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Mamas Seeking Other Mamas

We receive many questions regarding finding out more information about play dates and meeting other mamas, especially from those new to the area.  Diane writes:

I am new to the Portland area, and I have a 7-month old daughter.  I am interested in learning about new moms' groups/playgroups so that I can meet other new moms and my daughter can interact with other children.  I live in NW Portland and while I can definitely travel to other parts of the city, I would be most interested in learning about groups near me.  Thoughts or suggestions?

Catherine writes:

I very much want to meet other moms and arrange some play dates for my 1 1/2 yr old son Dylan. I'm not sure how to post a note on your site to see when moms are meeting at Urban Grind or whether there are other moms groups around Lloyd Center.

Then there is the case of new-found mamahood, and the need to connect with other mamas.  This was my situation a few years ago.  I was in desparate need of companionship and support.  I spent time searching for on-line groups to join being that I was a "work-outside-of-the-home-mama".  I joined a couple of Yahoo groups, an MSN group, and even Moms Meetup in my quest for some friends.  I talked to just about every parent at the local parks and Book Babies.  I would exchange numbers with new mamas, but mostly never followed up.  I felt like I was dating again, having a hard time connecting.  Maybe I was trying too hard.  I know it sounds like complete overkill! But eventually it did happen.  On one of the Yahoo groups, Sarah shared her link to their family Web site, and then another, and the rest is history.  Some of us urbanMamas do post about gatherings, but these are not standing play dates.  There are others that have sent us notices about their groups and regular gatherings.  We want to continuing being a conduit to help other mamas meet up. Can you share your success stories?  Do you have a playgroup that you'd like to post about?  Can you offer any of your experiences?


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Isn't it funny (and sad) how hard it can be? When we moved into our house and I started actively looking to meet people, I literally had dozens of nice, friendly, first chit-chats at the park that never went anywhere - I felt I must have spinach in my teeth all the time or something.

(I have a vivid memory from those early days of going to the home of some folks who sold us their high chair on Craigslist for a brunch. They were very into AP and I saw her literally cringe when I gave Tommy a pacifier. Oh, and I suggested that her daughter had painted an "Indian princess" headdress, and when that was met with stony silence from the entire family, I instantly blushed at being un-PC, though I meant nothing by it. Oddly, we never heard from that couple again!)

Anyway Craigslist saved the day when I saw a post from someone looking for a playgroup in NE - that woman turned out to be my first friend here and even connected me to uMamas. (Hi, Chika!). Another post looking for a book club led to my second friend, and it's gone from there. One thing I figured out: everyone I've talked to has the same squeamishness about taking the plunge and making the call. It IS very much like dating, and I was never good at that.

I've found it tough since I work full time on an odd schedule to meet other working moms - most of the time when I'm out and about, it's stay-at-home moms with a little more flexibility that I've met. But that can work out, too.
The upside is I haven't met a woman yet through any of these folks who wasn't really cool.

Keep trying, and it will happen!

Thanks for this post. I am new to the area and hesitant to look for mommy groups or play groups. I am from Los Angeles and had some bad experiences there. Apparently I didn't "fit in" because I didn't participate in every activity they did. I just like to get out with my daughter but I am kind of shy now.

I agree with alot of the above. You move to a new town and are lonely for the friendships you left behind. I think it's important to keep putting yourself out there, going to events/play dates with new people even when it seems awkward. My husband reminds me that the friendships we left behind where 5 to in some cases 15 years old. That type of comfort and obvious history takes time to cultivate.
So with said, a couple of us uM's and ukiddos have started a Tuesday play group. We usually meet at 9-9:30 at various places - zoo, etc. Most of the group is from the east side (I being the exception from Beaverton). The kids range from newborn, 18 months to 3 years.
We are 5 or so laid back and friendly moms. Not everyone meets every time, obviously with little kids lots of things come up. We moms/kids are getting to know each other but have a nice time hanging out.

Email me if you'd like to come play!

It's intresting to read this post because I just attended my first New Mom's group today... all of us new Mom's introducing ourselves & our bambino/a(s). I try to figure out within a few minutes "who could I be friends with?", "will I go o the next meeting?". Monica (PP) I tried emailing you but it linked me to your website. I too am from the east side (near Mt Tabor) - I have a 10 wk old son & would love to meet other urbanMamas. Please email me back.

Take care!

Hi Liz,
I just emailed you.
In case there's something funky going on with email, my email address is:

I always joked with my girlfriends that finding other "couple friends" was hard--I'd meet a gal that I loved and got along well with, but my husband wouldnt like her husband or vice versa...but it's only gotten worse since Anders came along--now we have to find an entire family that we click with!

