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Child-friendly Yoga and Other Exercise Adventures

Getting rid of your mama-belly and finding a routine that works with the busy mama-schedule is anything but easy.  So any time we hear about exercise options with childcare provided, we see this as our duty to pass it on.  Jennie writes about her recent find, and would like to hear about some of your experiences:

I'd love to open up a topic about baby and child-friendly ways to exercise. We joined Bally's when my older son was a baby, and while I was optimistic, he never settled into the childcare there (though they were great), so I rarely got more than a 20 minute workout and felt guilty most of the time. Recently I learned of a family and community friendly yoga studio in Vancouver called "Satsang Yoga" that has "kid watch/child yoga" for children 6 months to 7 years during some of their classes. Its a new studio and the childcare is now mostly play, however the intent is for it to evolve into yoga play. I tried my first class this week and was quite excited. The strength yoga class with Dana was wonderful, and my 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old were happily engaged in the next room with a super woman named Charlene. To learn more, their website is www.satsangyoga.net. Personally I'm looking for a way to get in some good solid routines, but I'm also looking for some inspired variety. I'd like to heartily recommend Satsang. Does anyone have any other suggestions for gyms and classes .... or kid-friendly bike rides and hikes?


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I erred on the ages for childcare - I think she takes younger babes ... as early as a couple months.

I recently discovered a class called Stroller Strides. The day care thing at the gym didn't work for me (besides the fact that it got to be pretty expensive)and so this is a great way to get a really hard workout all while my kids are with me. I originally thought it was just going to be walking around with other moms, but it's a great workout. We run and do drills and sprints and stop for strength training (push ups, squats, we use resistance bands etc.). If the kids get grouchy we sing to them or do "tickle drills". And probably the best part is that I feel like a really good role model for them. My kids will do squats and push ups and my oldest (3 years old) says things like, "mama, you go exercising?" or "mama runs fast!" They also both do squats or push ups or pretend to exercise when they find my bands. It's awesome! Also, I've met the greatest moms there that have become my friends. I was kind of scared to stay at home, but now we have a ton of friends that we do stuff with. Anyway, you can check it out at www.strollerstrides.com

Good Luck!

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