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Saturday Morning Playdate

Liz would like to organize a Saturday morning playdate for June 24th.  Any mamas interested?  Suggestions for venues?  Please comment and RSVP below.


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Hey Liz,

We have coffeehouse hours at The Family Room on Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm, so you are welcome to bring a group of mamas here.

The only caveat is that we have a private event in the space on June 24 beginning at 2 pm, so we will be promptly ending public hours at 2 pm.

We also have other hours/days available in The Family Room for private use for very reasonable rates if you were interested in having a private space for any future events.

Feel free to contact me at the store if you have any questions.

All the best,


Bugger. Normally I'd love me some Saturday coffee playdates but this weekend my son starts swim classes on Sat mornings. Have fun at the playdate! I second Tony's recommendation for Milagros - fun space to meet!

I'd love to meet, but can't commit to a firm time due to erratic nap schedules. Liz, if you can be flexible I'd be happy to meet at Milagro's sometime durng their open hours. Please email me directly if you're interested.

Julie and I are playing it be ear, if anyone else is interested email one of us so we know to call you too! Our plan is to take advantage of the coffeehouse hours!

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