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Portland Mamas, Inc. kicks off

I just attended the kickoff social for Portland Mamas, Inc., and what a lovely time it was! Founder Marlynn Schotland hosted the get-together at Purple Moon Child Development in NE Portland, so the kids were entertained while the moms got a chance to nosh, mingle, and hear about each others' businesses.

In case you're not familiar with Portland Mamas Inc., it's a new networking group (for lack of a better word) for Portland "mompreneurs." Moms who are running their own businesses (or who want to), from portraiture to personal organizing to preschool to Peanut Butter & Ellie's were there. But it was much more than a chance to trade business cards and "promote." Marlynn and the rest of the PMI founding members are creating a group where women who juggle motherhood and business ownership can come together, share expertise, seek advice, and vent about the joys and challenges of both.

I could have spent hours talking to the women there about the various projects they're doing. The room was filled with smarts, but also with warmth...a wonderful place to start. I came home and immediately sent in my membership fee ($35, a paltry sum given what a great group this promises to be).

At the next meeting, Amy Radich of Bella Bellies Maternity will talk about starting a "brick-and-mortar" business, and Erin Shirey of Baby Boot Camp will share tips on keeping fit as a busy mom. Plus, there will be time to hang out and mingle, and a goody bag giveaway for one lucky attendee (and PMI certainly knows its goody bags, judging from the one at the social.)


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Congrats Marlynn on your first Portland Mamas Inc event! Having a chance to share ideas and experiences is a really important part of having or starting a business - support means more than money in business as in life.

We are happy to be part of Portland Mamas Inc and are looking forward to hosting our first PMI event in The Family Room next month.

Hey thanks Asha for the post, and thanks for the kind words, Tony! We are excited to have our next meeting at the Family Room at Milagros! I'm still super inspired and invigorated from meeting all of the warm, creative, fun women on Saturday. Thanks to all who could make it! If anyone wants more info about Portland Mamas Inc. membership, our future monthly meetings, online forum, newsletter, etc., please visit our site blog: http://www.portlandmamasinc.org and you can check out the forum for the next couple of weeks before we close it to members only: http://www.portlandmamasinc.org/index.php/forums. Go mamapreneurs!

Hurray! I'm off to join too!

My name is Ronna. I'm a SAHM looking for a way to say home but make money from home and be able to make good money. I was a home daycare provider, I love kids but I need a better mean of support financially. I always have a million ideas for home based business but my Husband just laughs. So I love to meet some off you and get ideas and support!


This sounds like a wonderful organization that fits my needs. I'm an expectant mom running a business. I hope to attend your next meeting.


Is this organization still going? I can't seem to find info on it. Thank you:)

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