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Recommend a Financial Planner?

Oh yes.  Money talks.  Especially when we have little ones to consider as we plan.  Do you keep it in-house or do you have a consultant?  Jenny wants to know:

Hi! I have 2 girls (ages 2 and 5) and have been in Portland for over 10 years.  I wanted to ask others if they know of a good and not too expensive financial planner. My husband and I are middle class and are not looking to invest, but more to: budget, pay off debt, start thinking of retirement, etc. Anyone know of someone who could help us (preferably Downtown, in John's Landing, or Inner SE)? We are not great with money, but are ready to learn:)


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Try contacting Brandon Erickson of Financial Reserve, Inc. He's a guy I met a while back in a business networking group. Very nice, intelligent, diligent guy. I had the chance to learn a bit about his business and it is exactly the kind of thing you described--financial planning, setting goals, creating a budget, etc. They can also provide investment services if that ultimately becomes something that you want to add to your plan. His office is in SW Portland. Financial Reserve, Inc 503-624-4600, brandon@financialreserve.com, www.financialreserve.com

Great - thanks for this recommendation - I'd just posted a similar question the other day.

Also, I'd recommend reading "All Your Worth." It helped us a TON, and if I remember right, it has advice on how to find a financial planner. (It helped us enough that we never did need one.)

If you are looking to be a first time home buyer, you can take a financial planning class through the Portland Development Commission and even meet with a planner. It costs around $50.

I HIGHLY recommend Susan Hammit. She is an independent financial advisor. She can help you do everything from come up with a budget, to help you build true wealth. Unlike many advisors, she does not sell any kind of funds and does not work on commissions. She charges a flat hourly rate. My husband and I (living on one income) have been using her advice now for over a year now. Her number is 503.233.8142. Good luck!

I LOVE my financial planner. LOVE her... and she's a mama of a little baby girl! Her name is Kimberly Wupper-rudick and she's fantastic. She's come to our house, met us for coffee, and done some great presentations. I love her! Her email is kwuepper@ft.newyorklife.com
Please mention Korin sent you.. and she'll take great care of you.

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