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Pillow Talk

Interesting question about sleep.  Leah writes:

We're wondering if/when we should give our 18 month old a pillow for sleeping? Last night he laid down with his head on his teddy bear as if it were a pillow and fell asleep that way. And when he sleeps with us, lately he always sleeps on my pillow whereas we used to scoot our pillows to the side and he slept between us in a cozy little spot on the bed. So we're wondering, is it normal to introduce a pillow at some point before they make the move to the big boy bed?


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I don't know if there are recommendations but we didn't give our son a pillow until he was in his big boy bed, I think it was right before he turned two.

My children started using pillows around 18 months also. I just make sure it is a rather flat pillow and not too soft or fluffy so they can always adjust their breathing position easily.

My daughter occasionally sleeps with a small toddler pillow (it is rather stiff and small) right now at 12 months of age. I figured that if she made her way over to my pillow when she is in our bed, it was OK to introduce her own.

My nearly-2yo daughter really wants a pillow but I haven't been able to find a small, flat toddler pillow (a regular pillow seems too big for her little neck and too poofy). Any suggestions of where I can get one? Thanks!

I don't know if this is too poofy, but a small travel pillow (not the neck kind) might work. They would be sized right.

My 21 month has had a pillow for a few months now. I found a nice, flat one at one of those discount retailers, Ross or something. She loves it and if she isn't in the mood for it, she just throws it on the floor.

I got my toddler pillow at Pottery Barn Kids

During my pregnancy I had a talk with my doctor and he said that it's not really healthy to introduce your child a pillow.

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