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Blowing off bedtime

As the summer draws to a close, the days are finally starting to get shorter again.  The sun isn't waking up quite as early, and neither is my son.  It's nice some mornings, that he can sleep in a bit (past 6 AM).  Of course I hear of some kids who sleep past 8:30 and even as long as 10:30 and I'm stumped... I could NEVER imagine Andrew doing this!

Perhaps that's because I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to bedtimes and the whole going-to-bed protocol.  Once I nailed it down at the age of 2 or so, it's been pretty consistent.  This summer, though, I pushed it a few times, so that we could enjoy some evening time picnics at the park.  But as many a camping trip has taught me... the next day is always a disaster when bedtime protocol hasn't been adhered to.  So I find myself wondering... should I push it one more time?  Because (and now I'm going to feel selfish for saying this) I really, really want to go see the Oregon Symphony do their concert at the Tom McCall waterfront park this Thursday night.  I've been wanting to see the 1812 Overture performed with cannons and fireworks since... well since we moved to inner SE and could hear it happening just a mile or so away (that's 4 yrs now!).

The question is... will I have the energy in my 8-month pregnant body to get there, handle Andrew, and get back, and also enjoy the show?  Will I have the energy the next day to deal with the antics as I work from home?  Am I pushing my luck by blowing off bedtime???  What would you guys do?


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I am such a weenie about that kind of thing (and my gal is also an early to bed, likes her routine kid). That said, I am always jealous of people who are able to do what they want with kids in tow. If you really want to go, do it. Just be prepared for the backlash. It is easier for me to deal with crabbiness if I know its coming.

Our boy (age 2) can pretty well roll with the punches. As long as the steps in the bedtime routine stay the same, we haven't worried too much about when it happens this summer (though we try to go for around 8 as much as possible).

Having said that, I'm 7.5 months pregnant, Shetha, and I don't know if *I* have the stamina to attempt the concert. The two outdoor concerts we've been to this year have consisted of one spouse "tommy wrangling" as we put it, while the other sits. My poor husband is getting tired of doing the bulk of the wrangling as my girth grows and endurance wanes. But maybe your little guy is better at sitting still. We did go to that concert last year and the year before and enjoyed it - though he was a lot less mobile then.

I can so relate to you! I would do one of two things: 1)Get a sitter and enjoy a nice evening out before the new baby arrives, or 2) Go anyway because it might be 2 or 3 more years before you get to go again!

I can't believe you're 8 months pregnant already!! :)

I have no advice. We've thrown bedtime out the window this summer. With a new baby and all the activities to do, it's been worth the hassle. We've had a great summer.

My mom was very regimented about naps and bedtime. I am not sure what happened when I was 2, but I remember being older and hearing the kids play outside in the summertime while I was supposed to be sleeping. I grew resentful.

You only live once, and it is a free concert...

It might rain a lot, which would solve the dilemma.

Do it! You only get so many chances at the things you want to do

I say go for it as well...of course, sleep is such a disaster issue at our house right now that we have nothing to lose! But, summer is coming to a close and everyone is going to be settling back into their normal routines in the next few weeks, so what's another "late" night out? And you might as well go now while you only have one to look after...next summer will definitely be a bigger challenge, regardless of bedtimes! :)

I agree with nonlineargirl, it is all about knowing it is comming. My 15 month old always does better with her routine, so if I know we are going to mess it up I just plan a very mellow day to follow. It sounds like a great event not to be missed. Good luck!

For me, if I was blessed with a bedtime routine as consistent as yours that really worked -- at this point in my life -- I'd stick to it. Is there anyone who could watch your son while you went?

We are in the same boat! I am quite anal about our bedtime schedule also. Our 2 year old is a nightmare if we throw her routine.....but if you havent done something for a bit, I would just go, be prepared for the next day..plan for a quiet day, and enjoy your night. We just had our 2nd child, so those nights are going to be limited..better go!

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