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SW Dentist Recommendations?

It's time to take our son to the dentist and we're at a loss as to where to even begin. I read over the A Visit to the Dentist post from a few months ago, but the majority of the dentists recommended are on the Eastside. Can anyone recommend a good pediatric dentist in the Beaverton/Tigard/Sherwood/Lake O/SW area? Thanks in advance!


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I don't have any personal experience with this dentist (we are LONG overdue -- this question reminds me we need to get our check-ups scheduled ASAP!) but I have a friend who takes her sons to Dr. Downey, a pediatric dentist off of Scholls Ferry/Murray in Beaverton. Her middle son was VERY resistant to dental check-ups to put it mildly, and she was quite impressed with the patience of Dr. Downey and his staff.

Dr. John Hanna in Lake Oswego is a great pediatric dentist. His office is right on the lake so the kids can look out at the ducks during their visit!

As was discussed here at UM, my son has had some dental problems. We've also had some bad dentist problems (when in doubt, always always always get a 2nd opinion!)

Someone here recommended Dr. Allan Pike, as did the La Leche League chapter that I called for help.

He is wonderful! WONDERFUL!!! The office has a therapy dog to calm nervous children, lots of toys, video games to keep siblings occupied while their brother/sister is having work done, and best of all (and I swear it's true) a Love of children.

I am so happy that we took the recommendation to see him, and I just have to take every opportunity to recommend this office to others.

5440 SW Westgate Dr Ste 380

i'll second the dr. pike recommendation. i took my 3 year old there last month for a cleaning and it was a wonderful experience all around.

I'll third on the Dr. Pike recommendation. My son is shy and nervous but LOVES going to the dentist. And...they know just how to handle nervous parents as well.

I really like Marn Kasmeyer-Schweinfurth. My step-daughters like her a lot too and they validate parking, if parking downtown is an issue for you.

Schweinfurth Marn Kasmeyer
511 SW 10th Ave # 1105
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 224-4277

This is getting redundant but we also think Dr. Pike is wonderful. We make the trip FROM the Eastside to the Westside just to see Dr. Pike. Here is a link to Dr. Pike's website:


Mila has also seen Dr. Morish who is in the same office. Her manner mirrors Dr. Pike's and we recommend her as well.

Wow - Dr. Pike has quite the reputation! Thanks SO much, everyone! We'll have to check him and the other dentists out.

Dr. Pike, all the way. Marvelous. He has a degree in hypnosis, NEVER straps a kid down, and all his staff is amazing.

Hands down the best. I only wish he took grown-ups, too.

I took my 3 year old to Dr. Downey in the Murray Scholls area of Beaverton and he is fabulous. Not only that, but all of his staff were absolutely wonderful as well. He is up to date on the latest technology and was great with my daughter. She had to have three cavities filled due to antibotics she needed after she was born and he was very sensitive to my anxieties as well.

My 3 yo son goes to The Kids' Dentist, Dr. Yip, in West Linn. We love their gentle and positive approach. This office never makes me feel any pressure or guilt. They really educate you and give you choices. We had gone to Dr. Pike's office before, but they really rushed us and didn't have time to get to know my son. They must see a hundred kids a day.

Our family just started going to Anthony Hoffman in Hillsboro. We really like him and the staff. They're friendly and fast. His office is clean and comfortable.

OK, so I asked my doc about dentists today and he warned me to ask whether the dentist was still using mercury. What follows is total hear - say, but it was my doc's understanding that Dr. Pike was still using mercury. He gave us a couple of names, I'll be checking one out and if I like them, I'll post. Anybody else ever heard of this mercury thing?

I'm not sure where your doc received his/her info but the filling my daughter has from Dr. Pike is mercury-free.

As an aside, I don't think the mercury question is a very useful one to judge dentists on these days. Most, if not all, dentists will provide you with the option of receiving a composite or ionomer filling instead of traditional silver amalgam.

I visited Dr Pike this morning with my 15 month old daughter. It was a truly wonderful experience. I am completely satisfied! We just went in for an evaluation, as my daughter is too young for cleanings. I think it was a wonderful way to get her used to the idea of going to the dentist every 6 months....learning to trust the dentist, his assistants and the environment of the office.

Well, On Tony's reassurance, I went with Dr. Pike for my 2.5 year old. WOW. Rarely do you find a business that is so centered on the patient. From the therapy dog to the live gerbils to Dr. Pike taking Carter by the hand on a tour of the office and "fixing" his shoes as a way of gaining confidence. The place rocks. It is obvious they love what they do. Heck, the guy has written the book on no fear pediatric denistry.
By the way, his son will be joining the practice soon.
Thanks everyone!

