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Immediate Preschool Openings Fall 2006

Don't you feel like getting your child into preschool is as competitive as getting into college these days?  The nightmarish waiting list, and ultimately, what if it's not a good fit?  We'll for those that have written off the process completely, and feel like you've missed the boat.  We've been informed that there is an immediate opening at Growing Seeds Hollywood.  Do you know of any others?  Can you help some other urbanMamas out by posting any additional openings in the comments?  A good school is hard to find, but the right timing sometimes may even be harder.


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Earlier this month Cathedral Park Cooperative Preschool (http://www.cathedralparkpreschool.org/) near the University of Portland had a few openings for 4yr olds, don't know if they've been filled. There is an open house this Thursday at 6:30.

The Burlingame Cooperative Preschool (http://www.burlingamecooperativepreschool.org/) has openings in the junior class (must be 3 by Sept. 1). The senior class is full, but you can get on the waiting list.

Our son is a young toddler at Growing Seeds North and we really like it -- I highly reccomend it.

Hey Mamas-

I teach at Mt. Tabor Cooperative Preschool at SE 54th & Belmont. We are usually fully enrolled by this point (with our open house in February--yes, it is a little like applying for college!) However, due to changes for some families over the summer, we do currently have a couple of openings. My 3's class meets Tues & Weds from 9:30-11:45, and the 4's class meets Mon, Weds, & Fri from 9:30-noon.

There are some very special and unique aspects to this program--as a cooperative school, the parents work in the classroom on a rotating basis (approx one morning every 3 weeks) as assistants to the head teacher (me). There is tuition to pay (which is nominal, especially compared with other preschools out there), a co-op "job", a monthly meeting (& social gatherings), and of course, fundraising--which is actually pretty fun. I am a mama to a lively 6 year old daughter. I've been with the preschool for the past two years, and have more than 10 years of teaching experience. If you'd like to learn more about this great little preschool, you can visit our website at www.mttaborpreschool.org. If you'd like to learn more about cooperative schools in general, you can visit the Parent Child Preschools of Oregon website at http://lefh.net/pcpo/index.htm. You may also email me with questions, although I'll be traveling over the holiday weekend so I may be a little slow in responding.

I look forward to welcoming hip, new families to our warm community at Mt. Tabor Preschool! Happy end of summer vacation!

They're opening a new Mandarin immersion preschool out in Beaverton that has a few openings. It's name is Great Wall Preschool or something like that and I think they have a website.

Agia Sophia Academy is a fantastic school that still has pre-school openings. Their website is www.agiasophiaacademy.org.

my son just started today at a new Montessori school in NE portland just off Albina on Stafford. Its called Lily Garden Montessori. Mercedes is great and is looking to create a small (10 kids) school in her house which really appealed to me. She still has a few spaces left and is open from 8:30 until 12:30 or 8:30 until 2:30. She is accepting children from 2.5 until 6 years of age. Check out her website at www.lilygardenmontessori.com or phone her at 503 380 4528. Hope this helps. My son didnt want to leave when I arrived to pick him up from his first ever day at school so she did well in my books.


Blue skies and Butterflies is a wonderful facility in Beaverton and they have few openings in preschool and pre-k and KG program. They also have a cottage for infants and toddlers. There website is blueskies-butterflies.com

From Lara: I just wanted to let other moms know about some openings in a new Montessori school in NE Portland. Mercedes is creating a small, home based school for 10 children from ages 2.5 to 6yrs. Its called Lily Garden Montessori and is just off Albina on Stafford (close to the Fred Meyers on Lombard and Interstate). My son has been going for two weeks now and loves it (he will be 3 in Jan). He has really taken to Mercedes who is wonderful with him. He goes from 8:30 until 12:30 but children can also stay until 2:30. I was not easy for me to find a Montessori school close to our home in North Portland so I think this is a gem and wanted to pass it on. Her number is....503 380 4528.

