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Family Room at Milagros

urbanMamas love Milagros, and this is why!  Tony recently sent us some updated information on their family room.  He writes:

We are happy to announce that The Family Room at Milagros is finally licensed and ready to go. We will be open for coffee and community on Saturday June 10th from 10 am - 2 pm. Our initial plans for regular coffeehouse days and hours are Thursday - Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm. Keeping in line with the values that define the baby and mama products we offer at Milagros, all of the coffee offered in The Family Room is certified organic and fair trade.

You may be wondering, what about all the other hours and days? We envision The Family Room as a community space - not a coffee shop or a cafe. We want to host special activities during "non-coffeehouse hours" that are of interest to mamas and families - events, classes, seminars, film screenings, meetings, even birthday parties!
We are keeping The Family Room rental rate very affordable (only $15/hour), so if you have an event seeking a fun and kid-friendly space, feel free to contact us. We would also love to hear ideas from Mamas and Papas out there on what types of classes, seminars, etc. they would find of interest. Send us an email at milagros@milagrosboutique.com with your ideas or visit our website at http://milagrosboutique.com
The Family Room is next door to Milagros at 5429 NE 30th Avenue in Portland.


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This old post was pointed out to me recently...So...here is the skinny on The Family Room at Milagros...

We no longer have a "coffee house" - it was more work than we were ready for, maybe someday a Milagros Coffeehouse will return...

BUT we do host a variety of events and classes such as the Crafty Mamas Bazaar and our monthly clothing swaps.

And we do still provide The Family Room for rental for private events and the like.


do you guys have a room to have a 16nth birthday party ?

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