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run for the mamas

If you don't know, you must have pink colorblindness: the Komen Race for the Cure is almost upon us, on Sunday, September 17. I have fond memories of running it shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Truman! Yay. Anyway, this year, I'm not pregnant (I don't think), and so it seems a good time to run it fast.


Today, as it turns out, is the last day to enter the race as a part of a team. We urbanMamas thought about the concept of starting our own team, but we decided: why not join  up with the MoMMA group, Mom's Milk Anywhere (formerly known as the NIPpers)? They're registered as "Team MomMA"(#13933) and I think running for the ability to breastfeed in public is a way to satisfy several goals at once: remember, breastfeeding has been proven to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer! Yay for that, too.

If you're running the Race for the Cure, and are interested in having a . run . mama . run . ( good mama ) shirt, let me know as I have lots of iron-ons left.


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