ok I need some help. I will be moving to SW PDX in October (from the midwest) and looking for a 2 day/full day childcare program for my 8 month old and 3 year old (we are holding him back a year). I know all you helpful Mama's have made great recommendations regarding this already but I am unsure of what is close to where I am going to live. Can someone give me some names of daycare close to Hillsdale? Is Beaverton very far? I just have no idea of the little communities and towns yet so I don't know what is close. Thanks so much Ladies. Jenifer

In the preschool madness...i found a great Montessori preschool. It's called Laurelhurst Montessori, it's located on on Laurelhurst place. She only will accept 15 children. It's on the first floor of a beautiful big old house. It has lots of light and the Director/guide is great. She takes ages 2 1/2- 6 years olds. I think her hours are 8-3 with after care until 6pm if needed. Just thought I would pass it on!

Immediate openings: There will be an opening in the 2-day program at Rowanberry School beginning in October. Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather!

Open Minds Preschool in NE Portland still has space for 3-5 year olds. We are 9AM to 1PM, a semi-coop, vegetarian, fun place for kids. Contact me for info!

We are moving to Portland from NYC in the upcoming months. My husband leaves next week, but I'm pregnant with #2, so won't be able to join him until after Christmas. I think it's really important to get my 3 year old into a nursery program for January. We are looking for a house in the Portland Heights, Arlington Heights area. Help. Any suggestions on where I should begin calling around for an opening would be great. tkcha

Two great preschools in inner SW are Helen Gordon Child Development Center, and Southwest Kinderhaus. Two wildly different, but equally excellent preschool programs. HGCDC has a website, and a waiting list. I don't know the current enrollment situation at the Kinderhaus. (But e-mail me for contact information if you want it.) My son is in the preschool program at Cedarwood School, (also inner SW) and we love it. It depends what you're looking for. Good luck; and welcome!

Help! We have also recently moved to PDX and were fortunate to get pur older son into a 2 day program at a Waldorf school in SE (we live in NE but it was a last minute thing....)
He will be 3 in Jan and is usually a very sweet, social kid. It has been 5 weeks of hysterics. I taught for 8 years (Kindergarten) so i expected it but not like this. I am wondering if it is just time to call it quits...maybe the wrong school for him? Do other school enroll on an ongoing basis here? We want him in a program 2 days a week for socialization and becuase i have #2 at home and am trying to work from home too.....or maybe just no school at all for now? (we did just move....and baby brother is only 6 months old)
Any ideas? He talks about school non-stop when we aren't there, then we get there and he panics and cries - seriously the entire time. I have even tried staying there with him, he still cries. I feel like I am going crazy!!! Help!!

Debra...... I know what you are going thru. My daughter was 2 1/2 when we started her in preschool. I think what helped was that she was going 4 consecutive days a week. Even though they were only 1/2 days, after about a month, she really enjoyed it. Fot the most part out little ones get separation anxiety. Something that worked for us was telling her, "Mommy will be back, Mommy always comes back." "You are just going to school for a little while." Her Montessori experience has been great! I hope things get better for you. good luck

Does anyone have the phone number to Laurelhust Montessori School. It is operated in an in-home environment. I'm having a heck of a time finding any contact info. Thanks, Suzie

Laurelhurst Montessori's phone # 503-757-6872. The owner/director is Allison Gringas. She just opened in Sept. 2006, maybe that is why it is hard to find some info.

Does anyone have any experiences/opinions/observations on the 2 private preschools located in 2 PPS elementary schools on the east side, one at Duniway and one at Irvington?

We will be moving to PDX shortly and our oldest will be 5 and in kindergarten, and if these preschools are of good quality, it sure would be convenient to be able to use them and have all of our kids going to school in one location.

Thanks for any advice.

Looking for a job as a teacher. any openings?

Laurelhurst Montessori is a terrific place. Unfortunately the school is full and is not accepting new students or maintaining a waiting list.

I am moving to Portland this summer and am looking for a Montessori preschool for my 4 yr old. If I am unable to get her a spot in a school I am toying with the idea of looking for or starting a Montessori play group as I am Montessori trained. I am presently working in a primary classroom and own all the materials myself.

Any advice out there?

i currently have an opening for a 4 year old at my AMI Montessori School. Contact me so we can arrange for a tour. thanks-a

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