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urbanMamas day - art fair - 08.19.2006

Do you think it's time for another get-together??  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again, as the summer comes to a close.  Our last urbanMamas day was great for the fun and great for the community-building.  Milagros has so graciously offered the complementary use of their Family Room (again!).  We can't wait to do it again!  How 'bout it?

We had goodie bags last time, and we thought we'd do something else this time.  We know lots of us urbanMamas are showcasing their wares and talents through differnet venues like crafty wonderland or etsy.com or summer soirees.  We'd love to invite you - one and all - to strut your shtuff at our little urbanMamas day next month.  Shall we call it an 'art fair' of sorts?  We can set up tables on the street and in the Milagros Family Room to showcase your goods and share your knowledge.  Are you a doula, a preschool teacher/owner, a caretaker, a nutritionist?  A knitting maven, a sewing queen, a crafty goddess, a personal stylist?  Have a product to share, want to get the word out?  We want to impart some of your wisdom with the rest of the urbanMamas community.  Email us!

In the meantime, please mark your calendars:
urbanMamas day - Saturday, August 19, 2006
10 AM to 2 PM
in the Family Room at Milagros.


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Clarification: Saturday is the 19th...so is the event Saturday the 19th or Sunday the 20? Thanks! Sounds fun and I hope to make it.

Thanks for the catch, Courtney! It is indeed Saturday, August 19th.

I really love the idea of having an urbanMamas craft fair. you know I'll be there with slings and teething birds and, oh yes, bells on.

and if I've taken a photo of your child at an urbanmamas or cafe au play event(check out www.flickr.com/photos/cafemama ... search for urbanmamas or cafeauplay tags), and want a print made up, just email me and I'll get it ready for you to buy at family day!

Yay!! I've been itching for a get together! I miss you all. I'm not at all crafty--but I buy crafty stuff!

(And seriously, I'm itching to get out and have adult conversation. If anyone wants to get together at a cafe email me!)

I'll like a little space if possible. I already sell my cloth diaper line at Milagros, but I would love to have an info table with handouts from the Real Diaper Association and some I have put together too. I'm all about putting more babes into cloth diapers. I will be stopping by to hang out in any case!

Darn...I would love to go and bring a few things to show off, but we'll still be in Norway that weekend. Hopefully it wont be long before the next GT is scheduled.

I think I'd like to join with some new stuff... I am trying to confirm with my man's sched that it will work for us. More to come. :) Yahoo.

I'll be there with copies of my latest zine. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the mama offerings!

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