me a price!
I fear that i may offend the girl, but I honestly can not afford more than $4-$5/hr, with my own pay being only $9-$12 per hour.
Do you think this will offend her?

My 13 year old is babysitting my neighbors kids who are 7 and 9. She is babysitting from 8am-4pm, 5 days a week. The mother is single and I am not sure what my daughter should charger her. She used to give the YMCA about $250.00 a month. She got low income prices. This is my daughters 1st time babysitting on a regular basis and doesn't have CPR training etc. I don't want her to seem greedy but I also don't want her time to be taken advantage of as well. Any ideas?

Please don't take this the wrong way but, don't you think 40 hours a week is a lot for a thirteen year old to take on? My daughter gets paid 7 dollars an hour for two kids since it can be a lot of work.

I would say $5 per hour as a suggested amount and see how the mother responds. As a 13 year old individual, I don't think she should feel responsible to give the mother a deal. 40 hours a week with two kids is hard work.

250.00 is 1.50/hr for two kids. That's not fair to your daughter.

I'm a 13 year old who has been babysitting since I was around 10. I have taken the Red Cross training and everything. I don't really have an actual rate, but a family wants me to babysit a 5 and 10 year old during the day time. I'm wondering how much i should charge them?

nina- I am baby sitting for my aunty all day friday. I am 13 years old and very mature. I have a paid weekly job of teaching ballet for 4-5 and 6-7 year olds ballet for $12 an hour, and have therefore have quite a bit of experience with younger children. I am baby sitting my two cousins who are 2 and for and i'm just wandering what is a suitable amount per hour. Thanks :)

I'm twelve years old and just started babysitting I babysat three kids yesterday they r ages 5-7-9 and i also have to walk they're dog and I stayed there for 8 hours and the mom and dad got back a hour after they were suppose to and they gave me 40$ witch is 5 dollers an hour is that the amount I should receive are more r less. And I did not go to a class for CPR I just don't know want to charge I don't want to seem greedy.are anything I just need to know

I've read through the comments and I'm shocked at how many parents today are slave-wage employers!

You have a job to offer essentially making yourself an employer yet you all seem so proud that (as an adult) you negotiate with some of these teenagers into having them accept low-pay wages. Wow how proud you all are to have the skills to negotiate BETTER than a teenager.

Someone made a great point when they stated many here are willing to pay more for a meal at McDonalds than they are willing to pay the person who watches their children.

In today's economy many just accept what they can get however it is unethical to charge less than federal minimum wage which is $7.25/hour. Many states have higher minimum wages and if you live in that state THAT is what you should be charging at BARE minimum. But hey, if you can live with yourself for being a slave-wage employer more power to you.

I am in my 40's and I was paid $.50 to $1 per hour to babysit when I was a kid. I can't remember exactly what the minimum wage was but I think it was around $3 per hour.

I think that paying a kid minimum wage (to sit there and watch TV with my kids, play video games and eat snacks) is quite generous. I do understand paying more if they are watching smaller kids that are a little higher maintenance. I pay about $8-10 per hour for a 7th grader to watch my 9 year old twins but I only do that because I have always really liked her, trusted her and have watched her grow up.

I pay $10 per hour for an adult to occasionally watch them after school. That mom responded that it was too generous but I like to pay sitters well because I don't want it to feel like a burden.

I am fourteen from Fort Shawnee Ohio, and I really need a babysitting job. I have five other siblings including my twin sister and every year I buy them all Christmas gifts and now I have no money and really need to start looking for gifts to buy for them. I am certified in infant cpr, I love to run around, color, and play with kids. I currently babysit for four kids, two, three, fve, and ten, they all are very good.kids but sometimes..they are soo spoiled and I am just not sure I can still go through wit it. Please E-mail me at ElizabethKelsie@Hotmail.com. Please be aware that you will have a background check!!
Thanks Kelsie

Hi, Im 13 years old almost 14. I just babysat my first time this weekend, 2 kids a 3 year old and 5 year old. The father did not know how much to pay me and neither did I. He just told me $10 dollars an hour and i was definitely ok with that, who wouldn't be? Should i make him lower the cost? Or let him pay me this amount? I forgot to say that i got $40 dollars for 4 hours that sat.

What training do hospitals offer for babysitters and which hospitals offer this service? Thanks!

We specialize on representing those who have been injured on the job and deserve prompt medical treatment and compensation for their lost wages.http://www.compmanwc.com/

The fact that someone said that a babysitter shouldn't be payed for the down time is really silly. Yes, your babysitter might be spending two hours doing nothing but they are still watching your children and if any problems arise they will be there.

I am 36 I have four kids and they are 5,7,9 and 2 and I would be open to a 13 year old babysitting them. I pay $7.50 for an hour.

I'm 13 and I know what to do in all sorts of emergencys. And I'm not boring I play with the kids but if they don't go to their beds on time I can reinforce the law, I am very responsible and I have babysat at 32 different houses and I've even babysat a child who is 18months on my own. I charge $5 an hour because I am young. But I enjoy doing it which means that I'm never grumpy to the kids.

If I happened to actually know a teen that I thought would do well with my high maintainence child.... I would think to pay at least $7-$8/hr, though I suppose it would depend what all they needed to do (is it night, day, etc). But then I know I can get an adult who I know will do well wiht Mr. High Maintainence for $10-12, so that is what I do.

