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Housecleaning Recommendations - Part 2?

We want clean houses! Can anyone make any more recommendations on some housecleaning referrals? I had recommended ours to a couple of folks, only to find she's not taking any more clients!

For reference, see Housecleaning Recommendations - Part 1.


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So funny this comes out today! I have just decided this week that I have to have help with my house also! I have used Mrs Olsons Domestic Engineering in the past, and I just called them yesterday. I had had someone come once per month (now I think it will be twice per month)...range is about $70-$80 per visit for about 1100-1200 sq feet of house. I think they stay about 3-4 hours.

I'm happy with Housecalls by Magic Maid. Their # is (503) 644-6574.

I've been using Cleaning Authority the last 2 months.. not cheap, but VERY thorough. and they don't comment about the clutter in my house.

Do any of these services use non-toxic products?

My favorite present is a gift certificate for Housecalls by Magic Maid. I've gotten about 4 and paid a couple of times. They do a great job!

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