It's so much like dating...but I will say that Anders and I met "the ones" last year on a "blind date" if you will--a friend with older kids called me and asked if she could share my name and number with another friend of a friend who was a younger mom new to town with a baby (I was the only other youngish mom with a baby that she knew in the area). I said yes, she passed my name along, and the gal called me and we hung out nearly every day since that first meeting! Her little guy was just a few weeks younger than Anders, and she and I got along so well from the get-go...we really miss each other now that we've moved away. So you never know how those great connections can be made.

I'm one of the "laid back and friendly" moms that Monica mentions above, and yes, we'd always like to see new faces. I'm also still interested in meeting a playmate for my 19 month old son Anders too, so Catherine hopefully you can join us sometime.

I keep forgetting to add... Kelly, coming from CA, Portland is sooo not LA. Take a deep breath and take a chance. I have found folks in Portland to be super down to earth. As far as attending every function, that's just crazy talk... with my little kids it's a total crap shoot as to whether we get out the door in time to make it to anything on some days.

Thanks Monica. It is very refreshing to be out of Los Angeles. In regards to the play groups/mommy groups, one was clicky with only those who went to this fancy class and the other one stopped including me in playdates when I wasn't able to go to Bunco. I have to keep my evenings open for possible work so I had a valid excuse but they didn't seem to appreciate it nonetheless. Oh well. I am very laid back and love to go out with my daughter and she adores other children (and other mommies, too!).

I've been wondering about groups like these too, but have the other factor that I'm going to be an (older) single mom come November.

I am new to Portland and very new to this web-site, so I'm not sure if my comments are going in the correct place, but we are really wanting to meet families with 4 1/2- 6 year-old girls for my daughter, Emma, to play with. She so misses her friends in Albuquerque, and has had a really hard time adjusting to Portland. I just e.mailed Kelly, asking about playgroup, and we would love to find some playdates, too, because Emma is more comfortable with one-on-one kids at first. Please advise, and thanks so much in advance! This site is so great, I'm sure glad I found it.

Diane- I saw your post and am very interested in any information that you received. We recently moved here from Maryland. We have an 20 month old daughter, and I am a stay at home Mom. We are in the process of buying a house in the NW off of Cornell. Thanks!

I'd also love to join a group!!! I'm a working mama living in NE with one active almost 10 month old sweetie pie. I've had trouble connecting, well actually finding anything that is afternoonish or early evening. Can anyone help?

I would love to meet up with anyone else who has a fairly new baby! My little girl is almost 6 weeks old, and I would love to meet/chat with others who became first-time moms over the summer....everything is so new and different with a baby and it would be nice to have a simpatico mom-friend or two. ! Anyone feel the same?

Hi there,

I'm looking for moms with babies/toddlers who might be interested in getting together for playdates, coffee, park visits etc in or around North Portland (I live in Overlook). I have a 6 month old daughter and most of my friends don't have kids so I'm trying to figure out how to meet other moms. This seems like a good a place as any! Any others out there in my neighborhood??


I've got a 7 week old daughter and am a first-time mom new to Portland. Are there any other moms in the NW area wanting to meet?

Hello to all the Mamas out there - especially you musical mamas! My name is Carol Harley and I am in a MountainGrass band called the Misty Mamas. Now, I know the first thing you are thinking is..."hmmm I want to see a picture of them and I want to hear their music...." Well, lucky you, our website is www.mistymamas.com

We are an off-shoot - AND - got our name from the very popular local Americana band called Misty River. http://www.mistyriverband.com

However, we are unlike Misty River in that we are much wiser and have more insurance than they do!! LOL

I found this site by accident while looking up infor for the Kruger Farm's Concert Series for summer 2008.

I simply could NOT leave this website without saying "hello" and urging any of you musica mamas out there to consider a new hobby...... making music with other mamas.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd LOVE to schedule a Misty Mamas performance at one of the UrbanMamas.com events. What do you think of that?

Who should I contact directly for more information?

Carol Harley
Misty Mamas
1111-B NW 131st Way
Vancouver, WA 98685
(360) 576-7676

I have recently found urbanMamas and am loving all the information. I am an older (43) "work-outside-of-the-home-mama" of Grace - a very fun-loving 18 month old! I am interested in connecting with other moms and kids (playdates), but only available weekends. I am having some trouble navigating your site - specifically with finding recent entries regarding playdates. Does anyone out there belong to or wish to get togehter for an occassional playdate on Saturday or Sunday AM's? I have not had the chance to explore the wonderful kid-friendly coffee shops around portland that you all talk about, but would love to do with other moms and kids. Thanks and look forward to seeing something recent posted on urbanMamas!

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