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Running for Our Lives

In a posh beach house where we held our urbanFamily retreat over a year ago, an idea was hatched in the middle of doing cat and cow poses as our children straddled our backs. The three other urbanMamas and me were reflecting and dreaming, and discussing the anticipation of two impending births. Sarah was enduring contractions throughout the stay without making us aware, a warrior perhaps inspired by Ina May. As the pregnant mamas revealed our apprehension and worries about returning to “self” after the births, we formulated a plan. We discussed the possibility of running together as a group, and perhaps training for a marathon. What a brilliant enough strategy for losing that post-baby weight! But how difficult it is to go for that first slow and agonizing jog, it is baby steps indeed.

After both Sarah and I had second sons, and some time to adjust to life with newborns, we took the plunge and started the journey of recovery. Shetha started the urbanmamasrun yahoo group to allow us to communicate; and Erica found a race for us to run and created a training plan to get us ready for the Run Like Hell Half Marathon. Fast forward to today. The urbanmamasrun group has expanded to include so many lovely mamas. What started out of necessity has blossomed into scheduled Saturday morning social runs sometimes topped off with coffee and scones. It’s not all about the running even though we do sometimes put in some serious mileage. It’s mostly about the friendships and support we get from one another. Running has become fun, and my fellow mamas have been the best motivator to date. If you need some motivation to start moving again, join us on a Saturday morning run or at one of these upcoming local events:

  • Cascade Runoff 15 K – Sunday, July 23. Downtown, Portland. There’s still time to register!
  • All Women’s Triathalon / Duathalon – Saturday, Aug. 5, Blue Lake
  • Hood to Coast – Come and cheer on the all mama team along the way! The 25th anniversy of the event probably means a whole lot of celebration.  Larissa has been blogging about her training. We’ll be posting our starting time and approximate running times.


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i loved your post :) it's funny, i was just thinking about this yesterday, as a reporter from newsweek wanted to chat about babymoons. i told her that the weekend was such a wonderful way to be alone with my thoughts and just *relax*. i totally forgot about the cat/cow! i'll have to email her this post :)

I still have that picture somewhere -- in fact the memory card it was on just turned up again after being stuck in a filing stack for a long time. I can forward it if you want...

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