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ISO of 4-6 yr old friends

Transition is can be hard on a family. We moved to Portland almost 3 years ago, when Philly was just about 3. The transition was fine for her, starting a new preschool in a new city. Tati was born just after we moved. I know I missed my old friends, for sure. I myself wondered if I'd make new ones. As we started working the playdate scene, I thought our 3 yr old Philly was on the older side of most new families we were meeting. Despite age differences, we've managed to become close with families whose kids are younger than Philly (now almost 6), which seems fine because she likes to preside over the others as if she was queen. Cindy writes:

My family and I have just moved to Portland from Northern California a few short weeks ago. ... This transition is a big change for us and what I really need is some 4-ish to 6-ish year old friends for my oldest son. He is a loving and sensitive child and very eager to make new friends. We have been to some parks and a couple of events but have mostly found kids that are either quite a bit younger, quite a bit older, or already involved in great and strong friendships.

We also have a 2 1/2 year old little boy although the cousin they now see frequently is his age so I am less concerned with making friends for him. I would love to meet up with someone or some families that also have 4-6 year old-ISH children to chat and play. Although we will live very near Gresham I am willing to travel nearly anywhere.

Any families with children ages 4-6 want to meet up for a playdate?


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hello...we just moved to portland from new mexico and our 4 1/2 year old daughter has had a very rough time! I am new to this web-site and do not really know how it works, but I would also love to find playdates for her. Please advise. thanks!

Paige, what area of town are you in?

Hi, I have two boys, ages 4.5 and 7-in-six-days, who love to make friends. We live in NE Portland, at 25th & Klickitat. I think once you move to Gresham you'll be less willing to drive anywhere for play dates, but if you'd like to meet up, please email me!

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