My husband and I have odd working hours. He works nights for police dept. 6 days on 3 days off and sleeps during the day on his days on. I am a realtor and work all over the place during the summer. We pay our 16 year old sitter during the summer $30/day for our 9 yr. old daughter. I drop her off between 9:30-10 am and my husband picks her up between 3:30-4. Average days are generally 6 hours. We have her babysit outside of our home, due to my husband sleeps during the day. My daughter is responsible and does not require much work, so it's easy job we just need someone for her. Too, the sitter sometime works only 3 days a week and others 5, so the 16 year old can enjoy her summer as well and it's not a full or long day, so I feel what we pay is good. Too, we purchase pool passes and provide snacks and food that our daughter likes. I think this is fair, on a 6 hour day she is paid $5/day for one 9 year old girl. (?)

OOPS...I meant on a 6 hour day she is paid $5/hour.

Found a 16 yr old sitter for my boys for the summer. They are 8 and 10. Hours will be roughly 7a-3:30 or 4:00p Mon -Fri. Unsure what is a fair price to offer her for the week. Keep in mind they are self sufficient basically just need a watchful eye. Most days they will be out playing at friends' houses I'm sure. Outdoor kids. I will be supplying all food, my house and pool in the yard. Any thoughts?

Many factors should be considered when figuring compensation for a babysitter and #1 is the area you live in (part of the country)and the going rate there in your community. Ask neighbors, teens, other parents. Of course, experience would be next. Also if its a mother's helper versus a full sitter should effect the rate. Finally, for a teen who is babysitting regularly, steadily like its a full time job, work out a daily or weekly rate. They are guaranteed those hours, and that pay and that's great for them so you can "discount it" since it is steady pay they can count on ie. summer help.

I am 13 years old and very responsible. I have passed the american red crosses Babysitters course. I would babysit my open hours which are: Monday after 3:00. Tuesday after 4. Wednesday after 5. Thursday after 5.
and Fri after 3 or so. an Sat and Sun anytime of day. I live in Franklin Square, Long island NY, USA. I am looking for a babysitting job. I would expect 2-4 dollars an hour, depending on how many children I would babysit. Please contact my e-mail- megansbabysitting@aol.com to schedule. Sorry for advertising but I am looking for a job. Thanks! :)

I can also work as a mothers helper :)

I am a 13-year-old. I just took the SafeSitter class this weekend and earned a certificate. I do have experience with babies and children. I work at the church nursery on Sundays and love it! I'm also in charge of Junior Bible Quiz at my church where I teach little kids about the Bible. They love me so much and I love them lots!!! :) I have also been a Mother's Helper. Anyways, I have heard that the going rate for a babysitter is anywhere from $5-$10.00 You don't want to rip the girl off, but also you don't want to be TOO generous. I am thinking of charging $5.00 an hour, plus $2.00 for each additional child. Hope this helps! :)

Hi all. There is a 16 year old boy that currently works at my son's preschool. Now that school's out I am interested in hiring him to sit for my 5 year old boy for a month in the summer. He has experience, will be sitting at his home, does not drive, and I will be providing all food and free movie tickets. The hours will be 2 week day evenings for 2- 4 hours a day. My kid is really easy & they have an established rapport already so no real adjusting.

Given all the info any suggestions. On rate?

Hi all,

I live in Woodinville, WA. Are there any teens/middleschoolers who are interested in babysitting my 8 year old boy who is independent but needs to be watched after school?

id like to know how all you that think the mimnimum should be 7 an hour. expect a single mother making minimum wage...7.90 to afford that..after all your gonna work for .90 cents? ya i dont think so, a day care is less than 7 dollars and hour and your getting liscensed, certified, experienced, trained sitters...nothing against kids wanting to make money at all im totally for that but lets use a little common sense here

Actually, Steven, if you're wanting to "use common sense" and also to the waaaaay up thread person talking about DHS rates being $2.65 per hour---these are rates for having your children in with other kids, for a guaranteed certain number of hours per week, set on their time table, at their facility. Not to mention, you will pay double for the second child, etc.

The sitter's time is not completely and exclusively devoted to your child, they may share that time with up to three other infants or 19 other preschoolers. Just not the same thing.

BTW, minimum wage in Oregon is now $8.95 per hour (hasn't been $7.90 for over 10 years)--and a mom earning just that would qualify for a DHS childcare subsidy, anyway. Plus, I've never met anyone who used a private sitter for childcare---precisely because it wouldn't be cost effective, even for someone earning a substantial wage.

This was about hiring a sitter for your date night----my husband and I (she's now 13) never did so. My mom lives here, too, as do other relatives---plus if they're in daycare or school, they have friends and you can swap care in that way. Not to mention, we like doing things with her, so it just never happened.

That said, she's now interested (though some mall stores will hire younger kids) in earning some money and I did babysit as a teen. Two kids are absolutely more work than one, and a premium should be paid for it (they frequently "entertain" one another by being partners in crime, FYI)----and while I realize it is a significant expense, it comes with having kids.

You made the choice to be a parent, you made the choice to go out----so you're gonna have to cover that somehow. Just like the 10,000 other expenses and responsibilities that come with having kids. If you can't afford the $7 per hour (and I do understand that), then look into something else.

OMG! I just babysat for a family down my street and they paid me ten $ an hour per kid... I made 80 bucks, I never even talked to them about pay haha

My 14 year old daughter has gone through babysitting bootcamp, is CPR certified and has 3 years of experience babysitting a 7 year old and a toddler for hours at a time. She charges $3 per hour/per child for people outside our family, but has been told every time she is asked, "Never mind, you charge too much." I guess we live around a bunch of cheap skates. I thought she had a very reasonable rate, especially for the experience she has.

I am 14 years old and I have been babysitting sconce I was ten. I took a Red Cross babysitting course when I turned ten. I usually charge around $8 per hour for one child and $2 for each extra child. I also make sure that the house is not a mess before I leave even if it was like that when I arrived.

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