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Skincare for the urbanMama

Most days, I feel like my most rigorous skincare regimen only allows time for washing the face with some soap then moisturizing. Thanks for sending in a recent question. How's a mama supposed to keep that fresh, dewey look? Cuz we know it ain't cuz we're getting the beauty sleep....

I've just started a round of microdermabrasion treatments to (hopefully!) get rid of some sun spots and even out my complexion, and after only one treatment I'm hooked--my skin already feels smoother and seems a little brighter. But I've had this conversation with a few friends lately...ever since we turned 30 and had babies, our skin is not the same, yet very few of us have made any changes to our skincare routine/products over the years. So it got me wondering if the uMamas have any favorite skincare products that they highly recommend? And since I'm "just" a stay at home mom, and a bit of a cheapskate, are there any favorites that can be found in a drugstore/New Seasons kind of place?


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My only product recommendation is Oil of Olay complete for sensitive skin, I love it. I use an overnight cream by Lancome - don't know what it is called. But my biggest recommendation or change I've made in my 30s is getting regular facials. It makes a huge difference and there are some great spas in Pdx!! I suggest trying different spas and products until you find the one that works.

I've noticed changes in my skin too since turning 30. Strangely I'm having more trouble with blemishes than I ever have before -- my skin was perfectly clear as a teenager (go figure!). I also have super sensitive skin. Recently I started using cleansing and moisturizing products by Boscia -- so far, so good. They aren't super cheap, but I think skin health is worth spending some money. I purchased their stuff at the new Bath & Body Works in Washington Square. They have really changed their product line and carry tons of different skin care companies' products. Sephora is another good resource. Their employees are pretty knowledgable. I've also heard really good things about the Dr. Hauschka products. I think you can get some of their stuff at New Seasons.

I guess it depends on your skin type what will work. For me, I used to have horribly oily skin and even had to go on accutane for cystic acne at the age of 23 or so. Now my skin is normal/combination type but still very sensitive to fragrance. I've considered microdermabrasion and the acid peels to try and reduce the appearance of some of the scarring but havn't actually done any yet!! Currently I have a very simple routine that involves cleansing every morning and evening with a fragrance free Olay "gentle foaming face wash - with aloe". It's very reasonably priced and I feel like it gets my skin nice and clean. During the day I use a tinted moisturizer. I used to occasionally use Almay "Moisture tint Sports Formula" because it was all I could find on short notice without fragrance. It's only SPF 6 so I ended up getting Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer which is SPF 20. I feel like it gives great coverage and moisturizes without feeling gloopy or heavy, plus there's the UV protection. It's a little pricier but they should have it at Sephora at Washington square. Definitely a splurge for me, but I highly recommend it. Anyway, after that I just wear a bit of eyeliner and mascara and go. If it's a special occasion, I'll add color (shadow, blush, lips). It's just the system that works for me :) Good luck finding what works for you!!

Ditto on the Dr. Hauschka. It's fairly expensive, but high quality and holistic, and it's supposed to work magic! You should aske the wellness staff at New Seasons, maybe.

One simple and inexpensive alternative is to wash with a mild soap such as Ivory, then moisturize with aloe vera gel. My favorite is "Aloe Vera 80." It absorbs nicely (some brands are a little too sticky) and has a pleasant but not at all overpowering smell.

I'd love to know where the original poster is getting her microdermabrasion treatments. I've gotten them before, and loved them, but not in Portland, so I'd love a recommendation. Thanks.

Hi Lisa, I'm the original poster, Leah (aka NoPo Mama). I've been going to Muriel at La Muse on Broadway--she's awesome. I plugged her on the Wax On/Wax Off thread too--I'm having some very productive visits with her! Once she does the micro she puts a nice mask on, and while that dries she sets of with her waxing magic and I leave there feeling nice and smooth all over! She's at 1320 NE Broadway and her number is 503-282-9226.

I love the Mychelle product line. All their products are super natural -- no parabens or pthlates. They are sold at New Sesasons and Wild Oats, but are a bit pricey. I especially love the face wash.

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I by an over-the-counter microdermabrasion product at the drug store that you use at home in the shower. I forget the brand but I've used a couple and was satisfied with both. They run around $20-$30 and include the exfoliant and an oil/cream that you apply afterwards. Pricey, perhaps, but one set lasts for more than a dozen treatments, so it's a lot cheaper than doing microderm at a spa and I've been quite happy with the results. My skin feels very soft and renewed afterwards, much more so than after just using a regular exfoliating scrub. Afterwards, your skin also absorbs your face cream better, so there's a ripple effect.

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