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Seeking Childcare for a 2-yr old, NE/SE/NW

uMamas, we came across another request via the We Are Family thread.  Jocelyn is looking for suggestions for her 2-year old:

I have a 25 month old. I am a working mama and I work in Wilsonville. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I wanted my son near to work so I could nurse him. The benefits of having him close-by outweighed the negatives (long commute for a small baby/toddler). But now, there is no reason for him to be out here, when we live in NE. I am looking for childcare in NE/SE/NW to bridge the gap between now and the time he is potty trained and 3 years old. Help. Is there any hidden gem out there. Everywhere I look, the wait list is long, for example Growing seeds and Providence on NE 47th ave. I looked at Alameda Montesorri and decided against it for now. What else is available out there. HELP!! The commute is getting worse and worse as my little angel learns to assert his wants and dislikes. He does not like being in the car that long!!


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Homegrown is a home based school in NE (Irvington) that takes littles ones, but I'm not sure how little. It is a lovely place for young children. I believe it has been referred to previously on this site by a happy family.

Hi Jocelyn - my daughter goes to Pocketful of Posies near NE 43rd and Glisan. It's a nice facility and a great little group of kids. If you're interested, call the owner Cammie at 503-233-1792. Good luck!

I have a GREAT diverse daycare in NE on Shaver - BJ Mini Daycare. She teaches school, takes them shopping, swimming, to the community events, the Zoo, etc. I have a TAG 3 yr old child that acts like a 5yr old and she loves it there, and it is really structured well. Send me an E-mail if you want me to tell you more about it TrishM@LN-ADS.com

My daughter went to Pocketful of posies and we switched daycares due to some issues......understaffing, putting a baby to bed with a bottle, and more. I really liked the staff before Cammie took over the daycare. When we left a couple of the staff were their and they looked stressed all of the time. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Currently my daughter is being watched by one of the staff that worked at the daycare and quit.

If you are still looking, I have a couple names of nannys that we used and liked. My son (18 months) is starting at Growing Seeds N when they open Aug 31 and I think they still have room. Feel free to email me.

We have a fantastic nanny who lives in North East Pdx and speaks primarily Spanish but is amazing with little ones. Email if you are intersted!

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