Okay, I have to weigh in on this one because I'm a hygienist and have worked with 5 local Pediatric dentists. . . From my experience working in children's dental offices for the past 6 years I have to say that Dr. Ben Kang in Tualatin and Dr. Krista Badger in the Hollywood district are easily the best Pediatric dentists in the Portland area. Many Pediatric dentists have assistants do a large portion of dental cleanings and both Dr. Kang and Dr. Badger pay the extra cost of having a hygienist on staff. I am a mother of two and would trust either of these two dentists with my children. They are highly ethical and thoughtful doctors, who truly care about patients and provide exceptional care. They have both been around for quite a while, are both fast, efficient and technically skilled dentists who also happen to have a great chairside manner and can easily put children and parents at ease. Hip-hip-hooray for Dr. Kang and Dr. Badger!!!

Dr Hanna and Hughes. The best pediatric dentists. They are very gentle and the staff is great. I saw Dr.Hanna when i was a kid and now my kids are seeing him. I am 33 with no dental problems, not one cavity. The same goes for my kids as well. They are really good!

We go to Hanna and Hughes as well. They are great but just to clarify....most dental problems are genetic. My kids have gone to them for years and we brush and floss and rinse everyday the way that all people are supposed to and my oldest still has cavities. He has very, very small pits in his teeth that a toothbrush could not get into. I have them too, as well as my Dad.
But back to Hanna and Hughes....great dentists, great view.

i see a lot of recommendations for Dr. Pike. while my 18 month old had a great experience with him and his staff...i'm a little hesistant about his son, who is also practicing there and will take over when Dr. Pike (sr) retires.

does anyone have any direct experience w/ Dr. Pike (jr)?

we love dr. pike jr. he made our son feel right at home and answered all our questions, even about flouride. Im delighted with the staff. its such a great place for kids. :)

I just wanted to brag about our dentist a little. We used to see a pediatric dentist in Portland where my kids never connected with the dentist. We recently moved to Tualatin and and now go to the Kids' Dentist in West Linn after recommendations from our neighbors and pediatrician. Wow, Doctor Yip and his staff in West Linn are fantastic and offer first class service! It's such a nice break to just surf the internet and sip coffee, while the staff takes care of my kids (We really liked Maria one of the assistants.) It's a nice feeling to know my kids trust them and don't really need me to hold their hand through every step. This dental office has so many cool things for kids, such as tv's on the ceiling, video games, books, toys, kid-sized chairs, and even a little door, but the best thing we like is the relationships that they establish with myself and kids. From now on, we're not moving anywhere if we can help it.

I am not a raving fan of Dr. Stephen Pike (the son). Nothing dramatic and we still go to the practice, but, we're having to redo a filling now in a baby tooth that he messed up. I'm not even clear on why the tooth needed treatment in the first place -- and now we have to redo it?? I know that could happen to anyone, and, of course there's no charge for this, but still. He doesn't have the "bedside manner", or the confidence/wisdom of his father. I like Dr. Morish, but her hours are pretty limited.

People here can help you see a good dentist at your place. Be careful not to go immediately to any of the dentist mentioned because we cannot tell who is really a trusted dentist. Search them in the internet before going to their clinics or if you would like to visit their clinics immediately you should ask for their official recognition if they are well trusted and legal dentists.

The Kids' Dentist, Dr. Dana Yip, is awesome with kids! We love the helpful staff and the cool jungle office. They are busy but always try to make it work with my crazy schedule. We live in Tualatin but don't mind the trek to West Linn.

We were extremely worried about how our kids handle going to the dentist. Our 5 year old had been to a different dentist before, but was still very apprehensive. And this was the first for the 2 1/2 year old. She is very rambunctious and doesn't like to sit still for anyone for more than a minute. Well I have to say that I could not have asked for a more positive experience. From the minute we walked in the door, everyone is so calm and kid-focused. Not one person there, not the staff or Dr. Steve Pike, seemed concerned about the time it took to get the kids comfortable with the office. They take the kids back and show them around, let them watch the pet hampster, get some toys to play with and super cool sunglasses to wear during the exam. When the kids are relaxed and ready to sit down, they start the exam, etc. My kids actually cried when it was all over and we had to leave -- they wanted to stay longer, probably all day if I let them. When it was time for us to return for our next appointment which was a few weeks ago, they were so excited to go -- and my daughter sat still through the entire exam. I would highly recommend Dr. Steven Pike and this whole practice to anyone. And if you think you should find something closer....don't! I live in NE Portland and it is well worth the extra 10-15 minutes of travel to get there. Trust me!

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